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*1256*--Groundhog Day--*1256**1256**1256**1256*

Punxsutawney Phil is preparing himself for his moment in the spotlight. He signed up with the local gym in an attempt to get fit for the cameras. A little weight training. A little cardio. And then on to the wet area for a "water resistance" aerobic Zumba class. Water resistance is an excellent excercise, working all your muscles in a very low impact enviroment.

Did you know that water is 768 times heavier than air?

Neither did Phil.

Not to worry.
It's never toooooooooo late to get your blink on.

Groundhog Day


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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): one game for each two players
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Minimum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players per section: 8
Final match type for two player section: 1 game match
Time control (?): 5 days, standard vacation
Player rating: 100 <= BKR <= 4000
Unrated players: yes
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Private tournament (you will send personal invitations): no
Sort players by BKR: yes
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