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5. August 2006, 00:38:01
Subject: Re: Collective games
Yes, I realize it won't be something you can just add overnight, but something to think about anyhow, in the longrun.

4. August 2006, 20:11:26
Subject: Collective games
Here's a new feature that I think would get well used: collective game support. I know there are at least 3 collective games going on right now, in the shogi, xiangqi and the go fellowships (here's the GO one: It would be neat if it could be done both inside and out of a fellowship. It would have a sign-up system like a tournament, except that people joining partway would be fine (based on whatever criteria the collective game owner sets up - could be limited # of participants, could be membership to a fellowship, rank limits, etc).

The key parts are:
- sign up
- keeps track of votes (you could even have the votes make an actual move on the board to cast their votes)
- owner can change votes and moves before they're made final (for reason such as symmterical equivalence in go; see the above mentioned collective game of go forum for details, or for eliminating people that aren't playing seriously, etc)
- system automatically counts votes and shows the winning move and plays it

There's lots of other fine details we can discuss if you decide to implement it.

Currently, we're doing it where the 'owner' of collective game and the opposing player play a game together, and the owner makes move on behalf of everyone casting text votes in the forum.

(I suppose you could even make it so both black and white could be composed of voting teams).

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