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7. November 2002, 16:22:54
Subject: Checker board
Can the checker board be changed in size and color?

7. November 2002, 21:29:12
Subject: Re: Checker board
Not yet but I'll add this feature very soon.

8. November 2002, 04:07:43
Subject: Re: Checker board
Thanks for the feedback.

8. November 2002, 14:34:12
Subject: Re: Checker board
And the current chess pieces will be replaced by real checkers pieces.

3. March 2003, 02:15:56
Subject: Checker markers
Is there any chance of getting reg, checker markers instead of the chess markers now being used thanks rsm31

3. March 2003, 10:15:53
Sure. But somebody has to draw them first. I am very bad graphician and I have no time for it.

6. March 2003, 01:35:46
Subject: Checker pieces
When we switch from Chess pieces to real Checker pieces, would it be possible to give the darker ones to the player who goes first?
According to the official rules of the game, Red (or Black) moves first & White second.
It isn't at all like Chess.
To have it the reverse here is quite confusing.
This would be a welcome correction.

27. March 2003, 18:53:43
Subject: help sexy!!!
why can't i move the damn pawn?

28. March 2003, 11:44:52
Which pawn?

14. April 2003, 18:47:17
Subject: Re:
I would like to help you draw the checkers pieces. Please send me the specifications on what you need.

5. May 2003, 10:43:34
Wizard from Oz 
Subject: help please
game ID 84700 with ejrat = I am black and cannot complete move because no submit buttons show up.

6. May 2003, 05:41:25
I am assuming this problem has been solved re: the discussion on the main board? :-)

6. May 2003, 06:38:42
Wizard from Oz 
Subject: Re:
sure has. Thanks for asking all the same Kevin you are another knight on white charger. :O)

29. May 2003, 00:22:46
Subject: Excellent Checker Player?
The Killing Machine Checker club may want to talk to you. Contact Descenter KM or myself for information.

5. June 2003, 13:31:34
Subject: Re: Excellent Checker Player?
I'm not an excellent Checker Player, but I want to become one! And I want to know more about KM club...

5. June 2003, 14:45:38
Subject: Re: Excellent Checker Player?
You are very good already. Contact Descenter KM about membership application. The main purpose of the KM is to help people upgrade their skills through game analysis and referral to websites dedicated to helping checker lovers improve their game.

10. June 2003, 23:59:06
Subject: checkers
Hi everyone I havn't seen many post in this area so i figured I would post a nice checker problem every now and than for you to try to figure out. This will help develope the skill to find hard to see moves, be creative and consider every move. I'll also try every now and than to post a opening and try to explain every move so to help also pick out the best moves. have a nice day

11. June 2003, 00:16:25
Subject: Re: checkers
This should be very interesting for the few checker enthusiasts we have here.

11. June 2003, 00:29:38
Subject: Tom Wiswell "Kansas Cyclone" Black to play and win
Tom Wiswell a excellent checker play and problem composer created this splendid problem...White kings on 13, 22, 26, 27, 28. Black kings on 5,19, 20, and black pawns on 17, 10, 8. (for checker notation see in chess notation the problem is...white kings on h4, f6, e7, c7, a7. Black kings on h2, a5, c5, and black pawns on g5, e3, b2.... In this problem White is a man down, but has 5 kings! Backing one up, 22-25(f6 to g7) will threaten the black piece on 17(g5), the only hope of regaining. But 1st, Black begins the action. I will post answer soon. good luck

11. June 2003, 00:30:45
Subject: Re: checkers
I meant now and then* not now and than lol

11. June 2003, 01:30:05
Subject: checker opening for beginners Old 14th
Hi its best that you learn checker notation when learning the openings (check to see their numbered board) and its hard for me to change it to chess notation so here it is. "The Old 14th" It is doubtful if the beginner would ever find his way in the famous opening, without prior study. Some of the play was published as early as the 1600's! and the lines laid down-still apply today. You can't deviate from sound play. 11-15*( means move piece on 11 to sqaure 15) is the strongest opening move, because it heads for the center, developes the single corner and does not disturb the double corner- th area that is most vunerable to attack. 23-19* all replys are sound and lead to famous openings. 23-19 is "theoretically" the strongest. 8-11* develops single corner more. 22-17* white flanks on both sides. 4-8* develops all his pieces in single corner. 17-13*( in checkers the sign * usually means forced move but im using it here so that it will stand out in all the writing) 15-18*(many go wrong here with 9-14 which will draw I think but its weaker and I have won alot of games with white(black side in chess. in checkers pieces are normally red for first side and white for opposite)side after it. So 15-18 recommended)24-20* the standard reply and restricting the piece on 11 to go 11-16. 11-15* to the center. 28-24* a necessary block up. 8-11* natural and maintains the strength of the attack. 26-23* a natural move leading to sucessive moves. 25-22 here is often played too. 9-14* blocking. 31-26* white has the correct defence. 6-9* a strong exchange, opening up playing room, and leads to optional attacks. 13-6*, 2-9*, 26-22* white appears to be running out of playable moves. but this sets a trap. 3-8*(1-6 is another way)The Big mistake move here is 9-13. White would then have The Big Shot in the Old 14th. with 22-17, 13-22, 20-16!, 11-20, 21-17, 14-21, 23-14, 10-17 and white would have a winning formation. 22-17*, 18-22* Strongest. 25-18* 15-22* 17-13* (not 23-18 here this move has to be worked in but not here red would have a win after 23-18x 9-14x(x means exchange))1-6*, 23-18* now forced. 14-23* 27-18*(An historic landing and played into many times. Red has moved pieces out of the king row, but is about to break through for a king.)10-14* only move. 30-25* can't give away pieces here. 14-23* 25-18* red has a strong formation. how does white break through? 7-10* (23-26 is another strong way, with white having to play 29-25 after this requires different tactics.) 21-17* nothing else will do. 23-26* 29-25* 26-30* the timing is a beautiful study. 25-21* 30-26* red has his eye on getting some pieces now is the time for white to spring his attack! 18-14!* 9-18* 20-16!* 11-27* 32-7* The game is now a easy draw. Thanks for your time.

11. June 2003, 01:43:56
Subject: Re: checker opening for beginners Old 14th
I was able to beat Chinook with this: 11-15 23-19 9-14 22-17 6-9 17-13 2-6 25-22 8-11 29-25 4-8 24-20 15-24 28-19 11-15 27-24 14-17 21-14 9-18 26-23 18-27 32-23 5-9 23-18 8-11 20-16 11-20-27 18-11-2 27-32 2-7 1-5 7-14 9-18 22-15 3-7 25-22 5-9 30-25 9-14 25-21 14-18 22-17 32-28 17-14 28-24 14-9 6-10 15-6 24-15 6-1 15-10 9-6 10-14 6-2 7-11 2-6 18-22 game was won. Next time I tried same moves the computer had corrected so a new line was needed.

11. June 2003, 02:22:48
Subject: now a opening for the more advanced player
Im going to show u a position Tinsley once lost. This opening is 24-20 Double corner. A popular and rahter famous line of the Doubld Corner is 24-20. It is brought up from 9-14 24-20 5-9 or 9-14 22-18 5-9 then 24-20. It leads to a landing-often mis-played and lost. 9-14 24-20 5-9 22-18 10-15(while 11-16 is another popular line this way gives more chances for white to lose. Im also fond of 12-16 going into a doctor formation.) 28-24(standard) 15-22 26-10( 25-16 is infeior after 7-10)7-14 (6-15 weakens double corner) 25-22 1-5 22-17 14-18 23-14 9-18 30-26 3-7(made with going to square in mind, and keeps single corner strong as well as not disturbing the double corner) 26-22(best to cut off the piece on 18. also 32-28 will draw shown at note A) 18-25 29-22 7-10( 11-16 will also draw) 27-23 ( the continuatoin is standard play for white.) 11-15 23-19 6-9 ( 5-9 was usual way until Bernstein adopted this vs Tinsley in the 1946 Newark Nat. Ty. game can be veiwed on game archive.) 17-13 9-14 22-17 2-6 20-16 15-18( the stage is set. This is where the fatal 32-28? has so often been made. The open board with 32-27 is the only draw shown later. When a natural is good enough to fool a grandmaster like Tinsley it's one to remember!)32-28(the losnig move. the correct move here is shown at note B) 18-22* 19-15 12-19 13-9 6-13 15-6 14-18 24-15 22-25*(correct to hold the win and catch a free piece) 17-14 18-23*(correct to hold the piece on 30) 14-10(as good a try as anything) 25-29 10-7 29-25 15-10 13-17! 21-14 23-26 31-22 25-11 wins. (note B 32-27 (is best move) 5-9*(this 5-9 is forced, and 18-22 loses after 27-23 and 24-20.) 19-15*(with either capture the draw is secure)(note A 32-28 11-15 17-13(17-14 I think loses)8-11 26-23 18-22 23-18 7-10 21-17 6-9 13-6 2-9(it would be hard for the beginner to find his way from here) 20-16! 12-19 31-26! 22-31 17-13 15-22 24-6 31-24 28-19(though a man down this is a draw play continue as)4-8 6-2 8-12 13-6 11-16 ect... Thanks for your time. Hope the play here is readable and not frustrating. take care and have a blessed day

11. June 2003, 02:31:07
Subject: Great play Chief
thanks for sharing that line with us. That 5-9 line on Souter is rarely seen and can catch a win on alot of people! THanks for showing your nice win!

11. June 2003, 02:39:19
Subject: Re: Great play Chief
Thanks.I think people might be interested in your recent excellent smother win against Usurper KM. He does not mind it being posted as I talked to him about it last night. It is a great example of not counting your chickens before they are hatched. lol.

11. June 2003, 03:20:13
Subject: Speaking of Smothers
Here is one Clint Olsen did on me during my Goldtoken days. Do this one on a board: 11-15 23-19 7-11 26-23 9-14 22-17 11-16 25-22 16-20 30-26 2-7 23-18 14-23-30 19-16 12-19 31-26 30-23 27-18-11-2 20-27 32-23-16 (feeling pretty good about here) 8-11 16-7 6-9 17-13 9-14 22-17 14-18 28-24 4-8 29-25 18-23 24-19 1015 19-10 5-9 13-6 8-11 25-22 (getting nervous) 11-15 17-14 23-26 21-1726-30 17-13 30-25 22-17 25-21 13-9 It was over.

11. June 2003, 04:16:19
Subject: Re: Speaking of Smothers
Same one I got on Usuper. Different move order but same opening and same smother.

12. June 2003, 00:27:15
Subject: Question
How do I join the KM Checker Club?

12. June 2003, 00:31:38
Either go to the club page and there will be a text box at the top where you can send a message to the Big Boss requesting to join, or you can simply send them a message asking to join, and they can send you an invite :-)

12. June 2003, 00:32:46
Subject: Re: Question
You must have a minimum Brain Knight membership to join a fellowship.

12. June 2003, 00:37:14
Yes, oops! lol
I guess i overlooked the fact that you weren't a member. Sorry!

14. June 2003, 07:15:28
Subject: Wow, I'm impressed
I'd like to join in, but I'm still on page two of "Beginning Checkers". Solving the problems sounds like a good idea, yet for me every game presents multiple problems. Oh, I feel sorry for you guys. Seems you have to make up difficult problems for a challenge. lol

14. June 2003, 10:23:09
Subject: Re: Wow, I'm impressed
As the Chief can attest to this statement, the KM would let you in regardless of your skill level.

Trust me when I say this: The KM is one of the best group of people there is. I've been a member with them for over a year and I doubt I could find another group that can match 'em in encouragement and support.

14. June 2003, 21:40:55
Subject: Re: Wow, I'm impressed
I agree to that!! The KM is the BEST. Which is my maiden name. :0). I'm not a very good checker player but i try and they let me join.

15. June 2003, 01:29:45
Gee, a club that lets just everyone it? Okay, I'll ask one of the guards if I can get some extended computer privileges. This women's prison has some funny rules. P.S. Seems like I heard of KM Club on GoldToken. If it's the same you dudes were really good.

15. June 2003, 04:00:50
Subject: Re:
The KM usually accepts one player for every four applicants up to our maximum number of 20. After that everyone goes on the Waiting List. We try to make good checker players out of good people rather than the other way around. So Reddog is correct about the skill level part but we don't let just everyone in. If you play on Goldtoken see Reddog about an application. Good luck on obtaining an early parole. LOL

15. June 2003, 04:42:44
Thanks, Chief. A wise fellow pointed out that unless I planned to play a lot of games here it might not be using good common sense to spend the money. I doubt I will play much here and I'm undecided whether to continue on GT. I had some very good friends there who aren't there anymore and even we tough old cons can feel a sense of great loss now and then. Hey, what is this remark of "good people"? You saying I ain't good enough? Thanks for the parole wishes anyway. Yes, the good news is that I expect to be out of here around 2025, unless bad things happen to somebody and they pin it on me. You know how it is in the real world!

15. June 2003, 04:54:53
Subject: Re:
I will have Usurper KM the head of our prison outreach program minister to you on the technique of getting the money out of your cell mate's purse before she knows it is gone. 2025 sounds like a good checker rating but it's too long to wait to re-unite with your friends.

15. June 2003, 05:07:57
Man, we don't have purses in here! Someone would tear it apart and invent a weapon. That sounds like an unusual minister you have. What a checker club that has a prison minister! Hmm, maybe I could teach him a few things. Yeah, sure I could. If he's handsome send him this way. No, send him anyway regardless how he looks. I know...some of us have been in here so long all men look handsome by now. Oh, sorry. Sometimes we're not too careful about our manners and joking around.

15. June 2003, 17:15:32
You don't have to tear a purse apart to make a weapon out of it. So I've discovered on a number of occasions! Oh...uh...yes...prison minister I am. Usurper KM at your service! I'm also the in-house doctor and mechanic. I give both check-ups and tune-ups (after the counseling session, of course). I'll make a round and come your way as soon as I can escape the tigresses in Cell Block X. :o|

15. June 2003, 18:09:11
To the Most Rev. Usurper KM: I've heard of guys like you around the prisons, but I always thought they were inmates. Seems last Minister I saw on tv said there were no U.S. troops in Baghdad, so you could be one of those kind of ministers, I suppose. I've no doubt that your working your way through the cell blocks will take a long while. But it is certainly heart warming to know there are people like you ready to devote hours and hours to make other people happy. Oh, lastly, I urge you to be alert. Occasionally, the men's and women's prison are not that far apart, so choose carefully which one you go to.

15. June 2003, 20:58:22
Subject: Checker Graphics
Anyone reading this board is probably a checker fan and I'm sure you would like to see checker pieces rather than chess pieces on our checker games. Fencer is aware of this and is working on it I'm sure but perhaps we can let him know there is enough widespread interest in this that it would become a higher priority. Walter HEXYEBO has offered to draw the checker graphics so installing them may not be too daunting a project.

15. June 2003, 21:06:23
Subject: Re: Checker Graphics
I agree with that. Maybe Fencer reads this Discussion Board.

16. June 2003, 06:19:33
Not necessarily - you'd be much safer sending him a message about it :-)

22. June 2003, 03:55:02
Subject: for those that find old 14th boring
Here's a new line to play with. 11-15 23-19 8-11 22-17 4-8 17-13 15-18 24-20 11-15 28-24 8-11 26-23 9-14 31-26 5-9. This my favorite move. it's not the best move but I have caught many and won. it's a man down line and its not hard getting man back and white will have to be careful of his moves. I won't write draw cause I plan to catch someone with it. But play around with it and you will find it a nice line to get off the easy published way.

22. June 2003, 04:02:52
Subject: here's a new one for white in old 14th
Well not old and on some sites well known, but can catch some people off guard. 11-15 23-19 8-11 22-17 4-8 17-13 15-18 24-20 11-15 28-24 8-11 25-22 -18-25 29-22 9-14 27-23 6-9 22-17 15-18 17-13. and the first player side gets a nice shot and the rest isn't hard.

22. June 2003, 04:17:03
Subject: sorry here's another old 14th :D
11-15 23-19 8-11 22-17 4-8 17-13 15-18 24-20 11-15 28-24 8-11 26-23 18-22 25-18 15-22 30-26. this is another man down draw. I havn't really used this much myself but I've seen it played many times and can get into some good not too easy positions.

22. June 2003, 04:17:36
Subject: Re: here's a new one for white in old 14th
I meant this is not new*

22. June 2003, 18:50:53
Subject: Re: here's a new one for white in old 14th
Thanks for the very excellent checker information. I know that the 8 members of the Killing Machine read and follow it with interest.

22. June 2003, 19:46:49
Subject: Re: here's a new one for white in old 14th
I'll second that! Having played Innovative now a number of times, I'll vouch that he is as good on the boards as he sounds in these posts. Better.

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