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16. August 2012, 09:35:21
Subject: Re: prizes for new tourny
Chaos: will let you know when I know

11. August 2012, 10:51:58
Subject: prizes for new tourny
I'm going to put up some cash and meteorites once we get to a certain number of players.Each group winner will get a prize and the further you progress the bigger the prize.Come on come all-not necessary to join the FB group I should think but you know the old saying about curiousity and the cat

10. August 2012, 17:41:46
Eric Hanson is in-there's a new face .Rip Washington has been invited-he did accept my friend request earlier.I think he was one of the ones on the old yahoo/msn photo group.He hasn't played on IYT in a year--come on fellow sab/esp players, lets get a massive tourny rumbling

10. August 2012, 11:24:35
Subject: facebook group
took a notion and created a FB group for Sabotage/Espionage players .Saw that Rip Washington aka Saboteur had a FB link in his profile as I was perusing an opponents setups.Have sent him a friend request.Playing some decent games on IYT at the min so will invite all opponents.It's a good platform for posting pics and possibly links to business websites and the like.Anyway,not everyones cup of tea but you can create a FB profile specifically for the group if you're concerned about privacy issues.Could be some fun

I'll get around to cover pic etc in next day or 2

24. June 2012, 20:34:11
Subject: Re:
bumble: yes

22. June 2012, 14:59:37
Subject: Re: Very good or better Espionage Players
Justaminute: wonder is that the 'bug' he's on about?

17. June 2012, 11:27:24
Subject: moonhippies tourny
oh the fun we're having ,all 41 of us reminiscing about old times and sharing that old sabotage picture album from back in the old days , Hildebrand in his clown getup--what a lark -the wine and beer is flowing-miss you all--Go Ireland!!

17. May 2012, 01:51:01
might have

14. May 2012, 17:25:28
Subject: Re:
SL-Mark: Mark you were kinda new too cheeky ;-) moonhip is probably harking back to the old old names -if he's leaving the new breed out I can't see it being much of a show but we'll see---OPEN tourny after all

14. May 2012, 13:57:46
he mentions getting all the old players together for one last hurrah-Sandoz you were kinda newish so maybe he forgot but It could be interesting if we got a good 40 or 50 to join the june main open number 1

14. May 2012, 12:30:57
Subject: Re: june open toury on IYT
Celticjim: moonhippie even

14. May 2012, 12:30:27
Subject: june open toury on IYT
so did everyone get the message from monnhippie about the open main one tourny on iyt?

11. May 2012, 10:00:46
Subject: Re:
Nothingness: had no internet for couple weeks in the house last year after a lightning strike killed my modem-not much fun having to trudge to town to use the local pub wi-fi though it did have its' benefits

28. November 2011, 11:17:21
Subject: Re: Requests to Fencer
Chaos: I'm confused........the bug makes it possible to in fact not just move forward--that is the is relevant if you were down to 5 pieces or less surely? Actually now I think about that I'm not sure the piece number relevance is known.Can you link the game in question for us please ...

28. November 2011, 10:58:12
Subject: Re: Requests to Fencer
Chaos: you said earlier when referring to the rule about not moving back where one came from...."One can corner an opponent by limiting their movement abilities using this rule. As has just been done to me..." I thought maybe you would take the opportunity to 'check' whether the bug had been fixed,not ask about it as we all know that is pretty much pointless .....good luck getting a corner variant implement if that is the plan--never was a fan of that one

27. November 2011, 17:22:11
Subject: Re: No
Chaos: just out of curiosity,did you check whether the bug had been fixed?

28. August 2011, 09:19:13
Subject: Re: Espionage Masters I
Sandoz: yay-the other tournament ended---Giddy Up!!

17. August 2011, 22:47:26
I shouldn't have to write to him and refuse to do so--I found him ignorant--fair enough english is his second language and I don't speak his tongue but my request to have pictures deleted was hardly a technically challenging one---

On IYT (where I am now a paying member again) the next round of tournament starts when the sections are decided-seems logical

16. August 2011, 12:00:54
Subject: Re:
Chaos: thx for taking the time to reply Chaos but my previous messages revealed someone who couldn't care less about members much less non-paying players

12. August 2011, 17:16:28
Chaos -they were simple questions about pictures on my profile that I wanted deleted.No way to delete them and no help from person who answered.Another point that tournament that I am supposedly still in--the outcome is decided--Nothingness wins the section yet everyone must wait for a nothing game to finish between the 2 lowest ranking players.Ridiculous

12. August 2011, 11:49:01
Subject: Re: Tournament
Sandoz: I can't join- that sucks.Says I'm already in a tournament even though my section is lonnnng finished Championship world BK 2011

can I do anything about this.The reason I'm not a member any more is because of complete lack of support for couple questions I had.No more cash from me for BK

8. February 2011, 11:55:28
Subject: Re: illegal move???

Don't be sorry Nothingness--we're all human and fallible 

put me on the list too if BK don't get this sorted

6. February 2011, 22:17:32
Subject: Re: Retracing
Dark Prince:

I reported this on 19th January 2010 :

no reply yet so wouldn't hold breath:..

5. February 2010, 12:43:49
if someone has the URL,it's probably still archived on the wayback machine.All my bookmarks from couple years ago got deleted in a computer crash 

21. January 2010, 14:44:58
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
MTC: is it not possible for you to move 4 of your pieces next to his 2 and then when he takes one way you move the other,hope that's clear enough.I'm saying it may be possible for you to sneak past him anyway even tho your pieces are inferior
If not I would write Fencer a message

21. January 2010, 13:40:11
I've had a message from Fencer and basically he is saying that any issues will be sorted in the upcoming brainking upgrade as the game models are being rewritten.He didn't say when

21. January 2010, 13:17:50
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
Modified by Celticjim (21. January 2010, 13:20:22)
MTC: I had a late night and I'm just awake so gonna try and use that as an excuse as to why I can't get my head round that game MTC,can't quite figure out whats happening.Wait,so it's your turn and you have 6 moving pieces left?Or have they already reset the game and corrected the bug?

anyway this bug needs sorted.I'm gonna drop Fencer a message and see if he can give us some satisfaction

*edit* to say your brackets around the bug link have disabled it,leave a space between bracket and link and it will re-enable

20. January 2010, 11:15:52
Subject: Re: What must be done?
Dark Prince: after 5 years I'm gonna guess a LARGE bribe
obviously they're not that interested or just incapable

20. January 2010, 03:07:42
Subject: Re: correction
Dark Prince: move 54B--the exact move where the rule break occured???LOL

19. January 2010, 23:11:55
Subject: Re: bug zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Modified by Celticjim (19. January 2010, 23:16:52)
Dark Prince: I think you need to recheck the move numbers there mate.There was an occasion AFTER the rule break where his 5 did stay unmoved in the corner next to his HQ

*edit* you are partially right,there was another rule break when he had 2 pieces left that I didn't even notice.Go back further tho to when he had 3 pieces

as to why I let him take my sab
I was finished with it.I wanted to capture all the mines to get that achievement which I did.3 more to get the MASTER achievement that only aaru has so far---yeah a bit geeky but ya know I love the game

19. January 2010, 21:14:22
Subject: bug zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Modified by Celticjim (19. January 2010, 21:23:31)
looks like all instances of this reverse move bug are when the player has 5 or less pieces.Fencer indicated in 2005( ) that it was when the player was down to one piece and it would be fixed HA ...check my game though,opponent had 3 pieces left Open Fast Espionage (grillyx vs. Celticjim)

19. January 2010, 17:55:26
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
on my current game with grillyx which will be over in 2 more moves his 5 general was in the middle of open squares,in fact he was given opportunity to do it again after I pointed out to him what happened.

as for our game-------you definitely could have benefitted from this bug

19. January 2010, 15:08:51
Subject: Espionage Bug
Modified by Celticjim (19. January 2010, 15:12:25)
just happened to me with an opponent moving his piece back to square he just left and I reported the bug.I see the same bug was also reported by pauloaguia back in august 09.Check it out.Whats going on here,this will undoubtedly cause someone to lose/win a game they shouldn't at some point
In fact 4 instances of same bug reported as far back as 2005.Slack job Fencer

19. January 2010, 13:16:34
50 players--this is gonna be epic-roll on 2mrw

23. December 2009, 14:22:55
Subject: Re: teamtournament
Chaos: thx Chaos,I sent a msg to untouchables last night before knowing about Freaks so they just accepted me and can only be in one --looks like we'll be competitors

23. December 2009, 14:00:09
Subject: Re:
a link would be sweet,i see there are many many pages of fellowships and when I searched for espionage games none showed up

23. November 2009, 23:11:29
Subject: Re: If all is lost, attack blind
It's amazing how often our instincts are right with this game,I think so anyway.I rarely lose a piece throwing it into an unknown opponents...........
point in question,just now I pushed 2 recons up onto an opponents line revealing 4 unknowns and 3 of the 4 were exactly what I thought(2 recons and a 4).I had no clue on the 4th but the other 3 pieces gave clues with the pieces were taken beforehand ...that's my story and I'm stickin to it

23. November 2009, 22:53:58
Subject: Re:
aaru: nice one aaru
now I'm curious what you did to get to be the MASTER

23. November 2009, 22:07:58
I'm the 11th Lord of Midnight

espionage achievement-capture 100 unseen enemy pieces

1. [Celticjim, Ireland,23. November 2009, 20:56:33
2. [happy hermit, United States,1. November 2009, 13:47:31
3. [chessik, Czech Republic,24. October 2009, 14:29:26
4. [Chaos, Netherlands,12. October 2009, 09:44:09
5. [AlterMann, Germany, 14. September 2009, 22:51:57
6. [SentineL, United Kingdom, 6. September 2009, 21:21:37
7. [aaru, Poland,21. August 2009, 07:01:24
8. [Borowitz, France,16. July 2009, 23:14:12
9. [FrancescoLR, United States,15. July 2009, 06:37:49
10. [Magrata, Czech Republic,13 July 2009, 12:20:05
11. [ardi, Slovakia,7. July 2009, 07:45:48

23. November 2009, 01:05:17
Yvet,the poll ends after something like 30 days go by without a vote ....
looks so far like the majority prefer a small fast and quick tourny.Sounds good ta me
I sometimes wonder why there aren't so many more new players picking this game up.Maybe we should think about offering incentives as Nothingness touched on before with the memberships.

20. November 2009, 12:09:03
ok try this one and see if people can vote

19. November 2009, 20:39:26
Subject: Re: Poll
Modified by Celticjim (19. November 2009, 20:42:21)

Mark,it automatically filtered for one vote per i.p. and cookie so maybe we share an ip address or something cuz I'm the only one who's voted ---*shrugs*

*edit*---somehow missed Erics post saying it told him same thing-----dang cheap poll

19. November 2009, 19:46:33
lets vote
here's a poll I just made.It's for type only.Perhaps someone else could do another poll for time limit?

11. November 2009, 13:18:54
so who wins SF number 1?

I vote for small fast too

5. November 2009, 20:23:39
Sandoz summed it nicely I thought
"And I consider it a quite logical thing, that a recon reveals every piece until the recon gets killed"
ba boom

5. November 2009, 20:04:41
Josef said, in paraphrase"...When I hit the link for previouse move, first there's a need to hit it 3 times to show the position as it was before the actual one. More than that, when I come back to the last position - using the link for the next move - I can't make a move, there's no "hand". So I have to hit somewhere on a move in the list of moves, than click the last move on the list"

oh boy that is so annoying and illogical,well said that man

5. November 2009, 17:08:54
Modified by Celticjim (5. November 2009, 17:18:20)
I just assumed everyone knew this,I'm sure others will chime in but it was always something I bore in mind when making moves of that nature for many years now.Even if it is changed now it would be hard for me personally to break the habit of ALWAYS taking the recon first

5. November 2009, 16:42:00
Subject: Re: Reveal Bug
I don't think it's a bug Mark.This was well documented on IYT where the same thing happened.

3. November 2009, 18:01:15
Subject: Re: Tourny for those with brains
SL-Mark: LOL I was surprised to find I had some

3. November 2009, 14:30:14
small fast tourny I just signed up for
30 brains entry
anyone interested

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