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Game (your BKR)EventOpponent (BKR)Your colorTime control (?)
Amazon ChessNormal gameNephblack 7 days
Anti Checkers5 wins matchrobtoo (1698)white 1 day
Anti Checkers5 games matchrobtoo (1698)white 2 days
Anti Checkers5 wins matchrobtoo (1698)white 3 days
Anti CheckersNormal gameCxD++random 7 days
Anti ChessNormal gameNik66 (1391)random 1 day
Anti ChessNormal gameTokov_Endrymos (1771)white 7 days
Anti Froglet5 wins matchrobtooblack 3 days
Anti FrogletNormal gamenapoleon7 (2128)random 6 days
Anti Reversi1 game matchMTC (938)random 5 days
Atomic ChessNormal gamegalilei (1341)random 1 day
Atomic ChessNormal gameCxD++ (1141)random 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameheavenlyemma (1501)black 3 days
Backgammon5 wins matchrobtooblack 3 days
BackgammonNormal gameMacCadillac (2117)black 7 days
Backgammon5 points match with doubling cubeTerryS (2189)black 2 days
BackgammonNormal gameunstable (2196)random 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameoviar.07 (2089)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameoviar (2156)black 7 days
BackgammonNormal gameMaxernst (2261)random 3 days
Backgammon RaceNormal gamenoodles (1707)black 7 days
Backgammon Race5 points match with doubling cubesmailo (2205)black 7 days
Battleboats5 wins matchrobtoo (1704)black 2 days
Battleboats10 wins matchrobtoo (1704)black 7 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gameBud (1998)black 7 days
Battleboats PlusNormal gameCxD++random 7 days
Behemoth Chess4 wins matchoverlander (2039)random 3 days
Berolina ChessNormal gamebazarsadablack 8 hours
Berolina ChessNormal gamebazarsadawhite 8 hours
BreakthroughNormal gameJaqen H'gharrandom 3 days
CamNormal gameouna (1951)random 7 days 7 hours
CamelotNormal gameAVOH (1414)random 2 days
Camelot3 points matchdeanthebean (1186)random 7 days
CheckersNormal game palyov (1959)random 7 days
Cheshire Cat Lines of Action2 games matchMTC (1598)random 5 days
Cheshire Cat Lines of Action3 points matchdeanthebean (1589)random 7 days
ChessNormal gamepepo (1766)black 7 days
ChessNormal gameslav (1592)random 7 days
ChessNormal gamedladuke (1726)random 7 days
ChessNormal game maho (2308)random 7 days
Chess2 wins matchhävitaja (1897)black 7 days
Chess2 wins matchhävitaja (1897)white 7 days
ChessNormal gamexamachat (1792)random 10 days
Chess2 games match francek (2187)random 1 day
ChessNormal gamepepo1 (1846)black 7 days
Chess1 point matchPichufi (2241)random 5/0.6/5
ChessNormal gameurbanmil (2657)black 5 days
ChessNormal gamegeorg1 (1796)black 7 days
ChessNormal gamegeorg1 (1796)white 7 days
Chess7 points matchRadek79 (1777)random 5 days
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