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14. May 2009, 19:09:27
LOL it seem's very odd when you play backgammon your opponent get's all the doubles at the end when you need them & when i play anti backgammon i get them when i don't need them LOL I guess it's just bad luck hey

5. March 2009, 12:04:55
Modified by "GERRY" (5. March 2009, 13:29:08)
To all player's that are in my backgammon 10 brain prize tournament If you get a doubling Cube move effect in any game report it here please.

27. October 2006, 19:18:11
Subject: Re: doubling Cube
alanback: Wise man you are:)))

27. October 2006, 19:15:48
Subject: Re: doubling Cube
alanback: LOL would you accept a IOU if i didn't have any money LOL:)

23. October 2006, 21:50:30
Subject: Re:
bouncybouncy: Don't let these hot shots get to you here:)

23. October 2006, 21:42:34
Subject: Re:
grenv: LOL how could you ever guess that he he LOL:)

23. October 2006, 21:27:32
Um!! Huh!! Let Fencer deal with it.

23. October 2006, 21:11:26
Its the Dice.Time has nothing to do with it.Sure if you time out you no how you lost.Opponents tell me Oh I just got lucky.Thats a bunch of CRAP.I don't mind loosing a game or 2 but not game afer game Thats what i call CHEATING

23. October 2006, 20:34:49
Subject: Re:
alanback: LOL and i hope he gets the rest of them on this SITE.

21. October 2006, 21:47:24
Subject: Re: Cheating rings
Modified by "GERRY" (21. October 2006, 21:47:51)
alanback: I think he will play you. Maybe lower your BKR.That will get LL a little closer to you;)

21. October 2006, 21:20:54
Subject: Re: Cheating rings
alanback: LOL now what was the... original of idiom;) ME not being a educated man LOL;)

21. October 2006, 13:59:55
Subject: Re: Cheating rings
bouncybouncy: It has got unreal the amount of CHEATERS on this SITE!!!

12. October 2006, 00:13:16
Subject: Re: a milestone reached!!
LionsLair: LOL never a truer word said.There is not many that say on top for very long.Thats what keeps all of us from trying:)

16. April 2006, 07:35:15
Subject: Fast Players Club
Modified by "GERRY" (16. April 2006, 09:21:26)
Whats this all about ,you win 7 games,play a lower rated player and lose 72 BKRs
All these gammon games are the same you lose one game and it takes you 3 or 4 games to get your BKR back up.

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