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Profile: stromovous

stromovous (treebeard ) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 40 achievement points
Total score: 580 wins, 34 draws, 894 losses, 4 won tournaments

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Run around the Pond
2. February 2005, 16:45:16
Something's rotten in the state with forbidden things.
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General discussion
  • - 110 messages - Klub pro všechny, kteří se zajímají o BrainKing samotný, jeho strukturu, vlastnosti a budoucnost. (moderated by Fencer)

  •  Nové vlastnosti - 26 messages - Postrádáte něco na a rádi byste to tu viděli? Napište svoji žádost do tohoto klubu! (moderated by Fencer)

  •  Turnaje - 6 messages - turnaje - otázky, odpovědi, diskuse. (moderated by lukulus)

  •  Společenstva - 1 message - společenstva - otázky, odpovědi, diskuse. (moderated by Fencer)

Chess and variations
Checkers and variations
Reversi and variations
  •  Reversi - 13 messages - Reversi (Othello) a varianty. (moderated by Fencer)

Line4 and variations
  •  Piškvorky - 28 messages - Diskutujte o hře piškvorky nebo najděte nové soupeře. (moderated by blizz)

Backgammon and variations
  •  Backgammon - 1 message - Backgammon a varianty. (moderated by Gror)

Battleboats and variations
  •  Lodě - 6 messages - Diskutujte o hře lodě nebo najděte nové soupeře. (moderated by Fencer)

Card games
Other board games
  •  Tablut - 2 messages - Discuss about tablut game or find new opponents. (moderated by rod03801)

  •  Tablut - 8 messages - Diskutujte o hře tablut nebo najděte nové soupeře. (moderated by HelenaTanein)

  •  Tankový boj - 5 messages - Diskutujte o hře tankový boj nebo najděte nové soupeře. (moderated by Fencer)

  •  Run around the Pond - 1 message - Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game) (moderated by Vikings)

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