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8. May 2009, 19:05:37
Subject: Some achievement ideas

  • A Bit of Everything: Win at least 50 different games against 10 different opponents. (So, at least 500 games)


  • Drinking Buddies: Capture 2 or more pawns en passant in a single game.

  • Drunk Mate: Mate with an en passant move.

  • Crowded Board: Mate with no captured pieces on either side.

  • Power to the little Guy: Mate with a minor promotion.

  • Full Stable: Get 4 Knights on the board.

  • Full Church: Get 4 Bishops on the board.

  • Full Castle: Get 4 Rooks on the board.

  • Full Palace: Get 4 Queens on the board.

Chess, Grand Chess, Embassy Chess, Capablanca Random Chess, Fisher Random Chess

  • Promotion Mill: Promote pawns to Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, Marshall and Cardinal (does not have to be done in the same game)

Atomic Chess

  • Full Blast: Blast 5 or more pieces away in a single capture.

Ice Age Chess

  • Octofreeze: At least 8 of your opponents pieces are frozen during a single ice age.

Behemoth Chess

  • Last Man Standing: Win a game with just your King and the Behemoth on the board.

  • Avoid the Dragon: Win a game without the Behemoth taking a single piece.

Hyper Backgammon

  • Ten Hits: Hit a blot 10 or more times in a single game.

Cloning Backgammon

  • Decawin: Win while having at least 10 stones more than your opponent.

  • Centurion: Get 100 stones or more in a single game.

  • Millipip: Make your opponent have a pip count exceeding 1000.

Anti Backgammon

  • Busy Bar: Have 5 stones or more on the bar.

  • Far From Home: Have all your stones in your opponents home board (or on the bar).

All gammon except Anti-

  • Busy Bar Traffic: Hit four blots in a single move.

  • Just Backgammons: Win an 11 (or more) points match with undoubled backgammons only.


  • Pile Up: Build a prime, and have the opponent collect all his checkers on the point behind the prime.

Various Checker Games

  • Slaughterhouse Five: Take five or more stones/queens/kings in a single capture.

  • Large Palace: Promote at least five stones to king or queen in a single game.


  • Gridlock: Stalemate your opponent without any captures.

Battleboats Plus

  • Marksman: Fire a salvo hitting all five opponents boats

Reversi (6x6, 8x8, 10x10)

  • Starfish: Flip stones on five or more lines in one turn.


  • Medusa: Immobilize your opponent while all your queens can still move.

Froglet, Sphere Froglet

  • Rainbow: Capture at least one of each colour in a single turn.

Cam, Camelot

  • Shutout: Capture all your opponents pieces without losing one yourself.

Frog Legs

  • The Second Plague: Guess all 9 frogs without any misguesses.


  • Hole in One: Guess the code on the first turn.

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