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 Chess variants (10x10)

Chess variants on a 10x10 board, in particular Grand Chess.

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9. April 2010, 17:20:49
Subject: Dice Chess rules
I ran into an interesting situation in dice chess 10x10. (Well maybe not that interesting )

There is this rule "If a pawn is to be promoted (would advance to the last row), the player can move it even if the die does not show 1. However, he can only promote it to the piece chosen by the die roll - for example, if 3 is rolled, the pawn can be promoted to a bishop only. If 1 is rolled, the pawn can be promoted to any piece."

I had a pawn that could promote, however, the dice roll was a 6. So, of course the system would not let me advance my pawn, because it would have had to have been promoted to a King. Maybe that should be added to the rules as an exception? Or maybe it's common sense?

10. April 2010, 00:01:21
Subject: Re: Dice Chess rules
rod03801: The rules for Dice Chess list the differences between regular Chess and Dice Chess. Considering promotion to King isn't listed as a difference, the rules already cover a pawn cannot promote to King.

However, I find the current rules a bit silly. If your Pawn is one move away from being promoted, you'll never roll that 3 if you don't already have a Bishop. IMO, if one can promote a Pawn, all rolls 1 .. 5 (and 6 if the King can move) should be possible to roll.

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