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21. January 2010, 15:05:53
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
Celticjim: Like I did in this move?: Open Fast Espionage (drjohnj vs. MTC) (his movable pieces on a3 and b3 at the move linked here)

I do realize it can difficult to follow an active game of Espionage being played by two other players, not being easily able tell which pieces are which, but if you do look through the several moves since he’s had only two pieces left, and otherwise think a little more about the situation, I think you’ll realize that the only winning strategy does require the following of the rule that is broken by this bug.

My thinking is this:
My opponent’s best moves, without following this rule, are to constantly move his pieces around in a tight square at b1–c2. The only way I can win if my opponent does this is to place one piece following his 2 until it can capture the HQ. With this bug, my opponent will be able to capture my piece whenever I try that.

I’ll consider messaging Fencer, but I would have expected the bug tracker to be the best place to report this to Fencer.

21. January 2010, 14:21:14
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
Celticjim:The bug was used on my opponent’s move 76. He moved b4–b3, capturing one of my pieces after his piece had moved b3–b4 on the previous move.

Further information (I am not worried about my opponent knowing this information, there is no way he can use it to his advantage).
My opponent has 2 movable pieces left, either of which could capture any of my remaining movable pieces if given the chance.
None of my remaining movable pieces are capable of capturing either of my opponent’s movable pieces.
My opponent’s HQ is on a1, now protected by only one bomb on b1. I have no sappers left, so I can ultimately only approach the HQ from one square.
My HQ is protected all around it by bombs and my opponent has no sappers left.
The only way I can force a win is to get around his pieces and capture his HQ, the only way to do that (assuming perfect, legal play from my opponent) relies on my opponent not being able to move a piece back to where it just came from.

So if my opponent continues to be able to exploit this bug, I will not be able to win, but I would be able to if the rules are followed. Because of this, I will not play another move in this game either until Fencer intervenes, or until I am about to time out.

And in reply to your edit, if I could edit my previous post I would but, as a pawn, I cannot. My browser automatically converts it to a link anyway, but for the benefit of others, here is a link not surrounded by brackets:

20. January 2010, 15:07:40
Subject: Re: Espionage Bug
Celticjim: So has anyone else seen a true case of this bug potentially changing the outcome of a game?
Here’s one:
Open Fast Espionage (drjohnj vs. MTC)

The only winning strategy i can come up with in this game requires making use of the fact that my opponent’s pieces cannot move back to their previous squares. So if my opponent exploits this bug, I cannot win, and now he has done so.

I have reported this as another case of the bug ( and expect either:
1) The bug is fixed immediately and the illegal move reverted (unlikely but best option) or
2) The game is ended as a win for me due to my opponent’s illegal move (could be considered unfair on my opponent but I see this has been done before…).

1. October 2005, 07:24:17
Subject: Re: The rules
Thad: You just explained in three lines what the rules take an page to explain vaguely, why don't the rules say it that clearly? Thanks for that.

Nothingness: thanks for the strategy advice, that may help too.

29. September 2005, 13:59:25
Subject: The rules
Can someone explain to me clearly what happens when each piece attacks each other one?

Up until just now I was under the impression a sapper wins when attacking any numbered piece, however I was sadly mistaken and this has now resulted in an almost ceratin loss. I was thrown off by the unclear wording in the rules.

So I'd like a clear description of exactly which attacks lose and exactly which attacks win.

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