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30. November 2021, 15:34:47
Subject: Re: Backgammon with Doubling Cube (quick tournaround)
Tuesday: want to play a game and see how it works? Its simple...goes 2, 4., 8, and doubles each time its used. If your playing a game, and your doing well and in the lead, you can offer a "double." If your opponent excepts, the die goes to your side and the board and game is now worth double points. ( game goes from normal to 2x point value) As the game goes on and the lead changes, you can offer the double back and now if your opponent excepts the game is now worth 4 times the point value. If you dont want to except the 4x game you can decline the double and you loose 2 points ( the original double amount of 2) So in a 9 point game the first to 9 points wins.

30. November 2021, 14:13:13
Subject: Re: Backgammon with Doubling Cube (quick tournaround)
Aganju: I haven't spent much time trying to understand it, but I don't get the doubling cube.

30. November 2021, 01:46:57
Subject: Backgammon with Doubling Cube (quick tournaround)
There are a lot of tournaments offered right now, but I prefer to play *with the doubling cube*.
If you do too, and you like a fast game, please join here!

28. November 2021, 11:48:25
_Road Runner___ 

27. November 2021, 12:29:51
_Road Runner___ 

27. November 2021, 01:18:29
Subject: Re: Tournaments
_Road Runner___: One with vacation days would be nice...

21. November 2021, 23:07:34
Subject: XMAS Team Tourney
OK Everybody.....our great friend Marshmud (Jim) has donated a year's membership for a Team Tournament...

Random 'Xmas' Team Game

After a few discussions we have come up with a 6 player, random 5 popular game Tourney (Backgammon, Battleboats Plus, Ludo, Dice Chess, Dice Poker)

Random 'Xmas' Team Game

So, each player of the winning team will get 2 months membership added to the subscription

Random 'Xmas' Team Game

So, PLEASE EVERYONE let us show some support, get some teams together & make this a success

As always, have fun & happy gaming all

19. November 2021, 20:28:15
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: All games - 10 players

18. November 2021, 16:21:04
_Road Runner___ 

16. November 2021, 12:39:26
_Road Runner___ 

15. November 2021, 18:09:20
_Road Runner___ 

13. November 2021, 13:41:46
9 point w/cube backgammon prize tournament

1 year rook prize. Starts tomorrow and available for any member

11. November 2021, 15:25:38

6 month brain rook for best combined placement total in all 3 ponds. Join 1 or join all 3 for a better chance to win.

Starts today

10. November 2021, 15:34:55
_Road Runner___ 

8. November 2021, 15:38:16
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: One day per move!

6. November 2021, 02:00:22
Subject: Re:
Clandestine 1: Thanks for the sponsorship.

5. November 2021, 12:16:55
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: Starts 17th Nov

4. November 2021, 04:27:20
Subject: Re:
Clandestine 1: 9 point w/cube backgammon prize tournament

Available for all Brainking members.

4. November 2021, 02:53:32
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
Modified by Clandestine 1 (4. November 2021, 02:55:05)
Marshmud: Go for it. Backgammon, 9point cube, 3 days per move, no days off. I will sponsor a 1 year Brainrook membership to the winner. 
Also, 20 players per section (or whatever the max is) so the tournament moves along quickly. 

4. November 2021, 01:07:55
Subject: Re:
Clandestine 1: Since you mention a prize donation, do you want to run the one you suggested with the cube and 9 point game? That is a good idea many have suggested the cube.

also we haven't decided on the site team game but it will be a 1 year rook for the team.

A 6 month rook prize for all 3 ponds. Best combined placement in all 3 to win.

and a 6 month rook tourney for the whole site including pawns.

Also Rodney mentioned a prize. Any ideas folks?

Does Conrad want to run the ponds?

The pond prize and the site team prize I had to ask fencer to do for us. So I did ask his permission. I send him a link to the tournament with info on the winner(s) when completed. The rest of the prize tournaments we pay when we implement them as they are automated.

4. November 2021, 00:41:15
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey:I agree about the pawn tournament. It brings in new people or previous people back. 

3. November 2021, 22:41:27
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I love the idea of one for Pawns Jim

3. November 2021, 14:11:30
Subject: Re:
BGBedlam: Since you hosted the pond tournament all year, I think you should have the honor of running this tournament. How about all 3 ponds played. 2 day limit and to start in 7 to 10 days? We will take the first 3 placements, combine all 3 and select a winner. What do you think? You will have to list it as a prize event. List this as a 6 month rook and the team site prize is at a 1 year rook prize and we still have two more membership donations. One from Rodney and one from Clandestine.

Thanks guys.

3. November 2021, 14:01:48
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: I think a new tourny is fine. If its gammon releated, 6 players is great. We can also send a xtra player to a team that maybe needs one player. Ill ask mousetrap to get a team together at the black rooks assembly f/s. I think we could get 6 teams with 6 on each team..

Since we have several members making donations, should we offer several in one tournament? Or how about the pond prize, a team site prize for the whole team, and another for everyone including the pawns.

3. November 2021, 12:47:09
Subject: Re:
Marshmud Clandestine 1 rod03801 BGBedlam : As we already have teams signed for some team tourneys, I think I will just create a new one when we decide how to set it up
Looking at the teams, if we do Backgammon, I think team size should be 6 as we already have 3 fellowships with 6 players, and 3 others that have 5 who hopefully can get 1 more to join....(It would be a shame leaving players out that are already signed up).
As Clandey said, 9 point doubling cube, 3 days per move, with No Days Off sounds pretty good

3. November 2021, 06:21:01
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I actually don't mind running a Pond thing. I have recently decided to stop doing the yearly pond tournament, but I wouldn't mind hosting another pond tournament if it's a one off.

3. November 2021, 06:17:06
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I think Backgammon would be the obvious choice because people are familiar with it and it doesn't last long! Ludo will last forever;especially if the time controls are set for three days!

3. November 2021, 02:24:26
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: also, if you want to keep it as a holiday tournament, use the Fischer clock to insure speedy play. Otherwise you get characters like me that move at a turtles pace 

3. November 2021, 02:19:27
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re:
Marshmud:<span> Jim, I’ll match your prize for the winning team. 
My thoughts are a tournament Separate from the tournaments that Ian just created. 
9 point doubling cube, 5 man team tournament. 3 days per move, with no days off.
My question would be more about if Fencer would be willing and able to divide the prizes for the winning team. 

I posted this to the BK chat board,  but more appropriate to discuss here. 

3. November 2021, 00:42:08
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Short is great with the holidays around the corner. Make it a holiday prize tournament. I have a couple planned. Had to get a ok from fencer, ( cant be done manually) but one of my ideas is all 3 ponds, and the average placement ( with points for the top 5 places in each pond) and the highest ranking player ( of all 3 ponds combined) receives a 6 month rook. A two day pond would be completed by end of this year. Maybe BGBedlam and the Multigammon Mayhem gang would like to run it? We did have near 30 contestants in the last one.

I think a prize tournament to play randomly of our most popular games would be nice. we could even run a poll to see what the top 5 games are. So for now its open for discussion, but lets get them ready to sign up this week if possible.

not sure, waiting for mad monkey but the DEC 2021 site backgammon tournament may be converted to a prize tournament, but after we all talk about it, we may change and just start a whole new game type for around xmas to start.

3. November 2021, 00:04:19
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I'd think Ludo or Backammon. (Or Hyper, to keep it shorter?)

2. November 2021, 16:36:22
any ideas for a site team game prize tournament. If we have 4 man teams, 3 months membership to each player. If we have a 6 player team, 2 months to each team member.

any ideas on the game or style?

2. November 2021, 11:06:13
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: Couple boat players needed for Dec

30. October 2021, 03:20:39
Subject: Re: Team Tourney time.....
MadMonkey: Thank you, MadMonkey!

29. October 2021, 14:56:30
Subject: Team Tourney time.....
OK Everyone

I have created a few new Team Tournaments to see us over Xmas & into the New Year

Let's all find some Teams to join, have a bit of fun and bring some life back to brainking

We have 2 outstanding Tournaments for Checkers & Chess which it would be good to get started first

April 2021 Crowns of Checkers XII

June 2021 64 Battlefields XIX (Chess)

NOV 2021 - Random Backgammon

Nov 2021 - Dice Chess

Dec 2021 - Dark Battleboats

Dec 2021 - Dice Poker

Dec 2021 - Backgammon

Jan 2022 - Knight Fight

Jan 2022 - Fevga

Jan 2022 - Logik

All above are 4 players per team & standard vacation (3 or 4 day)...... If lots of interest is created then I will increase team sizes next time

PLEASE if anyone has suggestion for ANY type of Team Tournaments etc..... please post here or PM direct

Stay safe all, happy gaming & see you in the tournaments

28. October 2021, 13:02:44
_Road Runner___ 

28. October 2021, 12:55:32
_Road Runner___ 

26. October 2021, 15:58:15
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: All 3 Boat games

26. October 2021, 03:59:46
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
Aganju: Fencer wanted me to test it out, so I did. MadMonkey will be the main person creating the Team Tournaments.

25. October 2021, 20:36:16
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
Modified by Aganju (26. October 2021, 06:19:54)
rod03801: My opinion: for many serious Backgammon players, you need to allow the doubling cube. It is a different (and less interesting) game without it; I would 't want to play.

25. October 2021, 19:36:08
Clandestine 1 
Subject: Re: Team Tournaments
rod03801: Looks good to me. Keep the number of players at 4 and that way there might be enough teams to make a decent tournament. 

24. October 2021, 19:33:55
Subject: Team Tournaments
Fencer has given MadMonkey and myself, the ability to create Team Tournaments, since Coan hasn't been on in a while.
I created a "Test" one. MadMonkey will be the person mostly setting them up, though.
It's been a while since I created a tournament, so I apologize if the paramaters are not perfect!

It is "Random Backgammon".
NOV 2021 - Random Backgammon Team Tournament

24. October 2021, 01:42:29
Modified by Tuesday (24. October 2021, 01:43:25)

22. October 2021, 13:30:56
Subject: new tournament
please sign up

Halloween games

16. October 2021, 15:35:16

16. October 2021, 14:09:43
_Road Runner___ 

14. October 2021, 05:32:54
Subject: Re: setting up a chess tournament
As a "brain pawn", I'm pretty sure that you can't. Sorry.

13. October 2021, 22:49:48
Subject: setting up a chess tournament
How do I (CAN I) set up a tournament?

13. October 2021, 10:14:09
_Road Runner___ 
Subject: All Games - 8 Players

13. October 2021, 05:29:53
Subject: Re: Team Tourneys?
furbster: That's a good idea. When I "bug" Fencer again, I'll mention that too. I hope Coan is doing OK.

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