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    28. March 2019, 00:06:05
    Subject: Re: polls
    Nothingness: If you are Big Boss (and maybe Little Boss?, I forget) of a fellowship, you can create polls in your fellowship.

    25. April 2014, 02:15:38
    Subject: Re:
    ThunderGr: Also, if you have a fellowship, you can create polls inside your fellowship, for the members of your fellowship

    24. July 2012, 14:43:00
    Subject: Re: Apparently not, I guess.

    Right above the list, though, it says that green dot means a poll I haven't voted in, but there's no green dot by the poll. And I obviously didn't vote in it.

    24. July 2012, 03:40:16
    Subject: Re: Weird. My profile says 47/50 for polls.

    Yet when I look at the list, it appears I've voted in them all. All 48 of the "closed" ones, and 3 of the new ones. (I don't see any green dots indicating I DIDN'T vote in any)

    1. July 2010, 02:51:40
    Subject: Re: Yes, that is probably what happened. There have been a few obnoxious polls in some fellowships, and I probably hid the notification of those for that reason.

    1. July 2010, 02:16:12
    Subject: Re: Hmm thanks. That did it. I don't recall ever UNchecking it though.

    1. July 2010, 01:50:04
    Subject: Re: Weren't we informed of new polls on the top of the "Main Page" at one time? I don't seem to get the notifications, and I'm sure I've never "shut them off". Weird.

    30. May 2010, 19:06:44
    Subject: Re: polls
    fair man: As a pawn, you can not. You would have to be a big boss or little boss of a fellowship, and then you could create one just for your fellowship.

    6. May 2010, 02:15:36
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public Hmm... I haven't shut it off, yet I got no notification of a new poll. Something is weird about how it works.

    24. April 2010, 17:29:41
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    Snoopy: Funny.. mine says the same thing.

    12. April 2010, 17:16:03
    Subject: Re:
    Nothingness: If you are the Big Boss of a fellowship, you can create a poll inside your fellowship. (I believe Little Bosses might be able to, as well) Only Fencer, Tanein and can create site-wide polls.

    22. March 2010, 02:53:53
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Site Polls? or fellowship polls? Fellowship polls are pretty easy, if you are big/little boss. Otherwise, I believe Site polls are only created by Fencer, Tanein, or

    10. February 2010, 16:06:16
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: Perhaps you have "ignored" his polls? All new polls (unless you have them shut off) appear at the top of your "Main Page", when they are created.

    21. July 2009, 18:39:08
    Subject: Re: shame there wernt Personally, I say keep creating them at the pace it has always been at. If there are teams that don't want to join another one until the one they are already is finished, then they can do that. Just like anything else, there is nothing saying anyone has to sign up for every single one.

    Being a turn based site, of course things are going to drag on longer than many people would like. I've just accepted it by now. lol. BUT, being able to have next rounds start when there is a clear winner would be a GREAT compromise, and would help immensely. Hopefully that's part of 3.0!!!

    9. November 2008, 20:33:10
    KnightFighter: LOL. Whatever. The whole "turn based" part of the argument is inconsequential however since it (again) is not going to be turn based in the traditional sense.

    9. November 2008, 20:27:47
    KnightFighter: I agree. I am a card lover. I do not like the idea of making notes in a card game. It takes away a big part of what the game is all about it.

    I again remind you of this post however : Opinion polls (Fencer, 2008-11-07 07:50:09)
    It is not going to be turn based.

    9. November 2008, 20:07:39
    KnightFighter: I really do understand, Andy. But, if you read the news, he has already been working on this. Adding a new game type to this site (especially this type) does not make it "cookie-cutter". (It is rare to see this game type on a site of this sort). Adding this new game type does not change what is already here and gives this great site its personality.

    Who said we can't live without it? It is Fencer's site, and he has already decided to do it. Most other people seem happy with this idea, why rain on their parade? If it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out. It wouldn't be the first game that was added that probably didn't work out quite the way it was hoped it would.

    I have agreed with you that a vast majority of card games would not work out here. However, that shouldn't stop the very few that would, from being here. And as Fencer said, the new game is not going to be the traditional turn-based type. If anything, this could be the start of a "new generation" of game types/play on this site. It's pretty exciting.

    9. November 2008, 19:08:57
    KnightFighter: Then don't play them, and let those that want to play them do that.

    7. November 2008, 08:36:07
    Subject: Re: Cards are NOT playable on turn based site ...
    Modified by rod03801 (7. November 2008, 08:36:55)
    Fencer: Neat!

    So, wow, that's even MORE exciting! Do you have plans of multiple types of card games then, at some point? I love cards!!! I can't wait!

    WebTV fully implementing JavaScript specification is not only unlikely, but also I believe impossible. lol. I'm surprised anyone still uses that device. I did for many years, but would never go back to it, now. It just hasn't kept up with the times. It was a good thing 10 years ago. I try to talk people into switching from WebTV to computer quite a bit now.

    7. November 2008, 04:18:25
    Subject: Re: Cards are NOT playable on turn based site ...
    Modified by rod03801 (7. November 2008, 04:21:05)
    KnightFighter: I'm not fooling myself. I have been part of turn based sites for many years now, as I'm sure you probably have too. I have also been playing card games practically my whole life, and am quite aware of the limitations. Yes, a huge majority of card games would not work. (At least not in a "satisfying" way)

    My point was that no one needs to "wake up". Fencer has already said a card game is coming.

    There is already at least one turn based site that successfully has card games, as well.

    7. November 2008, 03:30:30
    Subject: Re: Cards are NOT playable on turn based site ...
    Modified by rod03801 (7. November 2008, 03:40:23)
    KnightFighter: why do we have to wake up? Fencer has already said he is working on a card game. And as has been stated, another turn based site has card games.

    6. November 2008, 18:46:31
    Subject: Cribbage
    I haven't thought too deeply about if it will work on a turn based site, but Cribbage might work. And of course it's sort of a card game AND a board game. (In a way)

    5. June 2008, 14:43:30
    Subject: Re: how do i create polls?
    plaintiger: You can only create polls in fellowships where you are the big or little boss. Go to your fellowship page, and click the "Polls" tab. I believe it is all right there.

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