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5. November 2004, 10:39:00
I think there should be a rule in brainking, that a game is draw automatically if the same position is repeated three times. Not only in this game. But it is hard to program that...
I think, you cannot compare this situation in Jungle with a check in chess, because the attacked piece is not forced to move away. What about a rule, that you have to make an other move or move an other piece, if you had moved out of a "Check" two times in the same way? :-)

5. November 2004, 10:11:51
For example if the same position is going to be forced by the same move by the player, that move becomes impossible. If you're going to have shogi at BrainKing this is an important point as repeating position three times with continuous checks loses for the checking player in shogi.

5. November 2004, 09:47:08
ughaibu: How would you actually make it? I mean how to detect such situation and resolve it?

5. November 2004, 09:43:43
I think in such a situation the higher ranked piece should be prohibited from continuous attack. As is the case with continuous attack by white on the edge in tablut, the spirit of "draw" is contravened by one player forcing the other's moves.

5. November 2004, 09:23:53
Subject: the draw-problem
what do you think about situations, where your opponent offers you a draw, because he threats time after time with "checkmate" and so there is no progress.
i speak about this situation:

4. November 2004, 07:54:13
that's the big problem with this game. You have to play it with the right opponent.

4. November 2004, 06:54:33
Subject: forced draw
i think that i have figured a way to force a draw just about every essentially trading off lions and tigers eaarly on. once their gone the passageways become immposible to negotiate.

17. October 2004, 01:55:47

17. October 2004, 00:23:09 
Why are you laughing!!!! I'm the one getting tickled by a puppy!

17. October 2004, 00:21:00
Dies in a fit of laughter

16. October 2004, 23:28:38
The dog looks like a little domesticated dog, while the wolf looks wild and much larger and stronger and fiercer than the dog. Maybe the dog is just so cute that the wolf doesnt want to eat him, then the dog tickles the wolf until he can't take it anymore and the wolf runs away.

15. October 2004, 22:48:30
not with that picture :-)

15. October 2004, 22:26:27
Subject: wolf vs dog
maybe the dog is a pitt bull...?

15. October 2004, 16:02:28 
You have the dog beating the wolf in this version of the game which tells me that the wolf in this game is neither "BIG" or "BAD". :-)

15. October 2004, 11:28:56
No wombat. :)

15. October 2004, 09:00:00
BBW: No wolf? :-)

15. October 2004, 02:16:29 
I haven't played much, but I think the Lion & Tiger are the best 2 animals.

14. October 2004, 23:55:09
Subject: Re: tiger for mouse
I think that depends on what animal you relly more on.
I think the lion is the best piece in the whole board. At least it's been the most usefull in my games so far.

14. October 2004, 16:40:35
Subject: Re: tiger for mouse
I think the tiger its more usefull than the rat :)

14. October 2004, 16:15:11
Subject: tiger for mouse
is it a wise trade to take a mouse while sacrificing your tiger.. id say yes..

6. October 2004, 01:41:15
thanks arnie

6. October 2004, 01:29:02
Subject: Re:
A strong defending animal, in its own trap, can jump out to capture a weaker invader.

5. October 2004, 23:53:22
so there is no point in leaving a defending animal in the trap? It will get killed before it can strike?

5. October 2004, 18:00:06
Subject: Re: question about the traps
Modified by CaoZ (5. October 2004, 18:54:26)
Yes your animal kill the opponet animal if you animal attacks first and matters the oppponents animal is on the trap.

5. October 2004, 17:57:36
Subject: Re: question about the traps
No, my scenario was an opponent animal in an opponent trap, with my stronger animal on its way to the opponent den. What happens when my stronger animal steps into the already occupied trap?

5. October 2004, 17:47:32
Subject: Re: question about the traps
yes if an oponnent animal its in your trap you can eat him with any animal dossent matter if is weaker that the animal in the trap.

5. October 2004, 17:05:21
Subject: question about the traps
In the rules, it states that if your animal is standing in an opponent's trap, it can be killed by eaten by any opponent animal. But my question is this: If the opponent's animal is in the trap first, will my animal be eaten if I move into the trap, or does the normal strength order apply if I am attacking?

3. October 2004, 15:18:06
Good point about the elephants, I never noticed that as a justification.

3. October 2004, 14:53:48
everyone always assumes all chess is based on Indian variants because of the elephant. Yet the chang (xiang) character in changgi and xiangqi means elephant, which were once native to Western China, where the border is shared in modern times with India. It is unlikely that border was sacrosanct through the ages, and in fact, having visited there, the Chinese there are of blood so mixed that they mistook me for one of them. The mongolian empire pushed the border much farther West than modern days, so who really knows? I am content to call Jungle and all Asian chess a Sino-Indo mixture. If I'd only asked around more when I was there, I could have some good third-hand information.

3. October 2004, 11:18:55
Last night I asked a Chinese friend about this game and to illustrate I started drawing out a board. It was interesting that even as I started drawing it he still thought I was talking about tsiang ki, normal Chinese chess and it occured to me that the fixed nature of the den and the surrounding traps are very similar to the palace and palace guards in tsiang ki and there's the further similarity of the lakes with the river. At first impression this seems a strong indicator that the game is of Chinese origin, a simplified children's version of the "adult" tsiang ki, not Indian, so I'm interested in the sources that give it as Indian. However, if jungle pre-dates tsiang ki, another possibility is that tsiang ki arose from a synthesis of jungle with chaturanga or mak ruk. There's a tendency for historians to want a simple linear progression in the history of "chess" so it's interesting that Chinese and Korean chesses show characteristics of jungle as well as the more typical chess characteristics, yet Japanese and pre-renaissance European chess share elements from mak ruk. It seems to me likely that there was something of a flux of co-existing games centred loosley around Burma before they took on their different fixed forms with further migration.

1. October 2004, 17:06:54
Subject: Jungle
In the jungle all the animals have a number the big number like stratego win over the small numbers, with an exeption, the rat can capture the elephant but not from water. like the spy in stratego can kill the number 1. only the rat and can kill the elephant and of curse the other elephant who atacks first.
Elephant (8)
lion (7)
Tiger (6)
Panther (5)
Dog (4)
Wolf (3)
Cat (2)
rat (1)

the tiger and the lion can jump over the water.

1. October 2004, 12:08:10
I've just discovered that. He runs away. Trust me to get the cowardly lion.

1. October 2004, 10:39:52
Lion cannot attack elephant.

30. September 2004, 18:53:53
It's in order, stronger animals beat weaker animals, the only exception being that a rat beats an elephant. Strongest to weakest: elephant, lion, tiger, leopard, dog, wolf, cat, rat.

30. September 2004, 10:53:03
farmer sam 
Lions can kill tigers but I don't think tigers can kill lions.

30. September 2004, 10:05:53
Subject: lions and tiggersssssss, lol
are lion and tiggers equal? can they kill each other?or can they only kill there own species?thank you

29. September 2004, 10:07:18
thanks ughaibu

29. September 2004, 09:13:04

29. September 2004, 02:00:29
Subject: lion v elephant
if a lion attacks an elephant - does it die?

27. September 2004, 17:50:20

27. September 2004, 00:23:45
Retired on 2700 
Good job my dog Mabel isnt up against a wolf, its only a little Yorkshire Terrier! Bless her! :-D

26. September 2004, 21:08:40
Well it all depends on the wolf..heehehe

According to wha tI have read I think they are the same. :o)

26. September 2004, 20:55:09 
So is the dog suppose to be "stonger" then a wolf?

26. September 2004, 14:44:04
Yes and pieces only move one space at a time so the traps are on the way to the dens.

26. September 2004, 14:01:14
Subject: Couple of questions
Can a mouse capture another mouse in the water?
Csn a piece jump into the lair from any distance or does it need to stop in the trap first ... for example in the rules sample board showing captures if it were white's move could the white wolf win by moving into the black lair?

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