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*188* The Teamplayers *188*
1 won tournament

This fellowship is for players to join and play in all Team Tournaments, and only those tournaments. No individual tournaments will be played, or stairs or ponds.
That's why we are called "Teamplayers"
And playing as a team will make us stronger!!!!

The Next upcoming tournaments:

March 2011 L-U-D-O

March 2011 Logik Championship V

We are signed in in the following tournaments: We wish you all good luck !!!!

March 2011 Checkers

2.2.11. R.A.N.D.O.M

Jan 2011 Swimming with the sharks - LoA #2 (Lines Of Action)
Sept 2009 Hyper Backgammon 21 (NO DAYS OFF) (Hyper Backgammon)
Monstrous Regiment (Random game) 
Jan 2010 Espionage
Random chess (Random game)
March 2010 Cyclophobia (Crowded Gammon) #3 (Crowded Backgammon)
10-05-01 (Chess10-05-16 (Backgammon)
June 2010 Logik Championship IV (Logik)
June 2010 Nackgammon Championship IV (Nackgammon)
10-09-09 Chess
10-09-20 Frog finder
July 2010 Mojo's 2nd Triple Dice Poker 6D
Oct 2010 Can you still Connect 6? (Connect6)
Oct 2010 Public Poll Winner: Plakoto (Plakoto)

Finished tournaments:

For the results of our team tournaments, please visit our discussion board Team Tournament Results

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