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7. September 2017, 21:06:41
I didn't want to take a side. Sorry I replied but I know many players frustrated with this past thread. My issue is multi accounts adding thousands of games and deleting them all. For those who have several years or more history at BK they would understand. I apologize if I offended anyone including heavensrose but I think she understands our frustration as well.

7. September 2017, 21:17:35
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: she did this with me as well. but instead of getting frustrated i asked her. and then i understood and i thought, fair enough, yes why not. with fellowships, she did this to me too, but then instead of getting frustrated, I asked her through pn and we got into a dialoge, and then i thought like, fair enough, because i understood why she does those experiments.... I understand that you like to play games till the end. I'm not such a longterm user like you, only since 5 years, but i like to play them till the end as well. but people can't be all the same in this f* world, so why shall I get frustrated? but I understand that other users react differently as I do, that's normal and totally understandable. But I will never support crosseyed trying to publicly attack other users (again and again and again and again)....

so Marshmud I respect your explanation and I really understand you and think, your view is fair enough. if I go through the last years discussion boards, I think crosseyed enjoyes publicly attack people, just because he likes or maybe her, I actually don't even care what kind of gender she or he or whatever crosseyed is

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