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25. August 2014, 23:23:57
Subject: SL League
It took a while but now I understood that you mean all variants whith an Espionage Masters II. Perhaps its better to play one variant, because we have a lot of non paying members here and want a strong field?

24. August 2014, 16:57:20
Subject: SL League
I prefer 3 days, no vacation or 2d/1d/5d on Fischer clock. Other opinions?

23. August 2014, 22:05:00
Subject: SL League
Espionage would be nice. For that game we need a good time control.

22. August 2014, 16:44:54
Subject: SL League
What about a new tournament?

23. January 2013, 21:00:48
Subject: new tournaments

2. January 2013, 14:47:32
Subject: new tournament
not be the best moment to post that, but today starting a new tournament. Sorry...

small fast spionage and eile mit weile

2. January 2013, 14:44:07
Subject: Re:FYI..
you are right, there are a lot more important things than gaming. All the best from me too.

1. December 2012, 20:59:10
Subject: Re:new league tournament
sounds good, I prefer a fast moving tournament too.

1. December 2012, 16:23:23
Subject: new league tournament
hey,what about a new league tournament?

22. December 2011, 16:33:41
Subject: recruiting
Nothingness, what about your recruiting expedition?
A new Sabotage League tournament can be helpfull to get some good players from IYT to come here...

15. March 2011, 17:01:19
Subject: Tournaments
looks like interesting tournaments for all espionage players.

Championship world BK 2011

18. March 2010, 00:24:51
dmoresco is the winner of Open Fast #1. He wins the final match against Thom27.

3. February 2010, 00:29:57
Subject: Re: New variant
SL-Mark: After you went for 5 options I think four is ok :)

25. January 2010, 23:23:26
Subject: Subject: Re: food for thought
SL-Mark: Can you say something about the extra piece the cannon?

13. January 2010, 21:01:15
Subject: Re: tournament
Nice, 36 players at the moment.
Hope for more players like Pedro Martinez, Lightning Bolt, tenuki, creepingdoom or Nuno Miguel.

9. December 2009, 16:33:07
Subject: time limit
I think most players want to play with 2 days time for a move rule. I hope very much for 3 or 4 days for a move. It would be sadly if some players don´t register for the next tournament because they have time problems with 48 hours for a move. With that rule some "timed out" wins would be normal too.
Everybody can try to play fast, but we don´t need to make us self time problems. With 48 hours for a move I have time problems, because I don´t have everyday a internet option.
In the open fast tournament a favorite like Lightning Bolt lose his games on time. What a pity.

13. November 2009, 00:50:25
Subject: Re:new tournament
I vote for a new small fast tournament, after the first one is finished.The last open fast tournament shows a lot of time out games, so I vote for 4 days for a move.

5. November 2009, 19:21:20
I agree with Sandoz. Don´t know about this "rule" before, but when I catch pieces I ever catch the recon first, because I thought he will demask my piece before he gets killed.

5. November 2009, 18:03:02
which variant we play in the next league tournament?

31. August 2009, 18:25:38
yes, very competitive tournament.Would be perfekt when Pedro Martinez, david upshaw, ouna, AMTLatham, tenuki, Nuno Miguel, Bobes and creepingdoom join too.

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