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3. April 2013, 00:33:01
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: Any player's animal standing in opponent's traps (magenta squares) can be eaten by any enemy animal, even by a mouse
Aganju: Note the word opponent's.

25. October 2012, 18:56:33
Subject: Re:
Justaminute: Ok thanks yeh i wasn't sure about the strength of a dog, :o)

25. October 2012, 11:43:03
Subject: Re:
furbster: Yes,
Order is Elephant, Lion Tiger, Leopard, Snake, Dog Wolf, Monkey, Cat, Mouse. With Mouse killing Elephant.

24. October 2012, 16:02:31
Does dog kill monkey?

13. September 2012, 01:34:26
I might not be the first one to find that, but the rules clearly state:
"Any player's animal standing in opponent's traps (magenta squares) can be eaten by any enemy animal, even by a mouse."
this is not implemented correctly, an elephant cannot be eaten even if it is on a magenta square. I'm right now losing a game because of that....

17. February 2011, 17:17:09
Subject: Next one in Jungle ;)

17. February 2011, 17:11:47
Subject: Jungle Fever tournament

Tournament for the Jungle fans among us:

Jungle Fever

3. April 2009, 22:01:22
Subject: Re:
Modified by aaru (3. April 2009, 22:01:43)
ColonelCrockett: Lets try & please sign up -> 1700 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start): Jungle, Big Jungle.

& 11000 :D: Jungle.

2. April 2009, 14:06:59
this board is all but dead. It's too bad too because I guess I'm the best in the world. :(

8. October 2008, 13:02:27
Subject: 10000
Please sign up -> 1500 ;), 10000 :D, 1600 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start)
More informations about Fischer's clock on BrainKing & BrainRook

Jungle - I need 4 players more
Big Jungle - 4

& other games

11. September 2006, 20:58:46
joshi tm 
Why there're no ''Captured pieces'' spots?

17. February 2006, 19:55:13
This is what can happen when you don't calculate properly . . .

22. December 2005, 17:26:56
Subject: Re:
gringo: 1400 - 1599 rating is class "C".

22. December 2005, 17:21:59
Subject: Re:
ColonelCrockett: What is a Class "C" player, my dear?

22. December 2005, 17:14:49
Subject: Re:
Cubs93: I'm curious, someone of approximately Class "C" strength at chess should find this game fairly simple to play and do very well. It appears the rules of the game were rather difficult for you to grasp. I have found in my games against the top 20 or so that this game is deceptively simple. Those games usually end up as a race to see who can get to the den first . . . and the better players allow weaknesses in order to try for that goal.

20. December 2005, 23:58:43
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re:
If its stupid as U claim, then dont play the game. Find one U like LOL

20. December 2005, 22:50:12
Subject: Re: Tiger and Cat
Marfitalu: Oops, I missed that subtlety ... when a piece is in the opposition's pink squares (traps) they can be eaten by anything. My previous answer related to eating in the wilds not at home (so to speak). You probabaly need to reread the Jungle rules, in particular the notes right at the bottom under "Other important rules".

20. December 2005, 22:08:10
Subject: Re: Tiger and Cat
Marfitalu: No

20. December 2005, 20:10:45 
Subject: Re:
Cubs93: Not every game is for everyone. Some people see Checkers as stupid... some see backgammon as stupid. Jungle is an interesting game where you try to out-wit your opponenet, so for some - Jungle may not be interesting for them.

20. December 2005, 20:03:43
why is this game so stupid

18. November 2005, 17:21:20
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
The Hunter: you should always take credit for your own work.

18. November 2005, 00:21:16
The Hunter 
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....

well, crocs are usually dangerous anyway but I can see the point. perhaps while out of water it could be vulnerable to any animal?

I'll take the snake idea to feature requests when I got a bit more time around tomorrow. unless you'd like to mention it for me.

17. November 2005, 15:51:19
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
The Hunter: I don't like the croc idea. The croc has a great power that could be easily abused and even if a lion can kill it it will be a very dangerous piece. The snake idea is good, any piece attacking a snake will be killed (so this is a kamikaze weak piece) I think you might want to make the rat immune to his powers, not the elephant. You really don't have to make any animal immune to his powers though. That way you would either have to trade snakes or get your cat out there and sacrifice him. The point is, this snake piece is a good idea because it forces each player to make moves that aren't normally considered in standard jungle. I personally usually leave my minor animals at home to protect my lair but if a snake is coming you don't want to fight it at the last minute and lose a defender (usually their are two defenders for each magenta square but with a snake nearby you can make it one, this is an invaluable tactic). I think the snake idea is great, perhaps you should take your idea to the feature request message board?

16. November 2005, 00:28:53
The Hunter 
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
Modified by The Hunter (16. November 2005, 00:30:50)

what about adding a new animal peice? Maybe a croc or snake? the croc could go on land or water and be able to kill anything weaker than a lion. perhaps also make it so that it can only attack while in the water or when coming out of the water. if already on land it can't attack.

A snake could be like the crock only it could be killed by any animal. in addition it could possibly kill any other animal(poison) in return. though, perhaps not the elephant. you know, to keep it as the strongest piece in the game.

just a random idea. don't mind me ^_^;

12. November 2005, 11:23:15
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
ColonelCrockett: I don't think a mouse in a pond has complete immunity. It can be eaten by the opposing mouse. The only way to find out if there would be too many draws would be to play some.

11. November 2005, 15:36:29
Subject: Re: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
prendek: with the mouse in a pond square you stand no chance of losing (you'd just have to use your elephant to block the other elephant). I don't see the purpose of the variant. Usually, variants are designed to make regular games a little more interesting, I don't see this variant being that much different (perhaps maybe even more drawable).

11. November 2005, 09:59:42
Subject: King Rat or Mighty Mouse....
I would like to see a variation of Jungle in which to win you either get your mouse / rat in the opponent's lair or eat the mouse. I'm currently playing Water Dancer with the honour system of this variation. Any support for this?

26. August 2005, 15:58:38
Subject: hehehe!
I'm number One, I'm number One! (at least provisionally, LOL)

18. August 2005, 20:30:12
Subject: waiting game
there is a game of jungle in the waiting room if anyone is interested.

13. August 2005, 19:56:40
Subject: new game
is there anyone interested in a game of Jungle, I haven't played in awhile and I thought I should get a game going.

14. July 2005, 15:52:51
Subject: Re:
Hrqls: Your right, I know she'll gain them back and she seemed as positive about that as you are, I just thought it was kinda silly for an unrated player to get that many points from a rated one. (not a huge beef or anything, just an odd observation).

13. July 2005, 09:54:23
Subject: Re:
ColonelCrockett: she lost 39 points ... which is more than she would have lost against someone within her own bkr range ... but not that much either .. she will gain them back again ;)

you challenged her .. she accepted .. she could have declined .. she could have won because you were inexperienced but appearently you were playing very well :)

13. July 2005, 01:47:14
Subject: Re:
Hrqls: If I had known she would lose so many points by losing I would have just challenged her to a different game. It doesn't seem very fair for someone who worked hard for a good rating should suffer so badly from a single loss.

12. July 2005, 09:21:23
Modified by Hrqls (12. July 2005, 09:22:50)
the amount of bkr lost/gained depends on several factors :

  • the difference in bkr between the 2 players
  • the amount of games played by the player
  • the variation in winning/losses (deviation)
  • and maybe some more factors?

i assume you are talking about your game of jungle with volant ? as you had not played a game of jungle before your bkr was at 1500 (i think?) which was more than 400 points lower than volants bkr at that time ... 400 seems to be a break point .. when the difference is more than 400 the gain/loss in bkr is even larger

11. July 2005, 18:44:52
Subject: why so many . . .
when an unrated player beats a rated player why does the rated player lose so many points? (perhaps there is a help page explaining this?)

5. February 2005, 21:20:59
Retired on 2700 
Subject: Re: Mouse query
Thanks for your replies, you guys have just saved my little mouse from being eaten...Im glad I posted the question before I submitted the move! :)

Regarding the little dog, it looks like a poodle! Your right, it must eat some mighty dog food! lol :)

5. February 2005, 20:27:44
Subject: Re: Mouse query
M4tt: yes a mouse can eat another mouse in the water.

The dog eats mighty dog dog food.

5. February 2005, 20:26:52
Baked Alaskan 
Subject: Re: Mouse query
Yes, a mouse can eat another in the water. (I found that out the hard way LOL)

And I thought the same thing. How is the Dog stronger than a Wolf? hehe

5. February 2005, 18:45:05
Retired on 2700 
Subject: Mouse query
Can a mouse be eaten by another mouse in the water?

Also how can the little cuddly dog be stronger than a wolf! :)

6. December 2004, 10:54:04
Please post it to the Bug Tracker, I'll do it ASAP.

5. December 2004, 20:22:58 
I guess after playing tank war, where the middle squares are "safe" areas - I thought of the water the same way. And since it did not say it is possible, I guess I assumed it wasn't possible.

5. December 2004, 20:17:19
BBW: that's precisely the only restriction to when a mouse can kill: it can't kill an elephant when going out of the water, only a mouse... but it says nothing about the other possibilities so it can kill at any other occasion.

5. December 2004, 03:33:10
Really?? the situation's never come up in any of my games presumably because both players know that a mouse can kill a mouse in a lake.

5. December 2004, 00:48:05 
I think it needs to be added to the rules that a mouse in the water can eat another mouse that is in the water.

How the rules are now, it seems like the only time a mouse can kill is as it jumps from the water onto "land".

8. November 2004, 23:06:11
i have heard that one who has finished 50 games loses less points as one who has finished only 5 games if they lose. so it's understandable that one with a high ranking and a lot of finished games loses less points as a person with lower ranking and a few finished games. maybe???

8. November 2004, 15:11:26
Subject: hmmm
in my mesage it had you as losing points lightning. but in my game vs a person higher than you he lost nothing! in real chess if your a 1500 and you draw a 1900 your rating will increase!

8. November 2004, 05:28:40
I found the bug in the bug tracker.. It's bug #7.

8. November 2004, 05:17:24 
Like rod said, it is a known bug. The ratings did go to the correct person, just the names are switched in the message at the end of the game. (games that end with a draw)

8. November 2004, 05:12:04
I believe it is a known bug with Draw messages...

8. November 2004, 05:03:04
Subject: Re: draws
In reality in our game the higher player lost points.
Here was the message after the game:

" LightningBolt: old BKR = 1679, new BKR = 1679 (0)
Nothingness: old BKR = 1738, new BKR = 1731 (-7)

Game type: Jungle "

However what is strange is it is me who was 1738 and it was Nothingness who was 1679.

The same thing happened for my previous Jungle game with Nothingness(an other draw...).

Someone could explain why?

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