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22. November 2019, 23:36:49
Subject: Re: Team Tournamen I think you did a great job last year my only suggestion is the 6 player team can be hard to organize. The 4- 5 player tournys have twice the teams available to compete. So maybe backgammon, dice poker and ludo have 6, but basically that is what you already have in place.

12. January 2019, 03:31:08
Subject: Re: The wheel
Mousetrap: The Wheel

8. September 2017, 02:37:24
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Page 4 colum 3. I see it boss. I plan to give out sentences tomorrow, Mel and I got this bro

8. September 2017, 02:34:44
Subject: Re: I would not want you to help or get involved.
Mélusine: This is all Geomomo's fought and The Irish Air Force. You got to stop adding that potion to his Bushmill Whiskey. Damn Mel he is talking to his goats again.

7. September 2017, 23:59:28
Subject: Re:
Mélusine: May warts grow where the sun doesn't shine witchy. I know you gave me this rash. It is a rash Mel?

7. September 2017, 21:41:54
Subject: Re:
rod03801: Sorry Rod.

Everyone have a great day and god bless the folks in Florida USA.

7. September 2017, 21:39:16
Subject: Re:
heavenrose: I'm not mad at you. Just don't like drama. When you sent me a fellowship invite from my good friends fellowship (Purples World )who died two years ago I did kind of freak out. I never even said anything to you but I'm sure many has ask you to sort of back off. Stop with all the messages, etc. Some of us are here to play games not chat. Just because I don't talk to you or reply to you or play games with you is not personal.

7. September 2017, 21:18:17
Subject: Re:
speachless: If you see it as crosseyedmary and me vs you and heavensrose you really are missing the story here. My post had nothing to do with crosseyed or the past between anyone else but Rose. I should of just directly messaged heavensrove but I thought my public post would help clear the smoke...not to make anyone felt attacked. Sorry. and my last comment on this issue.

7. September 2017, 21:06:41
I didn't want to take a side. Sorry I replied but I know many players frustrated with this past thread. My issue is multi accounts adding thousands of games and deleting them all. For those who have several years or more history at BK they would understand. I apologize if I offended anyone including heavensrose but I think she understands our frustration as well.

7. September 2017, 14:26:55
Modified by speachless (6. September 2017, 11:03:16)
heavenrose: and that's cool about brainking! you're free to play or resign or to delete games/fellowships how often you want. I don't see any problems in that :-) and I think it's cool that you don't care about ratings ...

I disagree. Its not cool, imo. I think it is rude to other members,

7. September 2017, 14:23:33
Subject: Re:
heavenrose: Its not a big deal however in the past 10 years you have came to BK under many different names, created thousands of tournaments then you delete them all over and over again. Its all within the rules but many of us is tired of you smothering the data base with unwanted games. You keep asking why I banned you from my fellowships....This is your answer. I have banned at least 4 of your nics in the past 6-8 years. It gets old.

6. September 2017, 03:29:58
Subject: Re: Strange goings on...
Modified by Marshmud (6. September 2017, 03:32:38)
Carnie: an example would be if somene gave it to another player. Or any BB can elect any member in that fellowship and just give it to that person my selecting that player as the new BB. Then that new BB just deletes the whole fellowship. Makes no sense however.

3. September 2008, 14:55:34
Subject: Re: Fellowship Invites
tinksbell: Again I'm sorry I disturbed you. I only gave you the offer to win free memberships and brains, and since you have played hundreds of boat and gammon games, thought you'd be interested in those games. I did not check your fellowship team play. Gosh tinksbell its only a game site, and I've never been attacked for offering a prize.

29. August 2008, 06:41:58
Subject: Re: Fellowship Invites
Modified by Marshmud (29. August 2008, 06:44:59)
tinksbell: This is what you requested on your profile: Please do not invite me to fellowships that are not focused on the games that I play.....Each of the 5 tournaments I have are the games you play. So where is it I misread? Sorry I disturbed you.

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