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*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*
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Well i am back everybody, so lets get this show on the road !!
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24 members
Level Flag Name Rank
Summer Flame  Little Boss
Smiles4ever  manager
Adaptable Ali  manager
prettymama  manager
sooooz  manager
unicorn272  manager
GinasHubby4Life  member
TheAlchemist  member
Antje  member
aaru  member
gigino42  member
Poncho  member
Molly87  member
ColonelCrockett  member
janka  member
joshi tm  member
ajtgirl  member
funkybee  member
kid_game_2001  member
crapulous  member
ljubisa popovic  member
nodnarbo  member
satans daughter  member
alilsassy  member

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BKR: 1181
Open team tournament: May 2024 - Nackgammon 4
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Fellowship Stairs
Name Match type Time control (?) Creator
PurpleKat's Fevga Stairs 3 days no days off!!2 wins match 3 daysAdaptable Ali
PurpleKat's Fevga StairsNormal game 4 daysAdaptable Ali
Ali's Plakato Stairs2 games match 3 daysAdaptable Ali
Ali's Logik Stairs2 games match 1 dayAdaptable Ali
Ali's dice poker stairsNormal game 4 daysAdaptable Ali
Cloning stairsNormal game 3 daysAdaptable Ali
Fast cloningNormal game 2 daysAdaptable Ali
Battle boat Plus Stairs2 wins match 3 daysAdaptable Ali
Fast Pha Tum StairsNormal game 2 daysAdaptable Ali
Hyper Hyper2 games match 4 daysAdaptable Ali
Very Fast Ludo StairsNormal game 2 daysAdaptable Ali
Ali and Welly's Backgammon stairs2 games match 3 daysAdaptable Ali
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