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*1256*--Groundhog Day--*1256**1256**1256**1256*
Groundhog Day is fast approaching. It'll be here before you know it. Let's give it up for Punxsutawney Phil, who will be the focal point for the incredible but fabulous festivities centered on and around February 2, 2018. Phil is no ordinary rodent. Although he never attended the Wharton School of Bussiness, located just down the road, Phil scratched and clawed his way to celebrety by adhering to two basic but time tested principles:
1--- Never hang around a bunch of monkeys flinging feces.
2--- Always be true to yourself.

Phil survives the "off season" by making soft drink commercials and an occassional Cameo on "The Big Bang Theory", but confesses that he is 100% committed to finding ways to improve the finest traditional holiday in this or any other century ------> Groundhog Day.

This is a warm-up to the upcoming festivities.

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