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17. January 2005, 18:59:52
Subject: Re:
Hrqls: I haven't played that game since I was a kid. lol

17. January 2005, 15:38:01
Subject: Re: mens erger je niet
Hrqls: Check this out.

The geometry is a bit different, and it's "Pop'o'Matic", but it's the same basic Parchisi varient.

16. January 2005, 20:29:28
Subject: Re: mens erger je niet
Hrqls: Looks like the game "Trouble".

16. January 2005, 20:28:45
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Color makes no difference. It is the random nature of the opening move.

13. October 2004, 17:44:20
Subject: Idea. What do y'all think?
Here is an idea that I came up with in a flash last night. It's a tournement format for backgammon, called "Duplicate Backgammon". It is similar in concept to Duplicate Bridge, where all teams play the same cards.

It would work like a double RR, but each game has the same rolls, but with each player playing different colors, hence, the rolls are "opposite". This would add much more skill to the game, as a player must play both sides of a rollout simultaneously.

Of course, some precautions would have to be taken to prevent a player from "looking ahead" in the rollout, but hiding the next roll until both games have moved should be relatively simple to program.

12. October 2004, 16:39:29
The points are what BG players call "pip count". Fencer said that he is going to add the cube soon.

12. September 2004, 03:11:29
Subject: Re: re: Crowded Backgammon Stategy
I think the attack is more important, but you need at least 2 anchors to survive, IMHO. Connectivity seem to be paramount.

Not sure if this is more skilled than B/NG, but I guess I'll have to play some more games to find out. :)

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