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11. March 2017, 15:25:45
Subject: Really!?
Small Espionage (Undertaker. vs. thisbeme)

I'm not expert but 118 moves in, in a small espionage game, shouldn't at least a piece have been removed from the board?

12. March 2017, 16:27:55
Subject: Re: Really!?
furbster: They both realized that cautious play is objectively the best strategy. As long as they're both healthy and feel capable of playing on for many years, there's no need to start playing more recklessly.

12. March 2017, 17:42:36
Subject: Re: Really!?
pedestrian: That stinks for everyone else, since it's a prize tournament, I believe.

12. March 2017, 18:13:13
Subject: Re: Really!?
rod03801: True. But there's probably just a few of us around by now, anyway.

4. April 2017, 14:23:29
Subject: Re: Really!?
furbster: I don't think it's necessary to play as cautious as that. There are ways to attack that lead to victory.

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