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3. January 2016, 03:50:45
Subject: Connect5 games
this account is only created to play Connect5.
If anyone wants to play me you can invite me to a "not counted game"of connect6 or look in the waiting room.

3. April 2015, 22:10:08
Subject: April Line Games
Currently looking for new members to Brian's 1971 Pub. On April 15th we will start our next batch of tournament games featuring Line 4, Linetris, Spider Line 4, Spider Linetris, and Connect 6. Please request membership so you can play in these tournaments. Thank you.

14. May 2012, 19:26:55
Subject: seven ways to win!
I don't know how common this is, but I have a game with seven ways to win!

Connect6 (Thad vs. quattordici)

2. June 2010, 20:53:22
Subject: play me!
I have nine or so games of Connect6 in the waiting room for anyone in the 1300 - 1800 BKR range. Please play me! ;-)

21. September 2008, 22:49:09
Karol G. 
Subject: Connect5
Really interesting game Okjb! I would like to play it but right now I have to reduce my games.
If this game is similar or not to Go-moku/Renju it does not matter. It could be a good idea to implement this game (as also Renju!) at this site. I think many people (mostly people that played Go-moku/Connect6 before) would be interested to play it.


9. July 2007, 09:51:09
joshi tm 
Subject: Re: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
okjb: This game is great, I played this last with a friend on a normal Go board. This game should be inplemented to the lots of games BK already has. BK should, however, prevent illegal moves like a2-b2 (same line, diagonal) the way as you cannot move a King in check.

8. July 2007, 11:15:52
Subject: To rednaz23
To rednaz23

Thank you for your interest to play Connect5. Unfortunately, I can't invite you too and also I can't even reply to your message since you ignore me. :)

17. May 2007, 06:43:41
Subject: The first Connect5 match has started.
The first Connect5 match has started.
Connect6 (okjb vs. nodnarbo)

16. May 2007, 14:20:37
Subject: If you want to play "Connect5" write here
Hopefully, it's possible to play "Connect5" at BK using the interface of Connect6. Of course, it is proper to do it in "Unrated game", "Not counted game" mode. If you want to test "Connect5" write here.

The rules of "Connect5" are in my post below from 15. May 2007, 21:14:11

Illegal move (two pieces at the same line) means the immediate lose.

16. May 2007, 09:46:02
Subject: Re:
I do not insist on long row rule. This rule could be decided by any way.

16. May 2007, 09:42:21
Subject: Re:
Chaosu: In some sense different, in some sense similar, it's a philosophical question. :)

By the way, in true Japanese Gomoku the long row is a win (like at Little Golem).

16. May 2007, 09:20:43
While in renju only white player can put 5 or more, and in gomoku more than five is prohibited so i would call that rule different not similar.

15. May 2007, 21:47:42
Subject: Re: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
okjb: Sounds interesting.

15. May 2007, 21:14:11
Subject: Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju
Proposition for the new game similar to Connect6 and Renju

The game "Connect5"

The rules are the same as in Connect6 with two differences:
1. It is necessary to place FIVE or more pieces in a solid row vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
2. It is prohibited for each players during the same move to put both pieces at the same line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).

The game is more close to Renju/Gomoku since it is necessary to place FIVE pieces in a row (not 6 as in Connect6).
The three is not a threat to win in one move but it is necessary to close three from at least one side (if there is no own forced play). So, the game is similar to Gomoku/Renju, moreover, as rule, the playing is going at two flanks simultaneously.
There exist wins by means of "fouls", for example, if to place by one move two fours such that the defending points are on the same line. In some sense, it is similar to fouls in Renju.
It is very hard to win in early opening since to defend to more easy than to attack in the case of small number of pieces on the board. Therefore, the knowlenge of the opening theory has not significance. But in the case of big number of pieces on the board the possibilities for attacks are growing strongly because of "fouls" ideas.

The implementation of this game is very easy on the base of Connect6.

For Czech players: If you are interested in this game, please, translate this text for Czech forum.

3. January 2007, 18:48:16
Willing to try your skills in a team tournament ?
Pondering which team to join ?
Wanting to help a upcoming team ?

Join the Plente o'Pente team!
And we will have fun :)

3. January 2007, 05:28:09
Subject: We need people to join our teams too

3. September 2006, 21:22:19
Subject: Team tournament
Plente o' Pente needs a few more players for the upcoming team tournament of connect6

we cant let The Official Lines Fellowship (or any of the other top teams) proceed without any real challenge!

join us and give them a good fight ;)

3. September 2006, 10:50:21
Subject: Re: team tournament
rednaz23: ok, thanks .. i will have a look if we can create a challenging team :)

maybe in the plente fs ;)

2. September 2006, 17:53:59
Subject: Re: team tournament
Hrqls: If something happens to three players... then you can take a spot... We currently have Nap Solo and another player waiting in the ranks for a position if one comes available. At the beginning I simply went with the best players available, but at this point I am going by first come first serve after those initial 8. I highly doubt that would happen were three people can't play. But if it does it's your spot. I would suggest to you and anyone else wanting to be on our Connect6 team to play with another F/S and then come back to our F/S when the team tourney begins. ;-) You want to be part of the best don't you?

Any questions about anything regarding this please reply or send me a PM.


2. September 2006, 08:19:28
Subject: Re: team tournament
Modified by Hrqls (2. September 2006, 08:19:40)
rednaz23: lol .. i see :) .. can you use another player ? ;)

31. August 2006, 23:53:58
Subject: Re: team tournament
Hrqls: I just giggle when I think of the connect6 team tourney...

31. August 2006, 20:32:06
Subject: team tournament
are there any strong teams which could use me in the upcoming team tournaments ?

12. August 2006, 18:49:13
Subject: Re: 31-in-line loss
hexkid: LOL funny game!!

12. August 2006, 18:47:47
Subject: sextuple threat ending
To win at this game we must make a triple threat...I´ve just found a SEXTUPLE threat! :-)

12. August 2006, 00:21:15
Subject: 31-in-line loss

1. August 2006, 02:03:25
Subject: Re: The Official Lines Fellowship
rednaz23: Wow rednaz23, that sounds like an amazing fellowship! :-)

18. July 2006, 03:02:23
Subject: The Official Lines Fellowship
Do you like to play line games or want to learn? If you do, you should join the Official Lines Fellowship! We have line teams for almost every game as well as tourneys coming more and more! Sign up if you would like to join for teams, tourneys, lots of games, and the chance to better your game!

28. June 2006, 13:57:20
Subject: Re:
WOW! I'm impressed.
Double (errr, ... I mean triple) congrats

Thank you for sharing such a precious moment.

27. June 2006, 22:02:01

26. June 2006, 10:58:03
Subject: Re: quick games
rednaz23: Oh! I thought I was the fastest loser here.
Congrats to mangue :)

26. June 2006, 05:04:07
Subject: quick games
hexkid: 4 moves! I wanted to see if I had any "quick" wins. I found one... here you go Hexkid!

19. June 2006, 15:49:36
Subject: Re: Smallest Connect6?
Czuch Chuckers: and I didn't learn the lesson :)

11. June 2006, 16:11:09
Subject: Re: Smallest Connect6?
hexkid: YIKES!!!

11. June 2006, 13:51:17
Subject: Smallest Connect6?

15. May 2006, 10:05:17
Subject: Re:
Czuch Chuckers: It is already fixed.

15. May 2006, 07:15:28
Subject: Re:
Modified by rednaz23 (15. May 2006, 07:16:14)
Czuch Chuckers: Excellent point CC, I passed this on to Fencer, and he said he would fix it. Good catch! :-D

He said this was also the case with the other games such as go, pente, etc. It should be fixed soon!

14. May 2006, 16:14:14
Subject: Connect 6 Tourney
Connection Elimination #1
Single Elimination for 8 players.
1 day moves. NO days off. 4 more people needed~

14. May 2006, 14:13:04
I know it is a bit of nit picking, but I just started my first games and noticed it said to "click on a square" to make a move, but when I did click on a square, it put my piece on an intersection instead of in the square I clicked. Maybe the wording on this command can be changed?

25. April 2006, 13:48:50
Subject: Live Connect6 tournament

17. April 2006, 20:42:07 
If any Knight or Rook is looking for more connect6 games, please join The Frogazons Fellowship - We will have tournaments, PLUS we are getting a team together so we can challenge other fellowships.

(Skill does not matter - as long as you can have fun)

17. April 2006, 14:16:04
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: Oh yeah, I'm always trying to make a second move in five in line and pente now ;)

16. April 2006, 20:36:41 
Subject: Re:
furbster: Yea, I had to stop playing most of my 5-in-line games since I was confusing myself.

16. April 2006, 18:11:27
well, duh!

I didn't think that there might be a discussion board. hehe

16. April 2006, 17:55:31
Have to think in a completely different way to regular five in a line. really fun game though.

15. April 2006, 01:02:46
Me toooo!!

14. April 2006, 19:25:52 
Yea, Connect6 - I love this game.

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