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A place where people can share their favourite home remedies and support for those with serious health concerns.

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14. July 2012, 21:52:52
Subject: Re: I had my 1st colonoscopy today
Marshmud:  Yeah the prep is the hard part.. and first time you usually are nervous. Now-a-days they have new drugs. I had one in 2006 after a bad illness. When  it was over I was thanking  everyone for the virtual tour. I must have been a talker through the whole thing. LOL Course the drug they use wipes out the memory of it. You are still coherent so you can shift around. 

24. February 2007, 15:39:33
Subject: Re:

Purple: So that is why you've been so quiet..

Take care Purp.. and we will see you back on the boards soon enough..

4. February 2006, 20:44:30
Subject: Re: Please read and pass this site on.
Foxy Lady: Thanks.. :)

7. January 2006, 21:51:18
Subject: Re:
runningwolf: What do you mean dear.. ??? I didn't get to see what all happened..

1. December 2005, 00:59:01
Subject: Re: Pomagrantes
nobleheart: I like Poms and cantaloupe.. bananas and strawberries.. :)

I am allergic to Watermelon..

29. November 2005, 07:58:02
Subject: Re: A gift for someone you love
Modified by ScarletRose (29. November 2005, 07:59:21)

28. November 2005, 15:37:29
Subject: Re: A gift for someone you love
nobleheart: Yes.. you missed the radar, which helps find the wittle boaties...

27. November 2005, 16:41:54
Subject: Re: the pick up
mook53lhd: I haven't yet.. I usually don't.. but I am not high risk so I never really thought I would be permitted to..

27. November 2005, 16:40:05
Subject: A gift for someone you love
Do you know of someone who is perhaps a young college student. Or someone who travels??

Two Home Made Ideas for an Awesome Winter Holiday present

1. A First Aid Kit Survival kit for the car (For the Traveler)
I put together one of these about a half dozen years ago for my father who enjoys taking drives on the back roads of Wyoming at odd times.. after learning of one trip where he got stuck till search and rescue found him..

        ~ Survival Kits ~

 Food and water
 Flashlight and spare batteries
 Crank or battery-operated radio (portable stereo and headphones)
 Candles and matches or lighter
 Whistle (in case you need to attract attention)
 Toiletries, spare eyeglasses and other personal items
 First aid kit, prescription drugs
 Extra set of keys and money (including small change for pay telephones)
 Copies of your important documents (identification, personal papers)
 Winter clothing, boots and blankets or sleeping bags

      ~ For The Car ~

 Shovel, scraper and snow brush
 Sand, salt or cat litter and antifreeze
 Matches and candles in a metal container
 Spare clothing and shoes, blanket
 Tow rope, jumper cables, windshield-washer fluid
 Warning light or road flares and fire extinguisher
 First aid kit with seatbelt cutter
 Water and emergency food (such as energy bars)
 Roadmaps, whistle and flashlight

2. And for that College Student or New to the World Young Adult why not put together a basket of daily needs.. such as

  • Vitamins
  • Hand Lotions
  • Vicks
  • Aroma Therapy trinkets
  • (female) Facial Masques
  • Foot care needs
  • Certificates to the Beauty shop or Barbers in the neighborhood ~ or if you know where they like going, purchase them from there..
  • If they are an active College Student why not a gift certificate to the college Bookstore.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season

  • 27. November 2005, 16:18:48
    Subject: Re:
    Foxy Lady: well.. maybe with just some sugestions to help those on a daily basis.. huh?? I certainly wouldn't want to wish ill health to those during the winter just to have this board active.. :)

    26. November 2005, 07:05:39
    Subject: Re: Just passing through
    runningwolf: Hello RW.. you silly boy.. get back here..

    Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was warm and comfy.. ;)

    13. July 2005, 06:59:33
    Subject: Re:
    Lamby: Sorry Lamby.. it wasn't me who removed it.. I actually was away camping since last week..

    5. July 2005, 16:56:39
    Subject: Re: help
    Foxy Lady: Foxy, are you blonde by any chance?? *Giggle*

    4. July 2005, 04:19:15
    Yes.. Imodium AD.. my mom swears by it!! LOL

    12. April 2005, 18:41:56
    Oh Purple Passion.. well.. that is a fellowship I am not in.. guess we will just have to take your word for it that those are your words..

    I did look at page three from here though.. interesting stuff! and wow.. just about a year ago..

    12. April 2005, 18:22:17
    Subject: Re: Anger Linked to Coronary Heart Disease
    MindyzTaken: Gosh you are smart Mindy. Or are you getting this from the Net.. cause you should be citing your sources..

    28. February 2005, 16:35:08
    Subject: Re: Ladies,,Did you know
    MindyDaBrat: Grocery store.. although, they are seasonal.. usually start seeing them in the early fall.. :)

    28. February 2005, 09:08:04
    Subject: Re: Ladies,,Did you know
    Foxy Lady: I love eating those things.. the seeds are a bit of a bother.. Hmmm will definately have to get the juice.. :)

    7. February 2005, 05:55:31
    Subject: Re: Purple Passion
    Mindy: Wow.. that sounds vaguely familar there girlie girl.. where did you find that infor?

    12. December 2004, 18:27:04
    Subject: Re: Insomnia
    Hey Partica.. I will send you my Astronomy text book.. should be done with it by Wed.. That for sure will put you to sleep!! LOL

    Will go through more of my textbooks too and send you out others that may help..

    10. December 2004, 16:52:27
    Subject: Re:
    Studying astronomy.. just read the text books late at night.. haha..

  • Warm Milk
  • Warm Shower
  • Meditation

    Do not watch television.. at least 1/2 before bed it stimulates your brain too much. And, although some believe coffee keeps you awake. I have heard the opposite effect for several others. So perhaps Java at night.

  • 6. December 2004, 18:16:36
    Subject: Re: Found this article today! Seems promising!
    oh wow.. that is wonderful news..

    I certainly hope it keeps improving.. :)

    1. November 2004, 16:40:47
    Subject: Hey Girl
    Way kewl idea.. and I only thought smearing glue on my palm and peeling it after it dried was neato.. haha

    Hope you have a great day!! hey.. when is that baby of yours due to meet the world?

    1. August 2004, 09:08:30
    Subject: Re: planting seeds
    hahaha.. My first hubby decided to try and grow pot as well.. he would talk to the plants.. and give them light.. water, and really babied them.. they would always start to die.. but, then he would go away for the week.. (his job).. and I would neglect them fully.. haha I didn't want this stuff even growing in my house!! Anyway.. I wouldn't give them any water.. or sunlight.. just hoping they would fully die off.. but, to my surprise.. they actually got healthier!! LOL

    28. July 2004, 08:06:01
    Subject: Yes Viking.. I use Tylenol or similar which contain the
    acetaminophen.. Usually I can tell if it will be a migraine day.. and I pop two of them down.. So rarely anymore do I need anything stronger..

    What triggers my migraines are unstable sleep patterns.. Or a shift in my eating pattern..

    Anger will also bring it on.. and strongly I might add.. so long ago I learned how to manage my anger.. lol

    Those that do slip away, if it is at the beginning I can sometimes take the Tylenol.. and then lie down in darkness and no noise.. My children know the procedure when I do get them and are very good about letting me have some peace.. I usually meditate if that is what you call it.. I clear my head and tell my body bit by bit to relax.. I learned the technique about 10 years ago in my psych I class.. better known as self hypnotise.. but, on the rare occassion now a days if one were to go full blown I wouldn't run to the emergency room.. (I can't drive during them due to blacking out).. I would actually ask a friend for a couple of hits of a joint.. I know that sounds awful.. and I don't promote weed or pot.. but, it does take away migraines that have gone full blown.. and it is very natural..

    26. July 2004, 22:38:41
    Subject: My gosh!!
    look at all the chemicals you are taking in.. geesh!!

    Scarey thought there..

    26. July 2004, 21:32:56
    Subject: Shoot no meds work for me once my migraine takes off in full force..
    It took years to learn all the first warning signs that it was going to be a migraine day.. I have had them since I was 12.. my oldest gets them as well.. as well as my neice.. and my grandmother had them also..

    I found that smoking a j just a puff or two.. will completely melt the pressure away within mins.. (I've only done that one time, but I do know that if another one gets away from me.. I will look for someone who has weed..)

    prescription meds.. I am allergic to asprin and anything similar.. I get hives internally as well as externally.. I am also allergic to codine.. so pain relievers are something I steer clear of.. I have to depend on Tylenol to stop it at its earlier warnings..

    20. July 2004, 16:43:27
    Subject: Wow!!

    27. May 2004, 18:28:30
    Subject: I get migraines as well..
    and I have had them long enough that I can tell hours before if it is a migraine day.. I usually can ward them off with just Tylenol now.. been having them since I was 12.. the symptoms continue getting worse.. If I go into one.. and I am able to meditate along with the tylenol.. I can usually kick it out.. but, the after affects are now becoming more problemsome.. I end up with a dumb like feeling.. I have problems with my vision afterwards.. as well as my speech.. and this usually lasts for several hours..

    When I say vision problems I mean white splotches, and I don't wear glasses.. my eyes test out fine.. and by speech.. I mean that I start studdering.. and loosing my train of thoughts..

    I am alergic to both codine and asprin.. and anything that contains asprin..

    Does anyone else show the same problems I have after the migraine?

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