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Creator: "GERRY"
All Games For ROOKS Only Prize Tournament

Enjoy & have fun All my friends

1 year Rook Membership Prize

To the winner of most games WON in all games played that they have entered in the whole tournament has ended

Then when the whole complete tournament is finished

The winner of all the games WON by that player will be showing on that game

Then all those winners will be showing when finished

Then total all wins & the player with the most wins gets THE PRIZE

Good Luck & have Fun

AS old Red always said GOD BLESS

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Match type: 1 win match
Tournament type (?): single elimination
Membership level:  
Minimum number of players: 4
Maximum number of players: 16
Time control (?): 2 days, standard vacation
Player rating: 100 <= BKR <= 4000
Unrated players: yes
Unrated games (no BKR will be affected by this tournament): no
Private tournament (you will send personal invitations): yes
Sort players by BKR: yes
All games of this tournament are generated with enabled autopass feature (in game types where the autopass can be used)
Status: finished
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