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 Run around the Pond

Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game)

Game link..... Ponds
Ratings link..... Regular Pond Ratings -and- Dark Pond Ratings -and- Run in the Rain Ratings
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1. June 2007, 11:14:46
Subject: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Modified by Bernice (1. June 2007, 11:16:04)
let see how many people we get to enter this pond???

there a 2 conditions...1st...your address and name must be supplied before the competition starts...;

2nd have to be a player in my competition.....

1. June 2007, 12:00:54
Subject: Re: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Bernice: just 2 things, 1st, here's a link to your pond $100 cash...conditions apply
2nd it will only be as big as 16 players because of the limits

1. June 2007, 16:46:08
Subject: Re: the BIGGEST pond available to members on here $100
Vikings: Maybe she meant to say biggest PRIZE?
I wonder what $100 Australian is in US dollars... I'm too lazy to go look. lol

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