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List of membership levels offers several levels of membership for registered users. Each level covers different set of advantages and V.I.P. services. What are the most popular online games?
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Important note: You can have any kind of paid membership and pay absolutely NOTHING! Please read the Brains page.

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dr_Brainsurferhi, no money no honey.....many thank's to help me out....22. February 2024, 21:26:58 20 days 22 hoursSelect
Bonus list
This page contains the list of all available "color bonuses". When a bonus is active, it is indicated by a flashing light bulb on the Main Page and the current bonus color code on the Paid Membership page.
  • Green code - Green code - 1 extra month
  • Purple code - Purple code - 25% bonus to the subscribed period
  • Blue code - Blue code - 50% bonus to the subscribed period
  • Cyan code - Cyan code - 75% bonus to the subscribed period
  • Red code - Red code - 100% bonus to the subscribed period
  • Black code - a randomly selected bonus from this list
  • Easter egg - 125% bonus to the subscribed period
A bonus can be used only for 1 year or longer Brain Rook subscriptions and the payment must be received prior to 10. January 2014, 23:59:59.
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