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Name Game type Team size Time control (?) Creator
Black and white bridges (13)Halma 8x84 4 daysFencer
Extinct species (7)Extinction Chess4 4 daysFencer
Hyperspace Jump (28)Hyper Backgammon6 4 daysFencer
Viña Tarapacá (24)Hyper Backgammon8 4 daysFencer
Inverleven (24)Backgammon (9 points match with doubling cube)8 4 daysFencer
Roland Fantom (27)Backgammon8 3 daysFencer
Kawai Spectra (5)Go 13x138 3 daysFencer
Korg Triton (8)Lines of Action8 3 daysFencer
Yamaha Tyros (5)Breakthrough8 3 daysFencer
E-mu Proteus (19)Ludo8 3 daysFencer
Gem Genesys (6)Ambiguous Chess8 3 daysFencer
Access Virus (11)Connect68 3 daysFencer
Clavia Nord Lead (9)Reversi 8x88 3 daysFencer
Novation XioSynth (23)Hyper Backgammon8 3 daysFencer
Alesis Micron (11)Pente8 3 daysFencer
Dr. No (20)Cloning Backgammon (15 points match with doubling cube)7 4 daysFencer
From Russia With Love (10)Scrambled Eggs7 4 daysFencer
Goldfinger (13)Chess7 4 daysFencer
Thunderball (32)Backgammon7 4 daysFencer
You Only Live Twice (10)Keryo Pente7 4 daysFencer
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (17)Connect67 4 daysFencer
Diamonds Are Forever (13)Froglet7 4 daysFencer
Live and Let Die (13)Halma 8x87 4 daysFencer
The Man with the Golden Gun (8)Go 9x97 4 daysFencer
The Spy who Loved Me (14)Reversi 8x87 4 daysFencer
Moonraker (10)Ataxx7 4 daysFencer
For Your Eyes Only (29)Hyper Backgammon7 4 daysFencer
Octopussy (10)Spider Linetris7 4 daysFencer
A View to a Kill (10)Los Alamos Chess7 4 daysFencer
The Living Daylights (6)Gothic Checkers7 4 daysFencer
Licence to Kill (8)Anti Checkers7 4 daysFencer
Goldeneye (25)Ludo7 4 daysFencer
Tomorrow Never Dies (11)Breakthrough7 4 daysFencer
The World Is Not Enough (7)Minishogi7 4 daysFencer
Die Another Day (9)Jarmo7 4 daysFencer
Casino Royale (10)Cheversi7 4 daysFencer
Never Say Never Again (8)Hawaiian Checkers7 4 daysFencer
The Phantom Menace (24)Backgammon8 4 daysFencer
Attack of the Clones (22)Ludo8 4 daysFencer
Revenge of the Sith (20)Triple Dice Poker8 4 daysFencer
A New Hope (14)Frog Finder8 4 daysFencer
The Empire Strikes Back (11)Dice Chess8 4 daysFencer
Return of the Jedi (14)Logik8 4 daysFencer
The Motion Picture (20)Dice Poker8 4 daysFencer
The Wrath of Khan (12)Mancala8 4 daysFencer
The Search for Spock (16)Battleboats Plus8 4 daysFencer
The Voyage Home (25)Hyper Backgammon (9 points match with doubling cube)8 4 daysFencer
The Final Frontier (7)Spider Line48 4 daysFencer
The Undiscovered Country (7)Hawaiian Checkers8 4 daysFencer
Generations (8)Behemoth Chess8 4 daysFencer
First Contact (6)Ice Age Chess8 4 daysFencer
Insurrection (8)Assimilation8 4 daysFencer
Nemesis (5)Hasami Shogi8 4 daysFencer
Lord Of The Rings (12)Dark Battleboats8 4 daysHelenaTanein
Groundhog Day (13)Nackgammon8 4
Back to the Future (9)Linetris5 4
Ghostbusters (6)Go5 4
Beverly Hills Cop (7)Checkers7 4
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (4)Dark Chess6 4
THE HOLLOWING (23)Backgammon (5 points match with doubling cube)8 2 daysHelenaTanein
THE FETCH (7)Amazons5 4 daysHelenaTanein
Jan 2008 *1185* Ready - Set - RACE! (11)Backgammon Race8 3
Jan 2008 *1185* Halma = Greek word meaning jump (12)Halma 10x104 3
Jan 2008 *1185* Clone Wars (12)Cloning Backgammon8 3
Perseus (12)Random game6 4 daysHelenaTanein
Herkules (6)Czech Checkers8 4 daysHelenaTanein
Sysifos (10)Anti Backgammon5 4 daysHelenaTanein
Mar 2008 *73* Mike Wazowski's Frog Finder (11)Frog Finder8 4
Artemis (8)Open Fast Espionage4 4 daysHelenaTanein
Andromeda (10)Random game6 4 daysHelenaTanein
Léda (9)Random game5 4 daysHelenaTanein
Equal Rites (8)Scrambled Eggs6 4 daysHelenaTanein
July 2008 *1185* Backgammon (NO DAYS OFF) (13)Backgammon5 2/1/
July 2008 *1185* Backgammon (standard vacation) (19)Backgammon5 3 days 12
July 2008 *1185* Fevga (standard vacation) (11)Fevga7 3 days 12
July 2008 *1185* Logik (standard vacation) (14)Logik6 2 days 12
Mort (8)Anti Froglet5 6 daysHelenaTanein
Sourcery (6)Parachute Lines of Action5 6 daysHelenaTanein
Wyrd Sisters (17)Hyper Backgammon7 6 daysHelenaTanein
Sept 2008 *1185* Can you Connect 6? (13)Connect66 4
Sept 2008 *1185* Can you Ludo? (NO DAYS OFF) (20)Ludo5 4
Sept 2008*1185* Can you say Mancala? (11)Mancala6 4 days 4
Sept 2008*1185*Can you Check out Checkers? (10)Checkers6 3 days 12
Pyramids (11)Fevga7 4 daysHelenaTanein
Guards! Guards! (9)Reversi 8x86 4 daysHelenaTanein
Faust Eric (11)Atomic Chess5 4 daysHelenaTanein
Moving Pictures (14)Dark Battleboats6 4 daysHelenaTanein
Nov 2008 *1150* Arachnophobia (Spider Line4) (11)Spider Line46 4
Nov 2008 *1275* Cyclophobia (Crowded Backgammon) (13)Crowded Backgammon7 4
Nov 2008 *829* Batrachophobia (Froglet) (12)Froglet5 4
Nov 2008 *1200* Taphephobia (Amazons) (11)Amazons5 4
Backgammon Fischer Time - special edition (12)Backgammon5 3/0.12/10HelenaTanein
Reaper Man (16)Battleboats Plus6 4 daysHelenaTanein
Witches Abroad (19)Backgammon (5 points match with doubling cube)8 3 days 3 hoursHelenaTanein
Small Gods (17)Dice Poker7 4 daysHelenaTanein
Lords and Ladies (13)Frog Finder6 5 daysHelenaTanein
Jan 2009 *1230* Tetraphobia (Line4) (11)Line44 4 days 4
Jan 2009*84*Algophobia (Knight Relay)(NO DAYS OFF) (6)Knight Relay Chess5 3/1.12/
Jan 2009 *1227* Coulrophobia (Camelot) (8)Camelot6 3
July 2009 *1152* Swimming with the sharks - LoA (8)Lines of Action5 3
Sept 2009 *1185* Halma 10x10 (NO DAYS OFF) (10)Halma 10x104 5 days 5

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