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Profile: ajtgirl

ajtgirl (Alice) - Brain Rook, 8 Brains, 565 achievement points
Total score: 10515 wins, 370 draws, 14895 losses, 464 won tournaments


ajtgirl's fellowships:
Goodfoods' Kitchen (member)
*31* Power House (manager)
Monkeys Swinging Madhouse (manager)
*31*The Sunshine Club *31* (manager)
◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28* (member)
Crissie's Clubhouse (member)
*1254*The ORIGINAL Flame Pit*1254* (member)
*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (manager)
*582*MASTERMIND*582* (manager)
Purple World (member)
*572*FRIENDSHIP CLUB*572* (manager)
*75*Mikey's ClubHouse*75* (manager)
GuineaPig´s Club (member)
PONDS PLUS (manager)
Safe Haven (member)
Knights Of The Round Table (manager)
Laugh It Up (member)
The International Friendship Club (manager)
The fellowship of Kingtae (member)
Game Addicts *839* (member)
THE PUB (member)
*15*Aηythiηg Goεs*15* (manager)
*1227*ABSTRAKTA*1227* (member)
Tiger Checker Club (manager)
Black Rooks Assembly (manager)
*507* Moderator Announcements (member)
U Hasiče (member)
Little bit of Everything! (manager)
KindaUnique (member)
*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102* (member)
*29* Slow Time Controls (member)
*139*Banana Park Fun & Games*139* (manager)
Fast Balanced Games (member)
*15*βaβyĢіґŁŁєs КIŦÇΉЄŊ*15* (manager)
BIG BAD WOLF's *134* Private Den (member)
Eesti Selts (member)
Baltic Fellowship (member)
☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼ (member)
Bratrstvo oceli (member)
*276*JUST FUN & GAMES*88* (member)
*1144*The cloning club*1144* (member)
The Addams family *1161* (member)
The Pit Of Hell. (member)
*1188* BadBoy's Game Palace *2* (member)
*131* LET'S DANCE *1199* (member)
*1229* THE IMMORTALS *1229* (member)
*1244* pandemonium*1244* (manager)
Idko´s Saloon (member)
*1110*§ʈrawɓєrriєs -Ƞ- Crєaɱ*1110* (manager)
(more ...)

ajtgirl's teams:
Backgammon Race - One (4) (player)
Battleboats Plus - THE PUB (3) (player)
Breakthrough - *102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102* (1) (player)
Cloning Backgammon - ◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28* (2) (player)
Dark Battleboats - The International Friendship Club (5) (player)
Frog Finder - One (1) (player)
Frog Legs - BIG BAD WOLF's *134* Private Den (1) (player)
Knight Fight - Monkeys Swinging Madhouse (6) (player)
Ludo - THE PUB (4) (player)
Nackgammon - *581* Multigammon Mayhem *581* (10) (player)
Plakoto - Monkeys Swinging Madhouse (6) (player)
Random game - *581* Multigammon Mayhem *581* (6) (player)
Triple Dice Poker - *131* LET'S DANCE *1199* (2) (player)
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