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Fencer  Christmas Special 29. November 2007, 08:23:26
Modified by Fencer (29. November 2007, 11:55:48)
Christmas Special! It is almost December and, like every year, we are launching our Christmas action. This time it is not just about an extra month to the subscribed membership, everybody has a chance to get up to 100% bonus, based on the popular system of color codes. Let me remind the rules of this action:

When you see a small flashing light bulb on the Main Page, you know a bonus is active and can be used. But don't hesitate for a long time - some bonuses (especially the one which adds 100% to the subscribed period) can be active only for several minutes. The bonuses can be used only if a purchased membership is for 1 year or longer period and it is not a Brains payment.

This action will be active to the end of this year. Furthermore, we have added a nice improvement - you don't have to send a payment in 72 hours to validate the bonus (like before), it must be received to the end of this year - 31st December 2007, 23:59:59 GMT+01:00. The reason is that we would like to make this opportunity available to all users, including those who use a wire transfer or other slower methods to pay.

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