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8. May 2009, 19:05:37
Subject: Some achievement ideas

  • A Bit of Everything: Win at least 50 different games against 10 different opponents. (So, at least 500 games)


  • Drinking Buddies: Capture 2 or more pawns en passant in a single game.

  • Drunk Mate: Mate with an en passant move.

  • Crowded Board: Mate with no captured pieces on either side.

  • Power to the little Guy: Mate with a minor promotion.

  • Full Stable: Get 4 Knights on the board.

  • Full Church: Get 4 Bishops on the board.

  • Full Castle: Get 4 Rooks on the board.

  • Full Palace: Get 4 Queens on the board.

Chess, Grand Chess, Embassy Chess, Capablanca Random Chess, Fisher Random Chess

  • Promotion Mill: Promote pawns to Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, Marshall and Cardinal (does not have to be done in the same game)

Atomic Chess

  • Full Blast: Blast 5 or more pieces away in a single capture.

Ice Age Chess

  • Octofreeze: At least 8 of your opponents pieces are frozen during a single ice age.

Behemoth Chess

  • Last Man Standing: Win a game with just your King and the Behemoth on the board.

  • Avoid the Dragon: Win a game without the Behemoth taking a single piece.

Hyper Backgammon

  • Ten Hits: Hit a blot 10 or more times in a single game.

Cloning Backgammon

  • Decawin: Win while having at least 10 stones more than your opponent.

  • Centurion: Get 100 stones or more in a single game.

  • Millipip: Make your opponent have a pip count exceeding 1000.

Anti Backgammon

  • Busy Bar: Have 5 stones or more on the bar.

  • Far From Home: Have all your stones in your opponents home board (or on the bar).

All gammon except Anti-

  • Busy Bar Traffic: Hit four blots in a single move.

  • Just Backgammons: Win an 11 (or more) points match with undoubled backgammons only.


  • Pile Up: Build a prime, and have the opponent collect all his checkers on the point behind the prime.

Various Checker Games

  • Slaughterhouse Five: Take five or more stones/queens/kings in a single capture.

  • Large Palace: Promote at least five stones to king or queen in a single game.


  • Gridlock: Stalemate your opponent without any captures.

Battleboats Plus

  • Marksman: Fire a salvo hitting all five opponents boats

Reversi (6x6, 8x8, 10x10)

  • Starfish: Flip stones on five or more lines in one turn.


  • Medusa: Immobilize your opponent while all your queens can still move.

Froglet, Sphere Froglet

  • Rainbow: Capture at least one of each colour in a single turn.

Cam, Camelot

  • Shutout: Capture all your opponents pieces without losing one yourself.

Frog Legs

  • The Second Plague: Guess all 9 frogs without any misguesses.


  • Hole in One: Guess the code on the first turn.

8. May 2009, 22:05:07
Subject: Re: Some achievement ideas
AbigailII: for someone that made the following statement you aren't doing a bad job

***I fully agree. There are many game related bug fixes/improvements/features I would rather have seen than archievements, photo albums, "walls" and other non-gaming stuff we've seen lately.***

9. May 2009, 09:35:00
Subject: Re: Some achievement ideas
AbigailII: I think most of those are actually quite good and hard to get. Real achievments if you ask me

I'd just like to add one to the Checkers list (why isn't there a checkers achievment section?)
Power to the PeopleWin a game when your opponent had at least 2 queens before you got any (in checkers variants with queens, of course).

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