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    24. January 2017, 03:21:18 
    Subject: Re: Other sites
    heyblue32: Good idea - I've put up a poll about other game sites.

    18. December 2015, 05:12:21 
    Anyone have suggestions for polls - "Fun" would be great, but can be serious also.

    17. July 2015, 02:22:56 
    Subject: Re:
    Brian1971: I know... it surprised the heck out of me also. I was driving home, and "You should make a new poll on BK pop'ed into my mind" - and when a random thought hits me, I listen.

    29. October 2012, 04:18:13 
    Subject: Re:
    furbster: Anyone feel free to post ideas, I'm always open to ideas. I'll try to post a new one in the next few days.

    24. July 2012, 05:19:27 
    Subject: Re:
    rod03801: Not sure, but would a green dot show up on closed ones that you did not vote in?

    Just took a quick look at the one with the least amount of votes -

    Don't see that you voted in that one, so I would guess you might have missed a few here or there maybe.

    24. July 2012, 02:29:38 
    I know I don't release many polls, so to make up for it - I added 3 new Olympic polls!

    2 are to see who you will think win the football (Soccer) gold in mens & womens. These 2 polls end SOON around August 1st, around the time the first round ends (so if you want to wait to see who is eliminated to pick....... just don't miss the deadline.)

    The last is a more general one about what sport you like the most - it is scheduled to end just after the Olympics end to give a little more time to vote.

    ****** THIS NOW brings us up to 51 total public polls, so lets see how many people will be earning their 50th public poll Achievement! *********

    28. May 2012, 23:20:45 
    Subject: Most Olympic Medals
    Modified by (28. May 2012, 23:21:49)
    Just released a new poll today - to guess which country will win the most overall medals at the 2012 Olympics in London.

    I found a website which had it's own predictions, and I took those top 10 countries to include in this poll.

    The United States has won the most in the past 4 Olympics, but many think they will not win the most this year! Last Olympic, China won the most GOLD medals, but the United States won the most overall.

    Can China pull out more total medals? Can the host country pull out more medals? Or will there be a surprise country ready to take the most medals?

    And sorry in advance, I normally have a "no opinion" option in the poll, but I forgot to add it in this one (can't add answers once I released the poll) - I will try to have a default "no" answer in future polls.

    28. February 2012, 17:49:18 
    Subject: NASCAR poll
    In case anyone is curious on the NASCAR Daytona 500 winner pole, the winner of the race was Matt Kenseth

    Only 1 person picked Matt Kenseth: alilsassy

    Again - feel free to post new ideas for polls here or in my message box.

    13. July 2011, 23:42:58 
    Subject: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 FINAL
    OK, another VERY SHORT POLL

    Who will win? Japan or USA?

    Who will get 3rd place? France or Sweden?

    10. July 2011, 20:26:33 
    Subject: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011
    VERY SHORT POLL - Only open a few days.

    Who of the 4 semi-final teams will win the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011?

    27. June 2011, 15:33:12 
    Subject: Re: Circus poll
    MTC: Opps - forgot to add that option this time didn't I. I'm usually pretty good about remembering to put the "other" and "no opinion" options on there... but can't update once they are live.

    Sorry about that.

    3. June 2011, 16:10:08 
    Subject: Superhero Poll
    Congrats to the 14 people out of the 279 voters to get the correct answer.

    Which superhero would win in a fight? = 14 votes.

    All the rest are make believe, and I'm real - so I should be able to win in a fight! :-)

    12. January 2011, 02:47:51 
    And yet another new opinion poll out there about movies.

    7. January 2011, 23:57:39 
    New Public Opinion Poll (for those who might have put the notification on hide)

    2. December 2010, 17:32:45 
    Opinion Polls:

    2018 World Cup (our picks: Portugal & Spain 42% --- England 27% --- Russia 15% --- Belgium & Netherlands 14%)

    Real Winner: Russia

    2022 World Cup (our picks: Australia 58% --- Qatar 17% --- United States 14% --- Japan 8% --- South Korea 1%)

    Real Winner: Qatar

    Congrats to these 43 people who picked correctly: MadMonkey, Chaos, goodfoods,, Beaupol, kase, Nirvana, KingBrain, Chaosu, Triss, furbster, Fitzmertz, Wallace, juantwo, ital, Tripeiro, dhaas70, Gabriel Almeida, nema, Undertaker., valeri, fukuhara, startstek, puupia, matejov, dAGGER, MauroVal, akras, Vicz, AliNuri, boliwar1963, saxofon, boobook41, encio, thisbeme, vino, pokival, Edgar J S Junio, saraajogadora, Bonobo, hder, paulodzp, matematician

    12. November 2010, 22:40:00 
    Subject: New Polls
    TWO new polls are now up for voting - About what host city do you think will be picked for the 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    I believe they will be announced around Dec 2nd, so I have the polls open until December 1st.

    And to have a little more fun, one of them is public - the other Anonymous.

    8. September 2010, 01:53:22 
    Subject: Re: Team Tournament Opinion Poll ... and for those of you that don't play in site team tournaments, there is an option for you to vote on... which I will predict will be the top voted option. But for the list of games, I will plan to make that the site team tournament that will start on/around Oct 25, 2010.

    ... don't know what I'll do if there is a tie, so hopefully there will not be one.

    8. September 2010, 01:50:26 
    Subject: Team Tournament Opinion Poll
    Short Poll - Open only 1 week (past poll said people liked short polls)

    What Team Tournament would you like setup to start on October 25, 2010?

    There are 17 games to choose from - games in the top 50 (of active games going) on the site, which has not had a team tournament start within the last year - and does not have a current team tournament running.

    Some interesting notes: [the (###) is the rank of "popular" on active game list]

  • International Checkers (#47) - Only game on list which has NOT had a site team tournament yet.
  • Halma 8x8 (#44) - Hasn't had a TT since December 2004
  • Chinese Chess (#45), PahTum (#29), and Loop Chess (#41) - not since 2005
  • Massacre Chess (#34) is the most recent in the list, having one start July 2009
  • Five in Line (#13), Plakoto (#15), and Froglet (#16) are the 3 most "popular" games in the list - with last TT June 09, May 08, and Nov 08 respectively.

  • 29. August 2010, 21:54:25 
    Subject: Do you have a pet?
    For those with polls hidden, there is a new public poll - About what type of pet you have.

    I tried to pick the 25 top options that could get some votes - I know I left out A LOT of animals - and some animals are more "farm" animals and not "pets", but tried my best to get a good variety to choose from.

    25. July 2010, 22:22:51 
    Subject: How many other countries have you been to?
    I went ahead and put up a quick poll - keep throwing up ideas here - I will use some of them.

    The current poll - How many other countries have you been to? (And before someone asks - for those places which may or may not be considered as a country by everyone - simple, if you consider it a different country, count it. If not, don't count it.)

    23. July 2010, 13:47:34 
    Well lets say if I made one for fav game on BK - do you think:

    Choose #1 fav game only.

    Multiple, and choose top 3 (person can actually pick as many/little as they want, but will ask for top 3)

    Public so we can see everyone's answers, or private where you can't see who voted for what

    23. July 2010, 00:32:35 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: Yea, I was going to try to have about 2 a month... but started a different job, so have been short on time..... will try to get one created this weekend.

    1. July 2010, 02:46:44 
    Subject: Re:
    rod03801: It also shows up fellowship polls - you may have hidden one of "those" which hides everything. (also a reason why I'll try to at least post in here when I start a poll - just in case some have it hidden... but still read this board.)

    1. July 2010, 02:13:29 
    In settings, there is a "Show new poll notification" option - make sure that is still checked. (I created it and did not vote for awhile - and I seen the notification at the top.)

    1. July 2010, 00:43:59 
    Just released another 1 week "quick" poll.

    11. June 2010, 01:18:50 
    Subject: MORE POLLS!!!!!
    Since the current poll out is looking like users here will mostly like shorter polls (1 week), I figured I would try to make some 7 day "quick polls" here and there - so figured I would start out one about web browsers.

    PLEASE FEEL FREE to leave suggestions - Looking for a subject that will apply to everyone world wide (not just one country). Feel free to post them here, or leave me a private message with them if you want.

    As for the current poll about web browsers - I would guess that top 5 will get the most votes (Chrome,Firefox, IE, Opera, & Safari) - but included about 14 others

    **** Also the past poll about an Anonymous vs. Public was pretty close (Well most people don't care) - but a more people like Anonymous then Public... but since it was pretty close, I'll try to mix in some Public votes along the way for fun.

    1. June 2010, 00:05:13 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: OK, I lied - I went ahead and released the poll a few minutes ago since this next week will be a busy one for me, so might as well do it now.

    How long should discussion polls stay open to vote?

    Some quick facts:

    Most votes are done within the first 2- 3 days (for example, the 2016 Summer Olympic poll was open for about 3 days and got 249 votes)

    Other polls lately which have been open for 1 month has gotten around 350 votes

    The World Cup 2010 poll has been open for about 2 months, and has gotten around 550 votes.

    So of course the longer they are open, the more votes they will get - so what do you think is a good time frame?

    MY OPINION: 14 days for a poll to stay open, giving the majority of people a chance to vote and hopefully catch those who are on vacation. And then also try to start one every time one ends, so around 2 polls a month. (Of course if the votes say something different, I'll try to do what the public wants..)

    Other opinions or thoughts?

    31. May 2010, 23:46:25 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: If I stay up on them and try to do 2 a month, then it should only take a little over 3 years to get about 75 more of them.... Maybe squeeze in a bonus one here or there and maybe get it to just under 3 years...

    31. May 2010, 23:40:21 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Modified by (31. May 2010, 23:42:36)

    ... There is also one for 50 votes

    31. May 2010, 23:22:26 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: I already have one in mind - I was just kind of waiting until June 4th (when one of the current ones is complete) to put up the new one.

    ... I still need 75 more to get the 100 Achievement!

    31. May 2010, 18:43:07 
    Glad to have suggestions for Polls, but lets not start harassing other players by naming them here. (posts & replies have been removed.)

    6. May 2010, 14:20:51 
    Subject: Re: Anonymous or Public
    Snoopy: So I won't mention that there is an achievement for 50 public votes also! (of course there is also one for 100 votes.)

    6. May 2010, 00:25:54 
    Subject: Anonymous or Public
    For those of you that might have it hidden, there is ANOTHER new poll out there (I'M ON A ROLL!)

    This one is simple - curious if people like the Anonymous or Public poll option.

    That is, like the Pizza Topping Public poll where you can see what everyone voted for.

    ... or if you like the anonymous option (like the World Cup Poll) where you don't see what others voted for.

    25. April 2010, 00:31:29 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    Pedro Martínez: I thought carrot's sounded better then corn... but corn has more votes then carrots..

    25. April 2010, 00:16:26 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    puupia: Jalapenoes was *almost* on the list. I actually spent about an hour doing internet searches on what the most "popular" toppings of pizza were - and like I mentioned, I probable had over 100 toppings at first... but tried to take off those that seemed a little less popular (leaving Almonds and Pecans on the list because I've never seen nuts on a pizza and thought it might be interesting if either of those got votes.)

    But since I have to type in each answer - submit - then as more answers are added scroll down to add another answer, I tried to keep the list as short as possible while still trying to get the most popular.

    So speaking on nuts on pizza - anyone ever see that and or try that? I'm not too big of a nut eater but for some reason it sounds like it might be kind of good on a pizza

    24. April 2010, 17:39:44 
    Subject: Re: Pizza Toppings
    rod03801: Mine still shows 24 of 25 (which is what it said before this poll was created) so apparently the new poll has not been added to my stat yet.

    Also maybe wait another day or so, but I would like to know if people like having the polls be "public" where others can see their answers (and that it does still look OK on the poll page... and not make it hard to read and/or not hard to vote.) [again, will be interesting to see after 100 or 200 people vote and are all listed there.]

    24. April 2010, 16:57:38 
    Subject: Pizza Toppings
    Well we finally got our 25th Public Poll (which can give many of us our achievement for answering all 25 polls)

    I know I do not have all the option for toppings listed on this poll. I tried to list what I think are many of the top options, along with a few other options... BUT I KNOW I DID NOT LIST THEM ALL. (the poll would have hundreds of options if I did.)

    So PLEASE feel free to list & discuss your favorite toppings here.

    Also to have some fun (and to see how it will look), the poll is "public" which means everyone can see what others voted for.

    29. March 2010, 01:10:12 
    Subject: Re: World Cup
    Modified by (29. March 2010, 01:10:35)
    Pedro Martínez: Having them on fellowship polls with 20-30 people some-what works, but I was afraid that once we got 300+ names listed on the poll, it might distort the page a lot and make it hard to read and/or vote for those who hadn't voted yet.

    I'm tempted to try it to see what will happen..... maybe I will try it with the next poll and if it does start to mess things up, I'm sure I can get Fencer to switch the option off on it.

    28. March 2010, 22:36:34 
    Subject: World Cup
    There is a new opinion poll to see if our BrainKing users can predict who will win the 2010 World Cup!

    10. February 2010, 21:37:46 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Snoopy: Actually I did mean to come here and post about it - along with the (always) suggestion for other poll ideas to post them in here..... but I must have forgotten to.

    Hopefully I will remember the World Cup which starts in June more in advance to give the poll a little longer time-frame out on this site.

    ... but of course I would like to have some more non-sport ideas if possible.

    The current poll I put up for only about 2 weeks... and the poll actions ended after some of the games will be complete (would make more sense to end the poll before any games are complete.... but I did want to give a little extra time for the poll to be up.)

    2. October 2009, 20:23:40 
    Subject: Re: Olympics 2016
    Snoopy: Yea - That is who I thought would get it.

    ... in the back of my mind, I would have loved for Chicago to get it... since it would be about 3-4 hours away from me, and my son would be about 14/15 at that time and might be a fun thing to go see.... but on the flip side, Illinois is so screwed up financially that they don't need to be spending money on this anyway.

    Glad it will be in South America for the first time.

    30. September 2009, 05:28:43 
    Subject: Olympics 2016
    OK, I did quickly throw one out there - BUT VOTE QUICKLY - it will only be open for a few days!!!!!!!! - Which city do you think will be picked on October 2nd to host the 2016 Olympics?

    30. September 2009, 05:12:33 
    Subject: Re: i really like to
    Snoopy: Any ideas for good public polls - PLEASE POST THEM.

    Best if it has something to do with BrainKing, but does not necessarily need to be about that.

    I have an idea for one.... I will try to get one posted in the next few days (of course if anyone has some good ideas - PLEASE feel free to post them here... or send me a private message if you want.)

    21. July 2009, 18:25:18 
    Subject: Re: shame there wernt
    Imsoaddicted: I know we discussed a little of this on the tournament board, but would love to discuss it a little more. (The subject of too many team tournament) (Plus since I'm one of the people who create site team tournaments, I REALLY do like to know what others want & think when creating them.)

    Yes, team tournaments like regular tournament can take a long time to complete when there are some slower players, or games that can last a long time in certain cases (like Cloning gammon when more and more pieces are introduced to a game.)

    On the face, the idea of "no more team tournaments until the others are finished" sounds good, but in my opinion, not really good for most players.

    For example, Lets say I love Backgammon & love playing in backgammon site team tournaments. I join one, I play all my games within 1 month - I did not do too well & my team did not do to well, so we will not move on.

    So what you are saying since other players (usually just a couple) will hold up a tournament for many many more months, that you think there should be no more backgammon team tournaments until it is complete - even if it will take 2 more years? Think that would be kind of unfair to me to not be able to play a site team tournament for that long just because the last one had not been completed yet.

    Of course a helpful solution would be if Fencer does implement the ability of tournaments to start next rounds once the winners are determined - that way even though a slow game might still hold up a tournament, it might also be one of those games that don't even matter to the final results of the round.

    12. May 2009, 01:50:18 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: When a new poll is put up, a message is put up on the main page. Once you vote, you get a message when the poll is over to see the result.

    11. May 2009, 23:41:29 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Earlier, I got the message with the subject "Subject: Opinion poll is finished" - about the vacation system opinion poll.

    .... which I think Fencer has it setup to send the message to any poll that you vote in, that way you can see what the results are.

    .... speaking of Polls, anyone have any good idea for a new one? Would be nice if it's BrainKing relates, but does not need to be.

    28. April 2009, 15:44:16 
    Subject: Re: Coan
    Modified by (28. April 2009, 15:54:05)
    Snoopy: Have any good suggestions?

    I'm always looking for new good polls to do. Would love for them to be some-what related to "BrainKing" (like the current one asking how people like the vacation rule change), but I will also do fun ones (like the old one about what summer movie people were looking forward to.)

    Would also like it to be "world wide" type of question, not something like "What is your favorite US collage football team?"

    .... of course I had already "stolen" the vacation rule change poll idea from one of your fellowship polls....

    8. November 2008, 15:28:36 
    Subject: Re:
    Modified by (8. November 2008, 15:28:56)
    Brag88: Opps, you got some comments confused - I'm all for turn-based card games. I've seen them work on other sites, and with a little planning for each (for unique situations like how to deal with timed out players who's cards in hand effect others) - I'm all for having turn-based card games on this site.

    7. November 2008, 23:18:50 
    Subject: Re: Cribbage
    KnightFighter: Every argument you made can be used for just about any games on this site.

    people complain that people are not moving - or not moving pieces which do anything - waiting 2 months to click on the game to move a piece.

    Playing chess over the board, you don't suppose to get outside support, but on a turn-based game system this is possible - It still is cheating.... just as it would be in a card game, but it's an argument which is already here and nothing new that is unique with a possible turn-based card game.

    I agree that some card games would be tricky to put into a turn-based game site, but with some good planning, it can work (and for some games, already works on other sites).

    Again, kind of a mute discussion since this is not what is being put on this site.

    7. November 2008, 18:53:02 
    Subject: Re: Cribbage
    KnightFighter: You are right - some people would not like playing certain games in a turn based environment - Just like you are put off by turn-based card games, some backgammon players are put off by turn-based backgammon games.

    Great thing is - You are free to choose which games you want to play and not want to play. So (just a suggestion) - instead of trying to convince everyone else why you would not like turn-based card games, why not just accept that some will like to play that way and some will not.

    (And it sounds like Fencer is not making it turn-based, so sounds like what he is working on might be perfect for what you like!)

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