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    21. May 2008, 19:33:59 
    Subject: Polls
    Have suggestions for a public Poll. POST IT HERE!

    21. May 2008, 19:40:13
    Subject: Age of Players at BK
    Modified by ScarletRose (21. May 2008, 19:40:42)

    What age group do you fall into?

    • 1-20
    • 21-30
    • 31-40
    • 41-50
    • 51-60
    • 61+

    21. May 2008, 20:21:56
    Subject: I thought of another question
    This question would also be addressed to the entire population of BK.. not just fellowships.

    Do you have other members of your family playing at Brainking?

    • No, I am the only player from my family.
    • Yes, I have one other family member playing in their own account.
    • Yes, I have two other family members playing in their own accounts.
    • Yes, I have three other family members playing in their own accounts.
    • Yes, I have more than three other family members playing in their own accounts.

    21. May 2008, 21:29:20 
    Subject: Re: Age of Players at BK
    ScarletRose: Good ones. I could not think of anything good, but wanted to at least put one out to see how it works, so I choose one of yours! (plus added 1 other answer in case they don't want to answer)

    21. May 2008, 23:07:59
    Subject: Re: BLOCK THIS
    Thad: Well, if you read down further on the board.. or even glance over the section of the BK board to which this started.. you would see that the poll was MY question. He was nice enough to use it for a test poll. It's rather interesting to me to see what the median age is on the gamesite. And guess what.. we wouldn't know your age just cause you participated in the poll. 

    21. May 2008, 23:18:09
    Subject: Re: BLOCK THIS
    Thad: I feel this post is incredibly offensive and should have the poster banned from posting to the board.

    21. May 2008, 23:43:33
    Subject: Membership required
    I assume you have to become a paid member to create a poll?

    22. May 2008, 00:03:40
    Subject: Re: Membership required
    paully: currently public polls are being created by and Tanein. if you want a poll created you suggest it to them here

    22. May 2008, 00:09:45
    Subject: Re: Membership required
    Vikings: thanks. No I didn't wish to create a poll though, just looking around at the features for now

    22. May 2008, 01:12:18
    Subject: Any chance that somebody could translate this one? French, Spanish, I can figure out...Czech...not so much :)
    Objevily se hlasy volající po redukci stránky společenstva. Vyjádřete se prosím, zda Vás na hlavní straně společenstva informace o přehledu týmů překáží nebo naopak pomáhá.
    Option Votes
    Informace o přihlášených týmech mi vadí. 10 (18.51 %)
    Informace o týmech a kapitánech ve společenstvu chci vidět. 18 (33.33 %)
    Je mi to úplně jedno 26 (48.14 %)

    22. May 2008, 04:17:36
    Subject: Re: Any chance that somebody could translate this one? French, Spanish, I can figure out...Czech...not so much :)
    srnity: translation for you.....

    There are voices calling for a reduction site communities. Have please, if you on the main page of the fellowship information on the inventory teams hampers or vice versa assists.
    Option Votes
    Information on registered teams're me. 10 (18.51%)
    Information on teams and kapitánech in společenstvu I want to see. 18 (33.33%)
    It is my bussiness 26 (48.14%)

    22. May 2008, 08:09:07
    Subject: hiding a specific poll
    thanks for adding a 'hide' link to the polls notification on the main page

    i dont want to hide the notification though as i like to know when there is a new poll

    what i would love though is a way to hide a poll which i cant or dont want to participate ..

    right now the notification of these polls still remain on my main page while i know about them but chose not to participate in these specific ones (i could enter a fake vote but would thereby corrupt the outcome of the poll)

    could there be a way to hide specific polls ? (a hide link next to each poll ?) ;)

    22. May 2008, 14:18:28
    Subject: Game sites
    A poll on other game sites that people play on, we would need more then one option with this, IYT, Pocket Monkey, pogo, gold token, daily gammon etc, etc

    22. May 2008, 16:14:35
    Subject: Idea
    Modified by ScorpionOct64 (22. May 2008, 16:19:02)
    Favrorite BK Game Type


    22. May 2008, 17:26:49
    Subject: Re: Any chance that somebody could translate this one? French, Spanish, I can figure out...Czech...not so much :)
    BadBoy7: Thank You

    22. May 2008, 20:48:02
    Subject: Hide feature
    Fencer, thanks for adding the Hide feature for individual polls.

    23. May 2008, 03:01:34

    25. May 2008, 01:53:46
    Subject: More polls please
    I like the new feature, I just wish more people would put up some polls so we can vote

    25. May 2008, 21:16:11
    Dark Vamp 
    Subject: Can anyone plz help me?
    I created a poll for my f/s but the votes will not register.. Any help would be much appreciated

    26. May 2008, 04:20:57
    Subject: Re: Can anyone plz help me?
    Dark Vamp: Steps to setting up a poll.

    Name - this is actually the question you want to ask.
    Description - this text box actually gives you a chance to be a bit more specific and helps the one voting understand more of what you are asking.
    Voting type - select either voter votes on one or one or more answers.
    Deadline - chose a date if the date defaulted is not to your liking.
    Create - this will create the 1st part of the poll, mainly the question.
    this new page shows you the question in a box. Under that first section you will see:
    Add answer option and a text box. This is where you place the first answer choice in the list of answers. Then push Submit it adds it to the upper section under your question. You continue typing in your answers one at a time and then click submit after each one. When you are finished right click on the little box with the Release the Poll button to the right. Then click on the Release the Poll button to post it to your fellowship.

    26. May 2008, 07:51:16
    Dark Vamp 
    Subject: Re: Can anyone plz help me?
    ScarletRose: Thank You hon

    27. May 2008, 03:02:46
    Subject: Re: Can anyone plz help me?
    Dark Vamp:  Not a prob

    27. May 2008, 11:59:40
    Subject: 2 requests
    fencer, would it be possible to implement the following 2 requests ?

    - checkboxes in front of the polls on the poll pages so that you can select more than 1 poll to ignore at once

    - an option in your personal settings to make it possible to hide fellowship polls from the notification on the main page .. some people would like to see the system wide polls but not on the fellowship polls on their main page ..

    27. May 2008, 12:10:48
    Subject: Re: 2 requests
    Hrqls: I have a better idea.

    27. May 2008, 12:32:08
    Subject: Re: 2 requests
    Fencer: care to share ? ;)

    27. May 2008, 13:41:16
    Subject: Re: 2 requests
    Hrqls: It is already done.

    27. May 2008, 14:24:53
    Subject: Re: Already done
    Fencer: Thank you

    28. May 2008, 05:16:39
    Subject: Let's see how many girls there are to boys!!
    What Gender Are You?

    • Male
    • Female

    28. May 2008, 16:50:23
    Subject: Re: 2 requests
    Fencer: thanks, good fix :)

    30. May 2008, 15:50:57
    add Score Four

    5. June 2008, 13:02:28
    Subject: how do i create polls?
    the logical place for a "create a new poll" function would be on the Polls page, but i don't see it there. how/where does one create a poll?

    5. June 2008, 14:43:30
    Subject: Re: how do i create polls?
    plaintiger: You can only create polls in fellowships where you are the big or little boss. Go to your fellowship page, and click the "Polls" tab. I believe it is all right there.

    5. June 2008, 19:30:24
    Subject: Re: Let's see how many girls there are to boys!!
    ScarletRose: That's not a question of opinion! ;-)

    6. June 2008, 04:50:35
    Subject: Re: Let's see how many girls there are to boys!!
    Thad: it's a simple one.. But, no one has posted it as a correct poll. Hmmm.. I wonder how tall peeps are that play online.. hehe.. another poll to inquire about..

    How tall are you?

    Under 5'
    5'1" - 5'4"
    5'5" - 5'8"
    5'9" - 5'12"
    6' - 6'3"
    6'4" - 6'7"
    6'8" and above

    11. June 2008, 09:41:55
    Subject: polls created by me
    is there a quick and easy way to get a list of polls which were created by me ?

    13. June 2008, 23:27:15
    Subject: Ignore feature not working
    I have one poll creator on ignore, but I keep seeing his polls. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    14. June 2008, 13:13:00
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: you should see his polls on the polls page .. but not on the main page anymore ?

    (not sure if the ignore works for public polls though if its one of those who you have on ignore)

    8. July 2008, 04:04:27
    Subject: HI!!!!!!!!!!!
    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i vote on the opinion polls...

    8. July 2008, 04:31:48
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Hrqls: Yeah, I am still seeing them on the main page, despite setting it so that I shouldn't.

    Apparently he doesn't know what an opinion is, since his latest 'opinion' question was, "Do other members of your family also play on Brainking?" Perhaps Fencer should change it from Opinion Polls to Fact Polls.

    8. July 2008, 06:56:49
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: ..OHhhhhhhhh ..Do BEHAVE!!! LOL Okay.. I guess this is still pick on Cathy.. *grinz*.. Coan is only posting MY Fact Polls.. and I appreciate him doing so.. since the questions really addresses the entire population of BK..

    I shall have to remember to be more creative with my questions in the future.. and center it more on Opinions.. Oh.. by the way.. the first question he posted for me holds the top rank in how many peeps actually responded.. isn't that interesting? HMmmmmm.. Maybe Fact Polls should be considered.. LOL

    Send me a challenge sometime.. I might just be able to soften you up a wee bit.. Wouldn't that be interesting? LOL

    8. July 2008, 06:57:41
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: Oh.. one last question..

    Is that your real foot?

    8. July 2008, 07:08:31
    Subject: Here is another question for you Coan to
    Consider posting for a poll.. hehehe

    How sensitive are your feet?

    * You could suck every toe and tickle my arch with your tongue and I wouldn't notice.
    * I have callouces so thick you could take a nail and drive it in deep and I still wouldn't notice.
    * Lightly fan your fingers across my soles and I jump 5 feet into the air.
    * I can remain calm since I have enjoyed toe sucking for the past 20 years.
    * I don't wish to answer since I feel it might incriminate me and my partner(s) in the future.

    Or is that still a fact poll?

    8. July 2008, 07:11:33
    The Col 
    Subject: Re: Here is another question for you Coan to
    ScarletRose: Is it just me? or is it getting hot in here

    8. July 2008, 07:19:16
    Subject: Re: Here is another question for you Coan to
    Jim Dandy: Why my goodness Jim Dandy.. I do believe I have a bit of the Vapors.. haha

    8. July 2008, 11:16:09
    Subject: Re: Ignore feature not working
    Thad: hmm dont know why its still there then ...

    i think they should be named 'polls' or maybe even 'statistics' ?

    i dont even know the right word in dutch :)

    8. July 2008, 17:28:33 
    Well even though this board is called "Opinion polls", I consider them mostly just polls.

    So yea, some will be "fact" while others will be more "opinion".

    Hopefully I will try to mix them up - some more of a "fact", while others more of an "opinion" - and hopefully mix them up to have some deal some-what with BrainKing, while others have nothing to do with BrainKing at all.

    Again - suggestions for poll are always welcomed.

    8. July 2008, 18:04:14
    New Poll and LAGER is not there

    8. July 2008, 18:14:59 
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: yea.... I knew I would miss some (well miss a lot since there are so many different drinks around the world)

    9. July 2008, 01:28:12
    Subject: I answered "no answer" on drink poll
    Because I have problems with swallowing water and am under doctor's orders to drink water or Gatorade/PowerAde and neither Gatorade nor PowerAde are listed.  Would have been better to have an "other" option.

    9. July 2008, 01:44:03
    Subject: Re: I answered "no answer" on drink poll
    TheONLYPegasus: Gotta say that's the most interesting sentence I've read in a long time. Problems swallowing water? My nutritionist (I'm chronically ill) told me that Gatorade, etc. are loaded with sugar, if they threw some carbonation in there they could call it "soda" - really, check the label.....unless your a marathon runner or something similar that actually needs all those electrolytes (and burns them right off anyway).....

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