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 Chess variants (10x10)

Chess variants on a 10x10 board, in particular Grand Chess.

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10. March 2009, 08:46:18
Subject: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
It might be interesting to have a tournament format like we have to *gammon; one where you score 5 points if you take all your opponent kings without losing any of yours, 3 points if you only lost 1 king, and 1 point if you lost 2 of your kings.

10. March 2009, 14:32:55
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
AbigailII: Not only for this game, but a lot more games can describe a "solid" victory over a minor one. These can also be tripled.

10. March 2009, 16:23:45
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
joshi tm: Yes, but measuring "solid victories" isn't the point. The point is adding more decisions for game play. For *gammon, the player can have the option to play more risky to go for a gammon instead of a safe play for the normal win - for Dice Chess may decide to defend his kings where he otherwise wouldn't.

11. March 2009, 07:55:22
Subject: Re: "Tripple Gammon Tournaments" for Dice Chess 10x10?
AbigailII: Curious suggestion! Would the doubling cube be used? If a double was declined, how many points would the offeror get?

One obstacle may be the time. Dice10 takes much longer than the gammon games, so a short time control (I'd say one day, or less) might be almost essential, otherwise the whole thing could take years.

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