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 Chess variants (10x10)

Chess variants on a 10x10 board, in particular Grand Chess.

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14. April 2016, 12:05:43
Subject: The shortest 10x10 dice chess game...
possible is 6 moves

14. February 2016, 05:27:38

13. February 2016, 20:04:22
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess tournament 13 febr 2016
tangram:we had 7 players in our 10x 10 tournament.

 Lambik won and had 21 points and tangram 20. Other players on brainking were karel123 and Superbutch. We had a great time. Hope other players are Interested in a tournament in september.

31. December 2015, 20:48:38
Subject: 10x10 chess tournament 13 febr 2016
Place to be Zaandam february 13 th 2016
Tournament: 10x10chess variants, 30 minuten per person 5 rounds 4 euro entry. You can play as much rounds as you like. You can choose one game ( in advance) for double points.
Win with double points 12
Regular win 6
Draw with double points 6
Draw 3
Not played 2 
Lost 0

3 prizes
1st round.  Turkish great chess
2nd round.  Grandchess
3rd round.   Khan chess ( perdelli. Variant)
4th round.   superchess 
5th round    Superchess with difficult pieces like the Joker ( imitator), Magician (freezer pieces)

If you want to play contact me.

7. March 2015, 22:29:56
Subject: Re: Khan chess 10x10

Results Khan Chess (yasak variation) 7/3/2015 Zaandam, The Netherlands
1. Robin Wooter ( schuli on brainking)
2. Fred Kok (tangram on brainking)
3. Mehmet Ozdemir 
4. Peter Blommers 
5. David Smits
6. rob Stolzenbach (super butch on brainking)

Knockout Khan chess , serbest variation Rob Stolzenbach wins over Fred Kok, Mehmet Ozdemir 3rd and Robin Wooter 4th.

17. January 2015, 13:42:07
Subject: Khan chess 10x10
10x10 Khan chess tournament  ( see ) 
Playing Venue:  Papenpad 12, Zaandam (near Amsterdam)
Date: 7 March. 11:00 5 rounds 30 minutes per player.

All are welcome! 

12. October 2014, 01:53:00
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
tangram: congrats!

10. October 2014, 11:59:30
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
tangram: May they savor the spoils!

9. October 2014, 05:29:06
Walter Montego 
Khan Chess sounds interesting. Every once in awhile I'll see if I can touch each side of the board with my King in a game of Dark Chess.

I have wondered if playing Embassy Chess with Dark Chess's darkness and rules would work as a game as well as Dark Chess itself does. Or just playing a tournament such as yours playing Dark Chess.

8. October 2014, 21:05:50
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
Walter Montego:Yes like the chameleon. 15 minuten is much too vast. I Will not repeat that in the next tournament.
Super chess has been around for more than 15 years. Every year there is a championship. See also
Khan chess is an experimental new chess variant. You win also if the khan ( king) reaches the last row. You begin with an empty board and put the pieces one by one. Slight different rules for the pawn. for more info ( in English)

8. October 2014, 03:19:24
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
tangram: The Joker sounds like the Chameleon in Ultima. Does the Joker capture the piece that it is capturing in the manner of that piece's movement? The Magician sounds like the Immobilizer. If it keeps a piece from moving just by being next to it, that's what the Immobilizer is. Very strong piece and it cannot capture.

I've never heard of Khan Chess or Super Chess. That does seem like a fast time control for a tournament, especially with even more pieces and larger board size.

7. October 2014, 21:04:06
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
Walter Montego:we played:

2 rounds of Grandchess
2 rounds of superchess 10x10 ( extra pieces, 4 of the following: amazone, princess ( 'n or b),
Veteran (k or b)' emperess (r or n) , joker (imitator), magician (freezer). Last piece is populair with superchess players.
2 rounds of Khan chess (see also )
We played with a 15 minuten timelimit which was too fast for most players. 
There were 10 players.

6. October 2014, 11:28:57
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
tangram: Congratulations!
Are there any games of interest to check out? Did you play various games, or just one type?

5. October 2014, 10:37:42
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland

The super chess tournament during the abstract games festival " Denken bij de Zaan" was won by Robin Wooter ( schuili on this site) 
The 10x10 chess variants tournament ( super chess, grand chess, khan chess on a 10x10 board was won by Fred Kok ( tangram ).

26. August 2014, 18:53:54
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
tangram: Wishing you a great time

22. August 2014, 18:06:18
Subject: 10x10 chess variants tournament in Holland
Modified by tangram (6. September 2014, 16:44:19)
I invite everybody to come and play chess variants during The abstract games meeting " denken bij de Zaan" ( thinking by the river Zaan )  4 october 
10.30 Hive basic pieces
11:00 superchess 8x8 (inclusive the populair magician, which  freezes pieces)
12:00 connection games ( hex , twixt, havannah, unlur, atoll etc)
14:00 hive, extensions
14:30: 10x10 variants; Khan chess,superchess, grandchess totall 6 rounds

We play in Zaandam, near Amsterdam.

More information : tangram ( Fred kok)

14. March 2014, 17:23:58
Subject: Re: When your subjects fail...
WhiteTower: You're welcome. It's an impressive campaign that your king wages!

31. January 2014, 16:04:26
Subject: When your subjects fail...
Modified by WhiteTower (14. March 2014, 08:21:53) gotta do the job yourself:

Σκάκι Ζαριών 10χ10 (sacha εναντίον WhiteTower)

(link at sequence start - thanks, playBunny!)

11. November 2013, 10:46:42
Subject: Re:

Just regular Omega Chess is fine. Omega Chess can be pretty good, but the starting position of the pieces makes the opening slow.

30. October 2013, 16:12:39
Subject: Re: Grand Chess theory

Lightbug: Rook back and forth wont work.




4...Bf7xh3 wins a pawn


7. August 2013, 05:33:07
Subject: Grand Chess theory
Just move your connected rooks back and forth until you can claim a draw... :)

5. August 2013, 15:44:58
shows an advanced OmegaChess variant that may intrique some of you earth creatures.

9. July 2013, 19:30:26
Hi to everyone!
Are there already some theory in Grand Chess, named openings and such? On (GC creator's site) one can't find anything. I would be thankful for any info about GC.
Thanks in advance.

16. April 2013, 16:56:17
Subject: Re: superchess 10x10
tangram: Edwin Poels won again, but had to struggle all games, drawing only with Fred Kok (tangram)

3. March 2013, 15:40:15
Subject: superchess 10x10
Modified by tangram (15. March 2013, 14:45:46)
10x10 superchess "life" tournament in Zaandam. Rules: If you want to play, come tot Zaandam (The Netherlands) on April 13th 12.30 Papenpad 12 Zaandam.

15. December 2012, 18:09:30
Subject: Something is broken!?
Could it be something is broken in this DiceChess game?
Dice Chess 10x10 (iv2 vs. Aganju)

We are at move 17, and I have never yet rolled a 1 (= move a pawn)

15. April 2012, 03:35:52
Wait for Sleep 
Subject: Dice Chess 10x10
A forced draw after 107 moves.
Dice Chess 10x10 (bert515 vs. Wait for Sleep)

Has it ever happened before?!?!?

4. January 2012, 22:00:41
Hello all,
it's possible to play live Grand Chess at

3. January 2012, 01:29:04
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: online live games of 10x10 chess variants
Bwild: Was there not a time when Fencer was thinking of making some of the games play live? Dark Chess would be a great game to play live. Short time limits would be crazy. Longer time limits would make for a good game.

I've been hoping that the people that program all of these games would add many of the variants, but it seems that all they know is regular Chess. Sure the programs let you play regular Chess against the machine for solitary play, but I am more interested in using the programs to play games with people. It'd be nice to have a way to hook up monitors to one computer, or some sort of interface for the various devices that could keep track of different players for many games, such as Battleship, Dominoes, card games, and of course Dark Chess. Such a program or interface would be great for playing while traveling or where space or time are at a minimum. Imagine playing Dominoes, Dark Chess, or Cribbage with a friend while waiting for your bus or plane and just saving the game in progress to continue while on the plane. And with limited space without a table to play on, it'd easy to play with each of you holding your own device or monitor to keep your side from being seen by your opponent.

3. January 2012, 00:57:40
Subject: Re: online live games of 10x10 chess variants
Walter Montego: I'd like to watch you play dark chess but I'd be interested in playing live games as well.

2. January 2012, 19:20:40
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re: online live games of 10x10 chess variants
facteurix: I'd like to play Embassy Chess or Dark Chess live. Are there any sites that have them? Where can you play Grand Chess live?

2. January 2012, 18:43:33
Subject: online live games of 10x10 chess variants
Hello all, and first of all my best wishes for this new year,

I'm searching for people who would be interested to play some online live games of Grand Chess or Omega Chess.

If you're interested, please contact me.


18. November 2011, 16:38:59
Subject: Omega Chess
Has anyone played it? I think it would be great to have on this site.

18. June 2011, 22:05:42
Subject: Re: 10x10 chess
bombino: Did you play this game? What are your experiences?

15. August 2010, 15:19:01
Subject: 10x10 chess

10. April 2010, 00:01:21
Subject: Re: Dice Chess rules
rod03801: The rules for Dice Chess list the differences between regular Chess and Dice Chess. Considering promotion to King isn't listed as a difference, the rules already cover a pawn cannot promote to King.

However, I find the current rules a bit silly. If your Pawn is one move away from being promoted, you'll never roll that 3 if you don't already have a Bishop. IMO, if one can promote a Pawn, all rolls 1 .. 5 (and 6 if the King can move) should be possible to roll.

9. April 2010, 17:20:49
Subject: Dice Chess rules
I ran into an interesting situation in dice chess 10x10. (Well maybe not that interesting )

There is this rule "If a pawn is to be promoted (would advance to the last row), the player can move it even if the die does not show 1. However, he can only promote it to the piece chosen by the die roll - for example, if 3 is rolled, the pawn can be promoted to a bishop only. If 1 is rolled, the pawn can be promoted to any piece."

I had a pawn that could promote, however, the dice roll was a 6. So, of course the system would not let me advance my pawn, because it would have had to have been promoted to a King. Maybe that should be added to the rules as an exception? Or maybe it's common sense?

12. April 2009, 18:31:24
Subject: Re: Three kings taken.
AbigailII: That could be a nice achievement too.

9. April 2009, 00:10:01
Subject: Three kings taken.
I thought it would be almost impossible to have a Dice 10x10 game where one player wins by taking three kings and no other pieces, and without losing a piece him/herself as well. But I did it, in just 13 moves; 9 of them with a knight here.

5. April 2009, 01:28:31
Subject: Re: Dice chess 10
AbigailII: I've had several games come down to the pawns...
perhaps another version?

4. April 2009, 12:50:13
Subject: Dice chess 10
I get the feeling that Dice Chess 10 would even have been better if played on a 10x8 board. Now the pawns are just too far away to play any significant offensive role. And promotion is very rare.

Perhaps Dice Chess 10x8 as another, easy to implement, variant?

23. March 2009, 09:40:21
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
AbigailII: Alright, I see your point, although there is still a random movement factor with the die roll; so, if you really seek a strategy enhancement (i.e., safeguarding the Kings), why not suggest the same game and tournament type without the dice?

16. March 2009, 21:59:45
Pedro Martínez 
And Dice Logik.

15. March 2009, 10:11:43
joshi tm 
Now we have Dice Chess, can we have als Dice Shogi ;) ?

11. March 2009, 11:26:11
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
Pioneer54: Curious suggestion! Would the doubling cube be used?

No. It's not used in the current Triple Gammon tournaments, so I don't see the need.

One obstacle may be the time. Dice10 takes much longer than the gammon games, so a short time control (I'd say one day, or less) might be almost essential, otherwise the whole thing could take years.

Why? Whether you play with "normal" scoring or the scoring I suggested will not affect the average game length by much. And while I have finished a number of Dice 10 games, I didn't get the impression such games take an overly long number of moves, they are certainly shorter than most Anti- or Cloning- gammon games I've played.

But you are free to not join tournaments if the move time is longer than a day. And once you're a rook, you're free to define tournaments with move times of a day or less. Don't expect me to join them though.

11. March 2009, 07:55:22
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
AbigailII: Curious suggestion! Would the doubling cube be used? If a double was declined, how many points would the offeror get?

One obstacle may be the time. Dice10 takes much longer than the gammon games, so a short time control (I'd say one day, or less) might be almost essential, otherwise the whole thing could take years.

10. March 2009, 16:23:45
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
joshi tm: Yes, but measuring "solid victories" isn't the point. The point is adding more decisions for game play. For *gammon, the player can have the option to play more risky to go for a gammon instead of a safe play for the normal win - for Dice Chess may decide to defend his kings where he otherwise wouldn't.

10. March 2009, 14:32:55
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
AbigailII: Not only for this game, but a lot more games can describe a "solid" victory over a minor one. These can also be tripled.

10. March 2009, 08:46:18
Subject: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
It might be interesting to have a tournament format like we have to *gammon; one where you score 5 points if you take all your opponent kings without losing any of yours, 3 points if you only lost 1 king, and 1 point if you lost 2 of your kings.

5. March 2009, 12:54:47
Subject: Re: Points to Ponder
Pioneer54: An assistant moderator ;) ... though there is little to do these days.

I have, as you will note, refrained from correcting grammar and the like as I believe the intent of what is said can be gathered from the words used.

As to bringing suggestions to Fencer, this has happened in the past with varying degrees of success ... usually more through the Feature requests boards and the like. AS for reading each board, I think you will find that Fencer does keep an eye on most (of the public ones at least).

All these suggestions are good but as someone else has noted there are already places where things can be trialled and I am sure a google or two will find programs to run stand alone. It might be that the best this board can do is offer an opportunity for like minded peoples to get together to trial options using one of these other methods.

In all, it does make interesting reading and it is good to see such a rich lnadscape of ideas

WQ :)

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