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              FRIENDSHIP CLUB

Our Tourny Series for 2011 ran from May to December.

With the last tourny completed on 15 Sep 2013, the winners in our 2011 monthly SE8-1-win Tournys are:

x28     Zach

x27     TeamBundy (very close!)

x18     aaru

x14     Petromil

x11     osko

x4       Black Sunshine, Resher, sitnalta, tenuki

x3       Marshmud

x2       dein, okjb

x1       arpa, BElanna, bert515, Crow3, IceQueen, MadMonkey, SolidGold

The winners in our 2011 monthly RR-3pt Tournys (with trophies denoting number of tournys won) are:

x19       Zach

x10       Resher

x9         aaru

x6         TeamBundy

x4         osko

x3         pedestrian

x1         MadMonkey, Shredermann, tenuki

The final results for our 2010 monthly SE4-1-win Tournys are:

x30      Zach

x14      Petromil

x10      Resher, TeamBundy

x7        sitnalta

x5         Marshmud


        DAK, dein, goodfoods, Xenia02

            aaru, alilsassy, Black Sunshine, fukuhara, kanella, tenuki

The winners in our 2010 monthly RR-3pt Tournys (with trophies denoting number of tournys won) are:

x7         Resher, Zach


        aaru, Petromil, TeamBundy

            kanella, Nuno Miguel

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86 members
Level Flag Name Rank
Resher  Big Boss
faith  manager
Vikings  manager
cardinal  manager
Watson  manager
BElanna  manager
Slavka  manager
WhisperzQ  manager
Beaupol  manager
nstre  manager
Antje  manager
kanella  manager
Czuch  manager
SMART ALX  manager
arpa  manager
oldhamgirl  manager
zockerdotcom  manager
SlavojAhoj  manager
Zach  manager
dein  manager
Monica  manager
aaru  manager
karij  manager
Lepus  manager
sitnalta  manager
Labbeda  manager
Kiwiyeti  manager
Crasto  manager
toolicek  manager
hoky  manager
ColonelCrockett  manager
TeamBundy  manager
Kellys  manager
ajtgirl  manager
DAK  manager
spavacz  manager
IceQueen  manager
Ferris Bueller  manager
dr. martanek  manager
tarcellius  manager
kid_game_2001  manager
ljubisa popovic  manager
kurtovec  manager
Mats  manager
Yoshie  manager
Schtroumpfette  manager
nauars  manager
Nuno Miguel  member
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