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Statistics of won games
crosses15607 (56.12 %)
circles11852 (42.61 %)
Draws351 (1.26 %)

Pro Five in Line

"Pro" variant at least partially balances the advantage of starting player (white, crosses) by applying several restrictions to the initial moves, similar to Pente:
  • The first move of white is automatically performed in the centre of the board.
  • In the second move, white must place his/her piece at least three squares away from the centre square - at any empty square outside the red square:

  • There are no restrictions for black's moves (circles).
  • All other rules are the same as in standard Five in Line (except one detail, see the next point).
  • Important: A player must place exactly five pieces in a solid line to win! Making a row of six, seven or more pieces does not finish a game.

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