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12. March 2017, 17:42:36
Subject: Re: Really!?
pedestrian: That stinks for everyone else, since it's a prize tournament, I believe.

9. September 2014, 15:13:20
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (9. September 2014, 15:15:03)
Sandoz: No, once a tourney is started, there is no changing the time limits.
Actually, once it is created, it is not possible to change the time limit. So if the tourney is created (and not yet started) and you have changed your mind about the time, you will need to re-create it. (Unless things have changed, but I doubt it)

23. November 2012, 19:47:26
Subject: Re: System looses my position continously!?
Aganju: Yes, I am a fan of random placement, and just keep clicking it until I get one that makes me happy, then make a few "tweaks" to it. I'm almost positive there are no problems with modifications when using that method.

23. November 2012, 17:33:22
Subject: Re: System looses my position continously!?
Aganju: Yes, it SHOULD. (I would think so anyway). But I haven't used the editors in several years. I was just proposing a possible "work around", that would be easier than starting from scratch.

23. November 2012, 15:00:28
Subject: Re: System looses my position continously!?
Modified by rod03801 (23. November 2012, 15:01:04)
Chaos: I imagine it means he moved one of his preplaced pieces.

Aganju, how about if you handle it slightly differently. Go into the Editor, and change it (your "slight modification", and save THAT, and then try to use THAT as your placement? A little of a pain, but it MIGHT work.

4. June 2012, 12:44:13
Subject: Re: Question
Sandoz: They finish like normal. You just can't join a new tournament until you meet the requirements.

16. August 2011, 12:48:15
Subject: Re:
Celticjim: Your choice. He has done it for hundreds of pawns. (Moved them out of tournaments where they couldn't progress so they could join another)

12. August 2011, 16:52:40
Subject: Re: Tournament
Celticjim: Since you can't move on in that tournament, if you write to Fencer, he will make you able to join another one. (At least he always has)

9. April 2011, 23:31:03
Subject: Re: Draw
Dark Prince: It is always worth it to try to write to Fencer if the situation arises. I'm sure he would take care of it if it was necessary.

7. February 2011, 15:53:22
Subject: Re: obligated players
Dark Prince: Rather than "clutter" the top of the board with several names, such as you describe, the better way would be to have one post, listing all the names. Then a link directly to that post, could be placed at the top. That post could be edited at any time by Chaos. (Or whoever does the post, AND any moderator)

In each post, you see a "Link" link under the date. If Chaos copies that URL and puts it at the top of this board, telling what it is, anyone can click it and see the up to date list of people agreeing.

It's pretty simple, but if any assistance is needed, just let me know. (Or any other Global Moderator, really)

24. September 2010, 18:03:55
Subject: Re:
Tian-Xian: Certainly, if the tourney is set up to allow for weekends and vacations.

24. September 2010, 01:48:40
Subject: Re:
Tian-Xian: Yes, click on Settings on the left, and choose the Calendar tab, and you will see where you can choose your own weekend days. (they can really be any 2 day combo)

23. December 2009, 16:44:11
Subject: Re: teamtournament
Modified by rod03801 (23. December 2009, 16:45:15)
dAGGER: Yes, as long as you are on a team in a fellowship, and are in the tournament when it starts up, you will continue on until the end of the tournament, regardless of your membership level.

Also, right now is a good time to join. I believe the "Christmas action" is still going on. Depending on the color circle that appears, you can get extra time, up to 100%, if you do it at the right time. (Keep checking back until the best color is there)

EDIT: Oh, this extra bonus only applies for purchases of a year, sorry.

23. December 2009, 01:16:01
Subject: Site Team Tournament
Are you league folks aware of the Site wide espionage team tournament coming up? (It's only available for paid members in fellowships). See the Team Tournament link in the left side bar.

28. November 2009, 21:58:50
Subject: Re: Starting date beginner's tournament
Modified by rod03801 (28. November 2009, 22:00:34)
Chaos: Yes you can remove players. If they keep re signing up after you have taken them out, you can also "ban" them from joining it again. (BEFORE it has started, that is)

10. November 2009, 17:05:01
Subject: Re: S-B
dAGGER: Here are some links of some of my tournies where S-B was a factor:

Sunshine in June Game where each player has 1 game and S-B points came in to play

Masters 2 Game where each player has 2 games

Fast Start - First 5 - Massacre Chess #2 game where each player has 1 game each, but the S-B points tied as well

10. November 2009, 16:59:14
Subject: Re: S-B
Modified by rod03801 (10. November 2009, 17:12:56)
dAGGER: Of course in a game with 2 games for each player, it gets a little more complicated, but the way of figuring is basically the same.

If someone wins both games against someone, they get double the number of wins that person had (In S-B points). (So, if player A won both games against player B, and player B had 2 wins, Player A gets 4 S-B points for those games against that person)

If someone wins one of the 2 games against someone, they get the number of wins that person had (In S-B points). (So, if player A won only one of their games against Player B who had 2 wins, Player A gets 2 S-B points for those games against that person)

If someone loses both games against someone, they get no S-B points for those games against that person

10. November 2009, 16:58:22
Subject: Re: S-B
dAGGER: Again, they are only used when people have the same number of points from wins of games. They break the tie.

I'm not sure I can describe how they are figured, very easily.

Basically, you figure them by looking at each instance when someone wins a game against someone else. You get a point for each win that they had.

For example there is a 4 player section. Players are A B C and D. Player A won only their game against player B. Player B won their games against players C and D, Player C won their games against A and D, and Player D won their game against player A only.

So, when you just go by "wins", player B and C tied. So, Brainking would then go to the S-B points.

Player A has 2 S-B point. (He only won against player B who had 2 wins)
Player B has 3 S-B points (He won against C who had 2 wins, and D who had 1 win)
Player C has 2 S-B points (He won against player A who had 1 win and player D who had 1 win)
Player D has 1 S-B point (He won only against player A who had 1 win)

Now, since the Tie was between B and C (2 wins each), B actually wins the section because he had more S-B points. (In other words, he is considered to have done better, because he beat players who did better)

Does that make sense? Maybe I'll find an actual link to a tourney where this came in to play.

10. November 2009, 16:21:15
Subject: Re: S-B
Dark Prince: Just one quick note about the S-B here at Brainking. The ONLY time S-B points have any relevance here, is when there is a tie in "points". (So the S-B points work as a "tie breaker") SO, if I am looking at the correct tournament, it appears Happy Hermit has won that section, regardless of how that last game turns out.

Maybe you have already figured this out. I'm a day or 2 behind in the conversation.

19. September 2009, 18:45:41
Subject: Re:
Celticjim: Name calling and arguing is not allowed on any public discussion board on Brainking. Perhaps you were on a fellowship discussion board?

17. May 2009, 17:29:30
Subject: Re: open fast tourny
Celticjim: Just a reminder, only people in that fellowship can sign up for that tourney.

29. April 2008, 16:31:23
Subject: Re: open fast espionage tournament
dAGGER: To help people find it, here is a link to the tournament you mention:

All games; 5 players; fast start. #9

23. October 2004, 19:34:34
I like grenv's idea!

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