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Profile: goodfoods

goodfoods (Thomas Roberts) - Brain Rook, 0 Brains, 950 achievement points
Total score: 11774 wins, 329 draws, 14025 losses, 490 won tournaments

Wall (1)

goodfoods's fellowships:
Goodfoods' Kitchen (Little Boss)
*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165* (member)
! ! ♥PepperMintPatty's Challengers♥ ! ! (manager)
*31* Power House (member)
Monkeys Swinging Madhouse (manager)
* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185* (manager)
*31*The Sunshine Club *31* (manager)
GoodFoods' Atomic Kitchen (Big Boss)
Debate Club (member)
*1254*The ORIGINAL Flame Pit*1254* (member)
! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106* (member)
Lorien *1277* (manager)
*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262* (member)
▼ Swamp Frogs ▼ (manager)
*582*MASTERMIND*582* (manager)
GOD'S PLACE (member)
Knights Of The Round Table (manager)
The International Friendship Club (manager)
SHOGI (member)
Republic of Uganda*1235* (member)
Little bit of Everything! (member)
*15*βaβyĢіґŁŁєs КIŦÇΉЄŊ*15* (member)
BIG BAD WOLF's *134* Private Den (member)
☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼ (member)
Dead's Fellowship (member)
۞ CħεcҜεrs' Aғίcίaηadøs ۞ (manager)
*1188* BadBoy's Game Palace *2* (member)
*188* The Teamplayers *188* (member)
*1229* THE IMMORTALS *1229* (manager)
*1244* pandemonium*1244* (member)
*1110*§ʈrawɓєrriєs -Ƞ- Crєaɱ*1110* (member)
Българско дружество (member)
One (member)
Four Seasons (member)
*838*Sit Vis Vobiscum*838* (member)
hrajkáme sa (manager)
vipers lair (member)
snake bite (member)
Magical Garden (member)
*13*NascarFan's Game Room*13* (member)
Asterix & Obelix (member)
*835* Chaos *835* (member)
Potsdam 1 (member)
Rea Garvey (member)
*581* Multigammon Mayhem *581* (member)
*1000*Guild of Atoms*1000* (manager)
*119* FAIRY TALE LEGENDS *119* (member)
The Originals (member)
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