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26. July 2007, 23:52:04
hello all..glad to be back in action. hope ev1 is doing great these days. and i am going to do all i can not to go poof again lol. so...anyone have any good redneck jokes these days hehehe

14. August 2007, 15:07:11
Subject: Re:
PrincessKammy72: It is great to have you back and I know you will not go poof unless you have to.

16. August 2007, 23:02:54
Subject: Re:
PrincessKammy72: Redneck jokes?

From foxworthy...
If you refer to the fifth grade as "Your Senior Year" might be a redneck
If you walk INTO a restaurant with a toothpick in your might be a redneck
If you call your boss, "Dude"...
If your family tree does not fork...

Unknown Author...
If your T.V. that works sits ON TOP OF your T.V. that doesn't might be a redneck.

How do you know the Toothbrush was invented in Arkansas? If it was invented anywhere else, it would be called a Teethbrush.

16. August 2007, 23:50:19
Subject: Re: Teethbrush
Summertop: ROFL!!!!

16. August 2007, 23:53:14
Subject: Re:
Summertop: Foxworthy rules! Princess loves him! LOL

17. August 2007, 08:13:20
Subject: Re:
Purple: yes my dear you know me so well. i do love his jokes.

17. August 2007, 08:10:56
Subject: Re:
LOL tat is absolutely wonderful

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