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23. April 2009, 18:06:52
Subject: backgammon passing achievement
what about an achievement when you force your opponent to pass more than 40 times in a row ?

for any backgammon type :)

23. April 2009, 21:29:03
Subject: Re: backgammon passing achievement
Hrqls: I'd make a separate achievement for forcing your opponent to pass 40 times a row in Hyper. ;-) And not count Cloning (40 passes in a row in Cloning Backgammon happens far more frequently than in other types).

Which leads to an interesting question. What's the maximum forced passes in a row you can have in Hyper Backgammon? Or in any other variant with a fixed number of stones? (It clear there's no upper limit in Cloning).

23. April 2009, 21:46:40 
Subject: Re: backgammon passing achievement
AbigailII: In theory, it could be unlimited number of passes.

There could be a time when both players are sent to the bar, and both have 2 piece "blocks" in their home area - and if the the players keep rolling the same dice and neither could get out unless they rolled a certain amount - then it could in theory be unlimited if they never roll that dice number they need.

I'm trying to imagine a similar situation in Hyper, but can't imagine it with only 3 pieces per side in play., so I would guess there could be a limit of times in a row.... but for most others, I would think it could be unlimited.

25. April 2009, 11:34:49
Subject: Re: unlimited number of passes in Hyperbcg I can imagine this situation ... both players have one stone on the bar and two stones on the same field in their opponent*s home area (where they block their opponent), and both keep throwing the same double, exactly that double, which they can not use because of opponents stones.
But, this cannot happen under usual bcg-rules. Because in Hyper, how could you capture opponents stone, when you need (after finishing the movement) to have one stone one the bar and the other two in your opponents home area ? It is impossible.

25. April 2009, 11:58:21
Subject: Re: unlimited number of passes in Hyperbcg
Simply... Two blocks of three stones side by side.

23. April 2009, 21:47:36
Pedro Martínez 
Subject: Re: backgammon passing achievement
AbigailII: In Hyper, I believe it's 8.

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