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 Team Tournaments Results(back to the fellowship)

Team Tournaments Results

Official Brainking Team Tournaments

1st place
Jan 2009Cynophobia(Fast Espionage)(NO DAYS OFF) : Congrats to  Doris ; lukulus and SL-Mark

2nd place
July 2009 Freddy Krueger Massacre Chess : Congrats

Interesting Times (Racing Kings) : Great game
Moving Pictures (Dark Battleboats) : Congrats to everyone

3th place
Sept 2008 Can you Ludo? (NO DAYS OFF) (Ludo)     Great game of all of you
Jan 2009Algophobia (Knight Relay)(NO DAYS OFF)


July 2008 Logik (standard vacation) (Logik ) :    2nd place in our section. Good work of all of you!!
July 2008 Backgammon (NO DAYS OFF) (Backgammon )  :      Unfortunatly we don't play finals. Next time we do, and thx to everyone to make this good result.
July 2008 Open Pente (NO DAYS OFF) (Open Pente )  :    6th place of 7.  Better luck next time
July 2008 Turkish Checkers (NO DAYS OFF) (Turkish Checkers ) :    This is not our game, but we where not last...  Next time better!!!!
July 2008 Backgammon (standard vacation) (Backgammon ) :    3th place in our group
Wyrd Sisters (Hyper Backgammon ) :    5th place of 6.  Better luck next time
Sept 2008 Can you say Mancala? (Mancala)  :    2nd place in the group.... Next time better
Sept 2008 Can you Connect 6? (Connect6 ) :    This is not our game, but we where not last...  Next time better!!!!
Faust Eric (Atomic Chess) :     This is not our game, but we where not last...  Next time better!!!!
Nov 2008 Arachnophobia (Spider Line4) (Spider Line4) :     This is not our game, but we where not last...  Next time better!!!!
Backgammon Fischer Time - special edition (Backgammon) :    No Comment I think
July 2008 Fevga (standard vacation) (Fevga ) : We where last, but someone has to....
Sourcery (Parachute Lines of Action ) : We where last, but someone has to....
Reaper Man (Battleboats Plus)  :  I'm sure we can better
Guards! Guards! (Reversi 8x8)
Small Gods (Dice Poker)
Men at Arms (Hyper Backgammon) : 2nd in our section
Maskerade (Behemoth Chess)
March 2009 Spider Linetris Bash (Spider Linetris)
Jan 2009 Somniphobia (Dice Chess)
Soul Music (Halma 8x8)
March 2009 - Fellowship Choice #1 - Knight Fight (Knight Fight) :    2nd place in our section. Good work of all of you!!
May 2009 fast Chess anyone (NO DAYS OFF) (Chess ) : 2nd in our section.  Good game
Jan 2009 Coulrophobia (Camelot)
Jan 2009 Tetraphobia (Line4)
Nov 2008 Cyclophobia (Crowded Backgammon) (Crowded Backgammon)
Lords and Ladies (Frog Finder )
Pyramids (Fevga)
Nov 2008 Batrachophobia (Froglet)
May 2009 - Fellowship Choice #2 - Backgammon (Backgammon)
The Last Continent (Nackgammon)
The Truth (Logik)
Witches Abroad (Backgammon)
Nov 2008 Taphephobia (Amazons)
March 2009 Where's the Edge Cylinder Chess (Cylinder Chess)
The Fifth Elephant (Five in Line)
July 2009 Swimming with the sharks - LoA (Lines of Action)
Night Watch (Anti Backgammon)
May 2009 Czech Checkers (Czech Checkers )
Hogfather (Portuguese Checkers)
July 2009 Al Capone's Ataxx (Ataxx)
Mort (Anti Froglet )
Sept 2008Can you Check out Checkers? (Checkers)
The Last Hero (Pente)
Sept 2009 Dark Chess (NO DAYS OFF) (Dark Chess)
Nov 2009 Meow Cheshire Cat Lines of Action (Cheshire Cat Lines of Action)
Feet of Clay (Checkers)
Jingo (Random game )
Thief of Time (Dice Poker 6D)
Nov 2009 The Dark Side of Dark Battleboats (Dark Battleboats)
Nov 2009 Heathcliff's Sphere Froglet #2 (Sphere Froglet)
July 2009 Darth Vader's Backgammon Race (Backgammon Race)
10-05-27 (Dice Poker)
June 2010 Logik Championship IV (Logik)
May 2009 catch 3 kings in Dice Chess 10x10 (Dice Chess 10x10 )
Sept 2009 Halma 10x10 (NO DAYS OFF) (Halma 10x10)
A Hat Full of Sky (Battleboats Plus)
Jan 2010 Mike Wazowski's Frog Finder #2
March 2010  Snowball's Cheshire Cat Chess #2 (Cheshire Cat Chess)

Friendly Team Tournament
A WHAM BAMS                       ( Backgammon)               4-2
THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB 2       (Halma 8x8)                    6-1
A WHAM BAMS                       (Hyper Backgammon )     8-2
Brian's 1971 Pub                         (Dark Battleboats)          3-1
THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB 2       (Spider Line4)                 7-5
Kapříci                                        (Ludo)                            3,5-1,5
Welly's Logik Challenge               (Logik)                            5-2
Kapříci                                        (Anti Froglet)                   3-2
Welly's Logic Challenge               (Logik)                            5,5-2,5
Brian's 1971 Pub                         (Backgammon)                 3-2
Brian's 1971 Pub                         (Hyper Backgammon)       3-2
Brian's 1971 Pub                         (Dark Battleboats)             8-0

DRBÁRNA                               (Hyper Backgammon )     3-3
NULOVÁ ŠANCE                    (Backgammon )                5-5

A WHAM BAMS                        (Backgammon)               3-4
A WHAM BAMS                        (Hyper Backgammon)     3-5
SPP                                              (Open Pente)   1-3
ALL L.I.N.E.S.                            (Connect6)                      1-7
THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB 2        (Backgammon)                2-4
FAST PLAYERS CLUB              (Backgammon)                 3-4

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