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19. January 2012, 23:59:15
Subject: Re: I wish...
ketchuplover: hate those arrows--change it to stones-much clearer

19. January 2012, 16:13:07
Subject: I wish...
the arrows were more visible.

16. July 2009, 20:06:20
Subject: As...

14. October 2008, 08:26:33
Subject: 1600
Please sign up -> 1500 ;), 10000 :D, 1600 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start)
More informations about Fischer's clock on BrainKing & BrainRook

Amazons - I need 3 more players

& other games

19. June 2008, 13:06:27
Subject: nevermind
ass now positively handed to me on platter.Someones O had to go and it was mine

12. May 2008, 22:03:13
I just love the game as it is---can some master please challenge me

10. August 2007, 01:47:43
Subject: Re: A New Twist? i like that suggestion.

15. September 2006, 14:58:35
joshi tm 
But then is the game endless, if you are able not to shoot, wou will not because you lose if you camt move.

9. June 2006, 23:48:05
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Jason: Let me know how it goes.

9. June 2006, 05:56:28
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Gorman7375: first player to move could move as normal then the second player to move can use the new method ,when i get the time iwill try and playit out on a home made board to see if it could work .

9. June 2006, 05:29:18
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
BIG BAD WOLF: I like the dont move and shoot two arrows idea.
Yes, to go first would have an extreme advantage

9. June 2006, 05:12:36 
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Gorman7375: If I were to pick, I would pick:

You can make 2 "moves" a turn.

So you can either move 2 pieces
Move 1 pieces, shot 1 arrow
don't move, and shot 2 arrows

It would probable need to be played a few times in real life to see if it really works out, or if it would make it too much one sided for the first to move.

9. June 2006, 04:44:47
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Jason: The game would certainly go faster.
Personally I have a hard time keeping up with shooting only one arrow.

8. June 2006, 20:56:48
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Gorman7375: move as normal then fire your first arrow and then a second , it could be tricky later in the game because you could trap yourself with the second arrow .

8. June 2006, 20:45:42
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Jason: Without moving any pieces? or after you move a piece?

8. June 2006, 20:04:26
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Gorman7375:or maybe the possibility to throw 2 arrows could make a more complex game .

8. June 2006, 19:08:24
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Jason: In a normal game you are able to move your piece then throw a stone (or arrow).
In the new version you would be able to move your piece then have the option of throwing a stone OR moving another piece.
I havent thought about the pros and cons of it yet
but it seems like a good discussion.:)

8. June 2006, 06:11:54
Subject: Re: A New Twist?
Gorman7375: how do you mean exactly ?

8. June 2006, 04:30:27
Subject: A New Twist?
What does anyone think of a version where you have an option of either throwing a stone or moving another piece?

6. April 2006, 14:24:02
Subject: Re: stratagy?
Pedro Martínez: Thanks for the tip Pedro

6. April 2006, 03:19:59
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: stratagy?
gorman7375: Search for the games of the best players here and try to analyze them...that's all I can advise:

5. April 2006, 23:59:14
Subject: stratagy?
Where could I go to find some stratagy for this game?....:)

23. January 2006, 03:21:40
Subject: Don't make me play alone!! Hurry over.. not even 5 hours left to sign up!
For anyone who enjoys a face paced tourney.. Please.. I wish to offer it to those who will play continuously.. not just one turn a day ..

°°·.,,.·°¤`'¤¸`°´`°«*Scarlets Springtime Follies*»¸.¤°´`°'¤¸¤´¤°·.,,.·°°

24. October 2005, 05:49:26
Subject: Amazons @ Wikipedia

24. October 2005, 05:42:55
Subject: Amazons Translations @ Wikipedia
I 've provided a german translation of the Game of Amazons to recently; and I ask you to proof-read that german translation -- or to submit a translation of the game of Amazons in your native language to yourself. Thank you!

22. July 2005, 12:23:59
Subject: Amazons & nothing else
Meanwhile the first round of the Amazons & nothing else tournament is finished.
Congratulations to the winners Chessmaster2000 and Ahmagh!
The final round has already started as a 3-win-match between them.

I would like to anounce the creation of a new tournament of this type.

12. July 2005, 14:34:04
Cave Men ROCK!!!
good luck Jason!

12. July 2005, 06:07:09
Subject: Re:
ScarletRose: Thanks

12. July 2005, 03:01:17
Congrats Jason on your new job..

14. March 2005, 07:43:08
Subject: who wants to play Amazons..
send invite please.. :)

18. February 2005, 15:45:28
hey! i havent lost a single game yet ;)

somehow i get overrun by all amazones that i encounter ;)

18. February 2005, 15:32:38
LOL...knowing hw you just lost tells you my experiences!! LOL:)

18. February 2005, 15:26:31
ah! oops i forgot about that one :)

thanks ... can you tell i am not that good with amazones ? ;)

18. February 2005, 15:25:56
the arrow will go to the square he/she just left.

18. February 2005, 14:27:04
when a player has 1 move left ... and no room to shoot the arrow on that move .. will he still be able to make that move ?

can O move in the example below ?


24. December 2004, 08:07:08
Grim Reaper 
And the "!" sign means "factorial" in math.

like 3! = 3x2x1, 5! = 5x4x3x2x1, etc.

24. December 2004, 08:04:58
Grim Reaper 
It was meant to convey the notion that there are more positions in the game of Amazons than the game of chess.

There are 26 trillion ways to have the board completely filled. Think of how many positions are possible along the way!

24. December 2004, 04:41:36
The Hunter 
Subject: Re: Amazons "Size"
ok, so, um.... that completely confused me @_@

23. December 2004, 18:08:46
Grim Reaper 
Subject: Amazons "Size"
Today I was curious to know "how big" this game is when compared to chess. I decided to start by counting the number of positions where there is a definite loss.

There are 100 squares on the board, and when 92 are occupied, it must mean white has lost since black made the last move.

How many positions like that are there?

Well there are 100!/92!8! ways to have 92 arrows shot, and 8!/4!4! ways for white to occupy the remaining 8 empty squares, and 4!/4! ways for black to fill in the last 4 squares for each of these positions.

100!/92!8! =

100x99x98x97x96x95x94x93/8x7x6x5x4x3x2 =


8!/4!4! = 140

4!/4! = 1

So the total is:


Over 26 trillion ways to lose if you have filled every square on the board.

14. December 2004, 02:23:40
Subject: Scarlets Winter Wonderland!!

Only ONE more Day to sign up!☺

      Come Sail Away!!

        Come Sail Away!!

          Come Sail Away with Me!!

24. November 2004, 08:16:24
The Raven King 
Subject: Re:
stuck in a tedious endgame when the outcome is determined is unnecessary

24. November 2004, 03:14:37
Grim Reaper 
That would change nothing. If your position is so bad that you pass, your opponent just passes as well. Then, next time you pass, you are done.

7. November 2004, 10:58:16
The Raven King 
there should be a 'pass this move' option for this game as in Go. two passes and it is over

30. August 2004, 06:02:25
if you have the equal number of moves left , then the one who moves next will be the one who loses the game when the board fills up because they will run out of spaces first (providing all available spaces can be used )

30. August 2004, 05:52:44
Subject: Re: End Game
Well, we are completely separated and have equal number of squares left ?

29. August 2004, 08:01:31
It shouldn't really matter - the player who, on his/her turn, cannot move loses. I have not yet completed a game to that point so I wouldn't know if the final move of the losing player is required.

29. August 2004, 06:22:46
Subject: End Game
Is it end when a player cannot move or when he makes the final move ?

25. August 2004, 04:57:36 
Honestly the best way to learn is just to jump in and start playing a couple of games. Once you start to see and play, things make a lot more sense.

25. August 2004, 04:50:38
I'm not the best player but if you would like I will play you an unrated game and tell you what I can.

25. August 2004, 04:36:33
I'm feeling left out. Can someone show me how to play Amazons. I see the rules yet can't comprehend them

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