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9. January 2003, 22:34:27
Subject: If you're a Canadian...
...and are interested in joining an all Canadian fellowship, come and join us at The "Eh" Zone. :)
Strictly for Canadians or those who have lived in Canada. For chat mostly, but we may add games to the club as time goes on. :)

4. January 2003, 01:17:53
Subject: Re: Joining a Fellowship
check your messages!

4. January 2003, 00:35:07
Subject: Re: Joining a Fellowship
Thanks Goonerg,I'll give it a try, What do I have to do?

4. January 2003, 00:20:27
Subject: Re: Joining a Fellowship
Come and join The Mercenaries, I play chees, and hope to get enought for a team! I don't play much because it takes me too long to study, but I do play in team games on GT! Join in and if you like it, stay, you do not have to commit for life!! thx, Goonerg

3. January 2003, 23:19:53
Subject: Joining a Fellowship
I have a Brain Rook membership, but I have no desire to start or create a fellowship. However, I would like to join one that has or plans to have a chess team.

23. December 2002, 01:30:22
Subject: Survivor is open for business!
Can you outwit, outlast & outplay your fellow oppenent? If so, then sign up now to be included into Survivor! :-)

22. December 2002, 23:57:54
Subject: Re: The mercenaries are open for business!
Nope, I will chat or not, depending on my oppenent. I am easy that way! If you wanna play me before you join, just send me an invite (anyting except anti games).

22. December 2002, 23:33:57
Subject: Re: The mercenaries are open for business!
hey...sounds like a fun team...your not like other players who refuse to speak to their playing parners right????

21. December 2002, 13:04:46
Subject: Re:

21. December 2002, 12:10:38
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: Re:
or for us just to be able to have an extra one for whatever one the fellowship feels it wants not neccassilly one for every game but to be able to create others would be cool...also in future to be able to create polls for our little fellowships also?

21. December 2002, 11:00:38
MikulasSimon has just suggested to create extra discussion boards for each supported game of a fellowship instead of one db for the whole fellowship. Do you think it is a good idea? The implementation is very easy, I can do it for the next update.

17. December 2002, 01:11:13
Subject: The mercenaries are open for business!
If you are friendly and want to play games, then come join in! Any ability, lets have fun!

16. December 2002, 17:39:11
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: welcome...
noodleland is here....from the weird mind of the one eddie spaghetti...not sure how this will end up here but ill give it a go...wanna join up with a group of weird ones? try to have some fun?..welome to noodleland then,,,,

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