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10. November 2009, 16:58:22
Subject: Re: S-B
dAGGER: Again, they are only used when people have the same number of points from wins of games. They break the tie.

I'm not sure I can describe how they are figured, very easily.

Basically, you figure them by looking at each instance when someone wins a game against someone else. You get a point for each win that they had.

For example there is a 4 player section. Players are A B C and D. Player A won only their game against player B. Player B won their games against players C and D, Player C won their games against A and D, and Player D won their game against player A only.

So, when you just go by "wins", player B and C tied. So, Brainking would then go to the S-B points.

Player A has 2 S-B point. (He only won against player B who had 2 wins)
Player B has 3 S-B points (He won against C who had 2 wins, and D who had 1 win)
Player C has 2 S-B points (He won against player A who had 1 win and player D who had 1 win)
Player D has 1 S-B point (He won only against player A who had 1 win)

Now, since the Tie was between B and C (2 wins each), B actually wins the section because he had more S-B points. (In other words, he is considered to have done better, because he beat players who did better)

Does that make sense? Maybe I'll find an actual link to a tourney where this came in to play.

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