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11. August 2009, 19:45:14
Subject: Re: Rear of secret
aaru: Because your spies didn't start off from the back:
Place all spies to the last line (most distant from the enemy) and win the game.

21. May 2009, 22:30:13
Subject: Re:
Modified by pauloaguia (21. May 2009, 22:30:27)
martes: That's only 1 match with 5 games, where are the other 4 matches?

12. May 2009, 11:56:56
Subject: Another achievement suggestion
Total annihilation: Win a Reversi game by turning all your opponent's pieces to your own color.

10. May 2009, 18:09:47
Subject: Re:
martes: I think that achievment obly applies to normal Dice Chess. It does say "Kill your opponent's king" not "kill one of your opponent's kings"...

9. May 2009, 09:35:00
Subject: Re: Some achievement ideas
AbigailII: I think most of those are actually quite good and hard to get. Real achievments if you ask me

I'd just like to add one to the Checkers list (why isn't there a checkers achievment section?)
Power to the PeopleWin a game when your opponent had at least 2 queens before you got any (in checkers variants with queens, of course).

28. April 2009, 01:18:20
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: Thanks for pointing it out to me. The portuguese translation is incomplete. I wonder if Fencer changed it after I translated it...?

28. April 2009, 00:48:20
Subject: Re:
AbigailII: Are you sure? I wouldn't expect it to be affected by that setting. After all, even with autopass, the word pass shows up on the notation...

26. April 2009, 20:00:17
Subject: Re: Points
Modified by pauloaguia (26. April 2009, 20:00:48)
FrancescoLR: He already created a prize... Look: Bonus Conqueror

23. April 2009, 16:54:45
Subject: Re: Victory of triumvirate
Modified by pauloaguia (23. April 2009, 16:58:41)
aaru: Been there, done that
Now the triple assassin seems much harder, although there have been quite a few that made it as well -

EDIT: New sugestion for URL replacement - achievment names

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