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Paid membership feature list - Game system - Multiple signing up for tournaments, ponds and stairs

2.13) Multiple signing up for tournaments, ponds and stairs

A standard way to sign up for a tournament requires to visit the particular tournament page, select the game type and then click the sign-up link. It is not too convenient, especially when the tournament contains many game types and the player is interested in all of them, so he would be forced to make this procedure for every game type one by one. BrainKing allows a player to make a multiple sign-up to all or selected game types of the target tournament by checking corresponding checkboxes next to the game type links and clicking the sign-up button. This action performs all sign-up operations automatically and works for multiple sign-ups for Run around the Pond games and Stairs system as well. Due to restrictions of some membership levels, this feature is available only to players with Brain Rook or higher membership.
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