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Thad (Thad) - Brain Pawn, 220 Brains, 180 achievement points
Total score: 1349 wins, 66 draws, 523 losses, 13 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
Country:United States
First login:12. March 2003, 21:01:15
Last action:1. May 2018, 08:23:04 - browsing tournament Brfs 12th Annual St. Pat's Pente Tourney
Total chips:
Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
Vacation days left:10 days - using the automatic vacation

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Bugs and stuff Fencer won't fix:

1) The backgammon dice are backwards on the first roll.

2) Espionage game review doesn't handle the last move properly.

3) Move numbers are off by one in some games.

4) I recently resigned an espionage game prior to move #2, yet still lost 47 BRK and my #1 ranking!!

5) The BKR formula, while appropriate for chess, is not appropriate for other games.

6) There is a global moderator who cannot use proper grammar.

7) Tournaments do not progress once all the section winners are known. THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING!! (especially for pawns!)

8) It is possible to set up Fischer times for games that make no sense.

9) The backgammon dice are rolled, but not shown.

10) When you cannot move in backgammon, you still have to click to submit the move.

11) Bug: I only got half of my turn at move #3 in this game:

12) There is no limit to the number of vacation days a player can use in any one game/round/tournament. If you buy more days, you can delay a game indefinitely. THIS IS TOTALLY UNFAIR TO THE OTHER PLAYERS!!!

I have also suggested percentile ranks and I know many members want threaded discussion boards.

Why aren't any of these implemented? Who knows. This site is ok, but could be great. I'll play for free. I'd like to be a paying member, but it ain't worth it.
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