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5. August 2006, 00:38:01
Subject: Re: Collective games
Yes, I realize it won't be something you can just add overnight, but something to think about anyhow, in the longrun.

4. August 2006, 20:23:20
Subject: Re: Collective games
krinid: Mhm. Sounds interesting. But it's a bit tricky to implement. Maybe a good candidate for the August Action advantage.

4. August 2006, 20:11:26
Subject: Collective games
Here's a new feature that I think would get well used: collective game support. I know there are at least 3 collective games going on right now, in the shogi, xiangqi and the go fellowships (here's the GO one: It would be neat if it could be done both inside and out of a fellowship. It would have a sign-up system like a tournament, except that people joining partway would be fine (based on whatever criteria the collective game owner sets up - could be limited # of participants, could be membership to a fellowship, rank limits, etc).

The key parts are:
- sign up
- keeps track of votes (you could even have the votes make an actual move on the board to cast their votes)
- owner can change votes and moves before they're made final (for reason such as symmterical equivalence in go; see the above mentioned collective game of go forum for details, or for eliminating people that aren't playing seriously, etc)
- system automatically counts votes and shows the winning move and plays it

There's lots of other fine details we can discuss if you decide to implement it.

Currently, we're doing it where the 'owner' of collective game and the opposing player play a game together, and the owner makes move on behalf of everyone casting text votes in the forum.

(I suppose you could even make it so both black and white could be composed of voting teams).

3. August 2006, 09:43:07
Subject: Re: Solution
GiuiT: Superb Solution! Fencer??????

3. August 2006, 08:38:04
Subject: Re: auto-pass (dont hit me, maybe here comes something new)
grenv: Well in that case, I suggest to place that checkbox in every game. There is already bunch of things you can click on. One more for auto-passes couldn't hurt.

2. August 2006, 21:49:21
Subject: Re: Copyrighting "En Passant"
Tycho: LOL-
why did 'musketeers' fight with swords ;?] Touché!

2. August 2006, 19:01:30
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re: Solution

2. August 2006, 15:35:46
Subject: Re: auto-pass (dont hit me, maybe here comes something new)
gambler104: If doubling is an option, then autopass is clearly not going to kick in. However the choice should be "double" or "pass".

Where doubling is not an option we should autopass.

2. August 2006, 15:19:30
Subject: Re: auto-pass (dont hit me, maybe here comes something new)
Mr. Shumway: It's not exactly uncommon either. It happens after you have a lot of pieces off but get one knocked back and then completely blocked.

2. August 2006, 13:48:32
Subject: Re: auto-pass (dont hit me, maybe here comes something new)
diogenes: I thought the same - until I remembered, that you only have to roll the dice in matches with doubling cube, and that you could offer a double instead of rolling the dice - not very common I guess, but the rules offer you this possibility.

2. August 2006, 13:00:47
Subject: auto-pass (dont hit me, maybe here comes something new)
in backgammon, you still have to roll the dice even if there is no possibility to get in (when all places from "1" to "6" are occupied by at least two pieces of the opponent.

Maybe it could be possible to save at least that click? player still can write a message, still watches the current situation on the board, but does not have to be dissapointed by rolling the dice (and perhaps watching a good roll) before passing anyway...

hm, what do you think? or did you all discuss even this change before???

2. August 2006, 11:43:04
Subject: Re: Solution
GiuiT: What a brilliant idea. I second it! (unless we can actually implement it for EVERYBODY - including the ignorant!)

2. August 2006, 11:03:27
Subject: Solution
How about a litle checkbox in everybody's profile? You could check that you agree that the system would do auto-passes. Then the player who knows what an auto-pass is wouldn't be surprised and the player who doesn't know what a auto-pass is would not check the checkbox with this feature. Everybody will be happy, including Fencer.

2. August 2006, 10:43:32
Subject: Re: Copyrighting "En Passant"
Modified by FilsdeTycho (2. August 2006, 10:44:10)
$ONE$: en passant is right (and used in FIDE rules). "En garde" is for musketeers before fighting (which is also appropriate for chess duels!). Tycho lost his nose in a duel!

2. August 2006, 08:59:32
Adaptable Ali 
Subject: Re:

2. August 2006, 08:27:28
Subject: Re: To do list
mctrivia: That wouldn't be wise because the list is not constant. Some entries occasionally disappear and are replaced by other ones.

2. August 2006, 06:40:43
Subject: Boggle
Modified by Binabik (2. August 2006, 06:41:32)
Has Boggle been suggested as a word game? It would be nice to have a one-turn game for when we're waiting for moves to be made....
This is one site, which seemed pretty simple: - there's a new game starting every 90 seconds or so.

2. August 2006, 03:32:03
Subject: To do list
Fencer is your to do list published any ware? If not could you publish it and put a link to it from this fellowship. That way we could look for what you are already planing to do before making Feature Requests. Also could you make a list of things like autopass that you will not do?

2. August 2006, 03:18:33
we want some new

2. August 2006, 02:18:38
Subject: Re: average wait per move =
*BOB*on*Bush*: i, of course, agree!

Or at least an asterisk denoting a member* of the -Quick Players Club on the "Public Waiting Games" page above "Time Control"???

Public waiting games player is online Quick Players Club Member*
Game (your BKR) Event Opponent (BKR) Your color Time control (?)

2. August 2006, 02:06:30
Subject: Re: Copyrighting "En Passant"
Walter Montego: i heard "en garde" in chess tournaments decades ago... [queen check]

1. August 2006, 22:32:51
perhaps onigoroshi is forgetting to click the box that says "allow unrated players"

1. August 2006, 22:04:39
Subject: Re:
whopper: Now it makes perfect sense!
Enjoy the wine ;)

1. August 2006, 21:36:50
Sylfest Strutle 
Subject: Re:
Mr. Shumway: No, I don't think your link would make sense in my weird/bad sentence either.

What I wanted to say was that displaying the desired rating range in your list of waiting games, instead of saying that "any player" can join, would avoid misunderstandings such as this one.

If this doesn't make sense either, I'll blame it on poor english and good wine.

I'll shut up now. :)

1. August 2006, 16:54:54
Subject: Re:
whopper: Ok, I misunderstood the term "waiting room" then.

And your link doesn't lead to the right post I think. If I am right, you wanted to reference this one

1. August 2006, 16:46:17
Sylfest Strutle 
Subject: Re:
Mr. Shumway: That's what onigoroshi suggested as well("one's waiting games").

And I think it's a good idea instead of the misleading any player.

1. August 2006, 16:38:01
Subject: Re:
King Reza: Yes, but that is not the point. onigoroshi wants to see the parameters that he specified for the games that he sent out.

onigoroshi: Now in the waiting room you only see invitations that you can accept - and this seems to be very useful to me. What Walter proposed seems to be the best solution: add a column in the waiting games section of the Main Page.

1. August 2006, 16:08:29
King Reza 
Subject: Re:
Walter Montego:When you see a public invitation, it means that your BKR has been in your opponent's desired range!  Otherwise BK doesn't show you the invitation at all.

1. August 2006, 16:05:57
Walter Montego 
Subject: Re:
onigoroshi: But your waiting games already appear on your main page. Would having your opponent's desired BKR range listed there help?

1. August 2006, 15:56:49
whopper: yes, at minimum, I should be able to see my games in the waiting room, complete with specified game parameters!

1. August 2006, 14:49:15
Sylfest Strutle 
Subject: Re: Waiting Games Feature
onigoroshi: I think it would be nice to have that information somewhere, and the waiting games list on the main page seems like a good place for that. Sometimes I delete a game and set up a new one, because I'm unsure if I remembered to set the correct range the first time (especially if it takes a while without anyone accepting the game).

1. August 2006, 13:51:41
Subject: What about this game seems interesting? Blokus

1. August 2006, 05:39:17
right, my point is after setting the game up, *I* cannot see the range of BKR ;)

1. August 2006, 05:21:04
Subject: Re: Waiting Games Feature
skipinnz: you are right... Current mode is set that you only see the range of BKR

1. August 2006, 05:16:37
Subject: Re: Waiting Games Feature
onigoroshi: I believe that if the BKR is set when first setting up a game, any potential opponents not within that range would not see the game on the waiting list.

1. August 2006, 04:25:39
Subject: Shogi notation
It would be nice if the Shogi notation shows when a player waives promotion of a piece. I beleve this is usually denoted with the character = after the move. When replaying my games over an actual board, I've been confused by this, so I figured I'd bring it up ;) Of course, the ultimate suggestion would be a .psn/.kif/.csa export feature, but I'm not sure the format is standardized enough for this.

1. August 2006, 04:21:14
Subject: Waiting Games Feature
Hello all, I was wondering if it would be possible to show in one's waiting games list the BKR range that is acceptable for one to join the game. For instance, the following is currently shown:

Japanese Chess Normal game any player black 1 day

I propose the following:

Japanese Chess Normal game 1800 <= BKR <= 2200 black 1 day

What does everyone think?

1. August 2006, 01:37:14
Subject: Random games
I know we can join tournements which have random games, but would it be possible to just put out random invites in the waiting room, which we could accept? If so perhaps an extra column in the profile page for random games wins/draws/losses and tourneys won?

30. July 2006, 18:24:49
Walter Montego 
Subject: Cho Shogi
I'd like Chu Shogi on this site. Where I play it now is way too much trouble. Brain King would make the playing of it very easy compared to the play by mail service I use. I'm sure the other players on that site would come over.
I'll need the directionally marked pieces to play it though as I can't read the Kanji marked ones.

29. July 2006, 00:39:08
Subject: Re: hey fencer..
nobleheart: yes Tank Battle

28. July 2006, 20:34:36
Subject: hey fencer..
..I was just thinking..a while ago i suggested a simple design-turn based strategy game might be capture the flag or paintball.

an after thought...does this exist? a simple design-turn based strategy game based on:

27. July 2006, 22:50:59
Subject: Re: adding info to a game...
Fencer: thank you sir!

27. July 2006, 17:58:27
Subject: Re: WOW
Modified by nobleheart (27. July 2006, 18:00:50)
ajtgirl: I love BK my second fav is:

all the games there are great

27. July 2006, 12:13:48
Subject: New games
Thank you nabla. Your link is a great one and mention go variations that I was unaware!

27. July 2006, 11:41:37
Subject: Re:
nabla: That's some powerfull link! I just spent an hour wondering through the game list and didn't even notice time pass...
Even better, I just noticed the site has been built by a portuguese! Now I'm really pleased :)

27. July 2006, 11:07:39
Subject: Re: adding info to a game...
Fencer: Thank you !

27. July 2006, 10:56:06
Subject: Re: adding info to a game...
LionsLair: It would be working now.

27. July 2006, 10:48:13
Subject: Re: adding info to a game...
LionsLair: I support that. Generally, it seems to be good design to have all information having a significant influence on the game's future appear in the display. It was the same sort of upgrade when the check counter has been added to Three-check Chess.

27. July 2006, 10:44:04
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Too bad about Gigamic because they have other great two-players games
But here is a great list of abstract games, always with mention of the copyright when there is one. There I found all the most interesting ones I knew and many others : .
Tycho: I vote against Abalone, because though it is a very nice game, it is all too easy to build a unbreakable wall and draw in this way. Even the authors acknowledged that, and had to invent contrived etiquette rules to force the players into taking otherwise unnecessary risks.
The other ones are great suggestions, I may add some very simple and quite well-known games (all on the website I mentioned) : Pogo (good start in stacking games), Twixt, Hex (good start in connexion games), Isola.

27. July 2006, 03:44:42
Subject: adding info to a game...
would it be too much trouble to add "crawford round" to the multi match gammon games when the game is in a crawford situation? it would save on the guess work (short term memory loss) for a game that only gets played once every few days...

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