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7. February 2020, 11:16:37
Subject: 6 month prize to the winner

11. March 2017, 15:25:45
Subject: Really!?
Small Espionage (Undertaker. vs. thisbeme)

I'm not expert but 118 moves in, in a small espionage game, shouldn't at least a piece have been removed from the board?

23. October 2012, 14:22:25
Subject: Re: Clubs
Tian-Xian: you can still only play bin one tourney as a guest on goldtoken! Exactly the same as here!

6. February 2006, 23:39:31
Subject: Re: Pieces of equal value.
Thad: I think so too, but perhaps the other could be a new varient?

7. January 2006, 22:27:26
Subject: 11 hours left 2 more players needed for small espionage

24. February 2005, 21:13:30
Subject: Re: not what i meant....
Nothingness: thats because your rated so far above those players, tehrefore your obvisouly quite a good player, and so you don't take as many points or in your case none.

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